Video: Josh Bryceland Back Racing at the Steel City DH

Jun 14, 2022 at 7:41
by Cannondale Bikes  

No this isn’t a misprint. Former World-Cup-winner-turned-jibber, Josh Bryceland, threw on a numberplate and went back in-between the tape for this year’s Steel City DH in Grenoside Woods. Laying claim as being ‘the biggest little race’ the annual event is less about who’s the fastest and more about building mountain biking in the local community.

bigquotes“It’s a really nice, chilled environment, it’s lovely… everyone’s here and everyone’s getting involved. No elitism, just everyone having fun.”Josh Bryceland

While Bryceland might have been spending more time thinking about the afterparty, his sister Maria took out a podium finish in Elite Women!

Video: Alex Rankin

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 I nominate Ratboy for the chief innovation officer for the discovery World Cup project.
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 love the love that people were showing him. MTBrs have a long memory and the community cares deeply. Well done.
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 When I saw the next EWS series was in Jamaica I looked for Ratboy’s name. Then I realized it was Jamnica. He won’t go there…
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 Bryceland is the god damn man
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 Josh and Manon are two riders from the same period that stepped out of WC racing early. It would have been interesting to watch their careers had they stuck with racing. Big fan of both.
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 I think that was the end of an era of racing but keeping it fun. Dh lost a lot when peaty ratboy and Sam hill took the ship
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 Come again?
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 We need a closed caption option like Netflix
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 @gtill9000: Easy, press the "CC" button on the bottom of the video.
Actually these subtitles are way too good to be automatically generated from Bryceland's audio, must have been hand-typed.
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 I could not understand a single word. Just a bunch of mumbling.
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 @tonyplanet: I think Ratboy and Danny Hart are out of similar moulds; unassuming northern lads who mumble slow and ride bloody quick.
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 @rarerider: There's no way a computer heard what he was saying!
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 @gossman: humans haven't invented an AI powerful enough. if we do, may god help us all
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 @gtill9000: My thoughts exactly.HaHa...Luv the Rat Smile
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 Last WC win on 26 inch
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 shout out to the dude rolling a jibber at 4:18!
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 right on time!
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 Honest question, is pot legal in England, or just kind of overlooked?
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 @Vudu74: illegal but overlooked most of the time unless your causing a problem or got a lot.
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 I don´t think that is a "jibber", just a regular boring cigarette. The way the kid is doing it is not the way you do it for a joint.
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flag thenotoriousmic (Jun 15, 2022 at 16:11) (Below Threshold)
 @cypher74: what county are you living in? It’s not overlooked in the slightest and. @DANKimaball his rolling a cigarette not a joint.
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 A left handed cigarette.
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 @Vudu74: Illegal, but we're so over-regulated in the UK that the police have no hope of enforcement. So, there's plenty of stuff that slides.
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 @AlexSplode: The cops aren’t letting weed slide. There might be occasions they’ll let it go if you’re at a big event or something but if they’ve got nothing better to do they’ll do you for it. It’s more likely to be an issue than not.
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 @homerjm: been smoking "jibbers" 30 years, didn't realize I had to hold it a certain way....
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 @aroundpg: how do you start rolling any of your "jibbers"?Like any other manufactured good,it had it´s own process with a few steps to follow from start to finish...
You would know well if it is your thing for 30 years.
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 @Vudu74: we have very sensible laws around this
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 will always be my favorite rider
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 Oh how the racing scene would have been different had he not blasted to the moon in Hafjel. Bryceland and Hill were on a tear that day with winning times, but both had a mistake that cost them gold. Even still, it's awesome to see the skill that dude still has and the joy and enthusiasm he has riding a bike.
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 Ratboy looks like he's just stepped out the Hacienda in 1990
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 You're not just talking about his fashion choices, are you?
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 @chakaping: ha ha definitely not. looks like he's been on a 5 hour E trip!
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 If a WC track had a section where a rider could gap over a taped off part and land back inside the tape similar to the line at 1:07 would that be legal?
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 Pretty sure the answer is no
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 You need to stay inside the poles on a worldcup.
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 That bit of tape they gap over was just a short length of extra tape with the actual tape on the trees at either side. Just there to stop you rolling through the middle of the corners. If you wanted a straight line you had to be good enough for the gap
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 Need more Ratboy! Always a joy to watch and decipher his language
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 Dont give me hope...
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 I love the guy rolling a joint in the background at 4:06. Just chillin and rolling-lol
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 Waves crew + Rankin = core mtb
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 Jibber to me is someone who quits or refuses to do something.

I’m guessing jibber means something else in this context anyone care to enlighten me as the web definitions were all coming back as a quitter.
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 In the context of the comment above it's a joint and the 4:18 callout is a nod to 420 Smile
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 To perform tricks by jumping onto and maneuvering over fixed obstacles such as railings or platforms. Used especially of snowboarders and skiers.
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 @GBeard: thank you. I’m like jibbing what’s the big deal?
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 Love that dude. Can't help but feel like I'm watching wasted talent though.
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 I agree, sadly. But we all have skills that we don't use and opportunities we don't take. It's up to him how he lives his life
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 I get the point, but he won the WC overall during peak Gwin… so not completely wasted…
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 Good thing there was no bridge in sight one could over jump
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 good thing there wasn't a 5G tower nearby
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 @itslightoutandawaywego: he's into stuff like 5G causing covid, antihvax, etc.
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Sad to hear that. The conspiracy world is crazy bonkers mad. Easy to get sucked in though once you start reading online pages by nutjobs.
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 @rstwosix: yeah, too right about getting sucked in. It takes an order of magnitude more effort to disprove BS than it does to spread it.
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Sadly it sounds like Ratboy has ventured down the rabbit hole
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 Why is it that I made a comment here, but I now can't see it? I'm still getting notifications of other people replying to it though
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 Looked like a fun course...
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 I was missing Ratboy voice,even if I needed subtitles hehehe. What a cool race.
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 Apparently Ratboy speaks fluent Spanish as his mum's from Venezuela or somewhere in South America.
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 @streetkvnt-kvlt: That is new to me,never saw Ratboy speaking Spanish in any video.
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 @streetkvnt-kvlt: I'd love to hear that!
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 I guess I expected Ratboy’s sister would speak the same language as him! He’s a national treasure.
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 Great vibes! People need to just accept the rat isn't a racer anymore. He's bigger than that!
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 Didnt mean to spell country wrong but it really fits....
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 legend lad :-)
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