Canyon & Syntace Announce New K.I.S. Technology

Oct 24, 2022 at 8:53
by Canyon  


It's not often a piece of technology makes our designers and engineers rethink the fundamentals of bike handling, and bike geometry.

The introduction of Keep It Stable technology (K.I.S.) offers us the chance to hit the reset button on how we approach steering dynamics in future.

This all-new steering stabilizer, masterminded by Jo Klieber at Syntace, blew away our engineers when they first tested it in late 2021. Since then, it has been a fast paced project to bring a production version of the system to life. After months of prototyping and testing, we now have a fully integrated K.I.S. system on our do-it-all trail bike- the Spectral 29 CF.

Self-centering steering has been a key part of making cars, planes, even boats more controllable. And since bicycle steering has been roaming free for over 100 years, K.I.S. offers us an amazing opportunity to get a grip on these dynamics, and see what can be improved.

How does it work? Does it restrict movement? How much maintenance does it need? What does it change on the trail? To find out, check out the edit above for an in depth look at K.I.S. Technology.

K.I.S. at a glance. Spring tension, leveraged by 2 straps and a camring on the fork steerer
Finely engineered to create a precise, virtually frictionless centering force across the steering range unlike anything else on the market

Fully adjustable to ride style and terrain. Choose between a lighter setting for more agility, or a stronger setting for more stability.

Finding the perfect balance of centering force and freedom of movement required endless exploration of strap length, spring strength and cam ring profile.
We are only just at the beginning of what's possible.

K.I.S. helps connect the front end with the rest of the bike, reducing understeer and helping front and rear wheels to turn as one.

Less wheel flop means less energy burned up staying on line up the climbs.

K.I.S. is now available on the Spectral CF 8 KIS

Video by: Marius Prell
Photography by: Toby Cowley, Roo Fowler, Boris Beyer
With support from: Canyon, Syntace, Liteville
Patent information: Jo Klieber, Syntace K.I.S pat. pend. DE 10 2021 115 055.8, DE 10 2021 119 189.0, DE 10 2021 005 4653.5

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 Let me be the first to query what happens when you crash and the bars spin past the tolerance of the internal parts. It happens. Will those parts break? Will you be able to get to those parts to replace them? Can i make my own system with blu tack and sellotape because i aint buying a Canyon anytime soon.
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 All parts can be replaced.
A so called “rotation stopp mechanism” protects the system so it will not break in case of a crash.
The only question is: do we really need it?

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