Must Watch: Mark Wallace, Dillon Butcher, Daniel Fleury & Cole Nichol Explore Scenic Trails in 'Arthur'

Nov 20, 2021 at 16:46
by Calvin Huth  

"Arthur" - A name derived from an old Celtic word meaning 'Bear.'

Dillon Butcher
Daniel Fleury
Cole Nichol
Mark Wallace

Filming & Editing
Calvin Huth

Cold Little Heart - Michael Kiwanuka

Photo by Daniel Fleury Final Sequence Photo. Arthur.
Photo taken during the final sequence. Photo By the talented - Daniel Fleury

This one means a lot to me!

Spending hours and hours alone waiting to see a bear, hiking in the woods laughing with your friends packed up with gear, or waiting for the right moment when the river valley begins to shine and show her beauty. I wanted each shot to be difficult and have a story behind them. I wanted to make something beautiful to share with the world. I hope you enjoy.

- Calvin

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 WOW! Absolutely killed it. Really great timing and speed. Maybe just me, but I fealt you captured the feeling of being in the air so well.
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 Definitely a must watch, well done! Makes me sad winter is here.
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 Video of the year. Nice work.

Why was this not labeled "Must Watch"???
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flag skimtb1 (Nov 21, 2021 at 17:05) (Below Threshold)
 Because it is 7 minutes long with about one minute of actual riding?
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 * Video of the Bear *
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 Ummm.... it was labeled must watch.
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 Wow, everything about that was amazing, Bravo Calvin and team.
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 Absolutely loved this one! Stunning cable cam work, great riding, music, and editing. One of my favourite edits of the year for sure.
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 Thank you for that piece of art! Enjoyed every second of it Smile
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 Excellent music selection. I heard this song first when my wife was watching the series Big Little Lies on HBO, it was the theme. Now it is in my regular rotation particularly on the dark rural drives home from night rides and grilling with friends.
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 Wow, i don't really leave any comments on any articles here. But wow! this was amazing. The whole atmosphere of the film went really well with the music. Riding and trails were on point too!
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 After two months of hectic and stressful work, this has a very calming and recharging effect, Great trails and Great riding, the cinematography and editing i the best i've seen in a while, Drone footage was just perfection, noting to fancy and jarring. Hope to see more from this team. Also a front runner for best MTB video of the year,
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 So glad to hear that it helped make your day a little better! Thanks for the kind words!
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 It's easy to forget what an amazing place we live. You really captured the beauty of the island, and all the hard work that is put into making it much a great place to ride. So much dedication to jump and trail building, and such a great community of people. This film reminded me to slow down and appreciate the goodness of the place we make our home.
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 Thank you Calvin for not cutting this down to make sure the folks who lost their ability to concentrate for more than 30 seconds don’t complain.
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 Excellent Calvin
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 This is 100% must watch, video of the year for me. Well done lads!
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 Gives me Life Cycles vibes, beautifully shot, cinematic, paced perfectly with the soundtrack - nailed it! Love it, well done!
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 Yes. As with the guy behind life cycles, Calvin Huth might be too talented to stay in mtb for long. Good for him.
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 Someone was very proud of the shot at 3:00 Thanks for the shot leaf!
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 Amazing in every way. Well done.
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 Bear was the money shot
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 Incredible cable cam work dude! Really well put together too, and riding, and jumps… the whole package.
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 Any edit with Daniel Fleury at Laguna is bound to be great
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 This was one of the most immersive videos I have seen. I realised I wasn´t focused on the riding all that much, just went with the flow of the whole thing. Sublime experience, left me feeling great
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 Noticed the "Must Watch."
Skimmed rider list and made a mental note to come back to this later when I had more time.
2 days go by...
Scrolled by again, but noticed @CalvinHuth in the sub-text.
Dropped everything and watched twice.
What a gift. Calvin's work is on a different level. I'm still watching his ABSTRACT 2 from 2019.
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 Holy! I cant even comprehend the hours it must have taken to set up a cable camera that many times! The shots are so good it really makes you feel like you're flowing through the jumps/trail with them. Some of the best I've ever seen. Side note I just received a super widescreen monitor and this was the perfect things to convince me it was a good purchase haha. Thanks boys!
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 mint - the bit 1/2 way in when the music picks up and mark wallace is pinning it is pure genius!
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 The cable cam shots gave reminded me a bit of segments of the collective, or maybe roam. Which is a very good thing.
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 Great video and loved how the music led the thing. Also props to using (almost) the entire song; ambitious song, ambitious edit
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 Amazing video, I love the title
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 I know this is my third comment, but this edit makes me proud to be a mountain biker
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 So much talent on both sides of the lens! Really well done to all.
I did chuckle at the Big Little Lies tune choice. Smile
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 THIS WAS INCREDIBLE. I loved all of it. For being sort of random in the type of shots, it all flowed together perfectly. Job well done. This is art.
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 All this needed is David Attenboroughs voice. So cinematic.
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 Beautiful vid. Island vibes.
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 The bear footage is better than Planet Earth
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 Stunning! Definitely one of the top vids of the year IMO.
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 The difficulty and effort these shots… amazing work Calvin!
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 Great job. Perfect audio track!
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 Absolutely beautiful work!!
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 can you feel that? thats video of the year material.
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 Those trails look so good that it's hard to watch this video without getting massively jealous!!
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 Stunning. Great video!
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 Spook hills?
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 That was fantastic
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 i could watch that intro over and over
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 Always loved the vibe of his videos. Awesome work.
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 yes, just fantastic work.
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 Just watched for the fifth of the year.
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 Mr calvin huth, can u marry me ?
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 top notch
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 Very nice work
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 Awesome video. Sometimes I wish I could ride in slo-mo. That would be sick
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 That was incredibly filmed and put together. Bravo!
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 This was refreshing to watch! Will be consuming again daily
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 @CalvinHuth has a vid from '19 called Abstract 2. You're welcome.
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 The cable cam at 6:10 is just perfect.
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 Stunner! Amazing work...I could watch videos like this for hours.
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 simply amazing.
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 This was absolutely beautiful. Seriously brought a GD tear to my eye
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 Its not the most impressive riding, but the filming was absolutely perfect! One of my favorites if not my all time favorite videos of this year.
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 No objections from me! Great riding for sure, but filming takes center stage here.
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 best video of any genre I've seen in quite some time.
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 W O W !
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