Video: Cam McCaul and Dusty Wygle Rebuild and Test a 52 Foot Jump in the Desert

Jun 17, 2020 at 7:35
by Cam McCaul  

Iiitttt'ssss aaaalllliiiivvvve.... Our favorite booter in our favorite desert stash needed some rebuilding. In all honesty, this jump needed more than TLC, it felt abandoned. It needed company. Dusty Wygle and I built this 52 foot long booter for a video back in 2017. We got a shot each on it and then abandoned it for 3 years. That's messed up. With travel plans canceled, we figured this is the right time to revive our playground so we can enjoy it this summer. This is just one of the many hits in our freeride playground so hopefully we can revive them all. Drew Barber joined us for the dig session, and in 3 days from right now, we're all heading back out there to camp and session the creation. So don't go away because the next video is coming soon.


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 Hey Cam....long-time YouTube subscriber and pinkbike follower here. Wonder if you could do me a favor????


If you do, I will build a dirt jump park in Louisville, KY.
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 Nice request but what about the Mega Cavern bike park. Its the coolest jump park I have it still open?
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 @fastlaneflyer: They bulldozed the jumps last year to create some "family bike tour" riding experience...which does not include jumps as far as I am aware
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 @fastlaneflyer: closed. They use it for Electric bike family tours now. I used to manage it and we tried everything to keep it open. Won't go into huge detail (as I'm still bitter about it)--but horrible human beings as owners and they did not want a locals bike park--just travelers. Mega Cavern is run like a Scooby Doo Adventure park with no mystery except who's getting fired today because Tom's in a bad mood.
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 @kymtb0420: sorry to hear that. i lived in southern IN when it opened and made the trip a few times. what you're saying makes so much sense. with the vibe i got from that place i'm surprised it ever even opened.
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 "Mega Cavern is run like a Scooby Doo Adventure park with no mystery except who's getting fired today because Tom's in a bad mood."

Now that Waki's gone, I nominate you for best review ever.
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 @DirkMcClerkin: Haha.....Thanks????
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 Am I the only one who thinks hanging out with these guys and listening to Cam banter for hours straight would be as much fun as hitting the jump?
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 Yes you are. Because I am certain talking to Cam for hours would be more fun than shitting my pants.
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 I wished I learned how to jump when I was younger.
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 There's nothing stopping you from learning how to jump now.
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 @chriskneeland: I mean, besides the old age... But there's nothing other than that!
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 Boomer checking in here, and I'm saying it's never too late. The kids built some jumpline at the local trail near me so I've been working at developing new skill. Slowly for sure, but learning to fly is a worthy endeavor.
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 just send it
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 Hey! I know that guy on the left!!
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 Cam walking back and forth while everyone else digs! hahahahahaha
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 9:56. All this for that, bravo
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 Someone please tell me a Dusty Wygle gag I can't think of myself.
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 Sierra Nevada....pride of Chico, CA. Great beer choice.
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 Cam Is Happiness.

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