Video: An Insider's Perspective of Rampage with Ethan Nell

Nov 16, 2019 at 13:23
by Calvin Huth  

Rampage is often shown as this heavy road to finals. The Stress, the pressure and the result. Having been to Rampage 3 times myself(Calvin Huth) I've learnt that the event is a lot more than that. It bring riders, diggers and filmers all together. Most of the time everyone is just goofing around and working hard. The pressure does add up as the event goes on. The only thing that can squash the pressure is practice and good times. Here is 8 minutes of finals, practice, digging and random BTS.

I(Calvin) was lucky enough to dig for Ethan Nell this year. Grateful to be able to have a part in this epic event!

Thanks for watching.

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 Thanks Calvin! Definitely enjoying the BTS stuff as much as the Red Bull TV coverage. Nell put down a sick run (with a flat tire)!
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 Thanks man. Ethan is an awesome dude. So happy he got his run T-2-B
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 Super cool video. Love the chill, laid back format. Really lends to the true atmosphere of just hanging out riding with friends, even if it is some of the gnarliest terrain around.
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 " To my fave lil cvm dumpster, Ethan" - DJ Lolz
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 I love mountain bikes and Ethan Nell.
BTW>>go watch the Paul Basagoitia HBO movie if you haven't already. "Anyone Of Us"
Paul Bas was about to land the largest stepdown drop in 2-wheeled history right before he got rodeo tossed off his bike going 35+mph. Paralyzed.
Was ~20ft out and ~45ft+ down. Was simply too big
He shreds E-MTB's now
We love you Paul Bas
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 this edit revitalized my stoke!.... no presh E.... keep it floatin'.... respect the young guns. Jordie's spirit will live. Chainsaw's spirit will live. those departed are not forgotten
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 Huth puts on some banger film projects. And another one.
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 Killer vid! Gave me goosebumps! So good to see the BTS footage as well!
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 Best Rampage coverage I've seen.
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 I will be a romantic but I think the philosophy of Rampage is summed up in the 40 seconds between 4:30 and 5:10, and Ethan's breath is the extreme synthesis.
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 I love the laid back nature of this vid... The camera is there but not interfering. Very cool, to watch the process like a fly on the wall... Nice Job!
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 Sheesh, no wonder he crashed, that qualifier feature at 0:07 is nowhere near big enough. Poor guy must have been terrified.
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 Nice video!! I like the music choices as well. ????
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 Awesome stuff. Loved this!
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 he seems like a pretty chill dude.

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