Chromag Announces Expanded 2020 Apparel Line

May 27, 2020 at 16:06
by Chromag Bikes  

PRESS RELEASE: Chromag Bikes

One thing that hasn't changed in the world? We can still ride our bikes! These last couple of months have been really crazy, but we've been working hard to keep everything moving. Our 2020 Techline apparel is no exception. We wanted to share some new pieces that we are really excited about in both our Men's and Women's line.

For 2020, we've brought back the classic bestsellers in a variety of new colours like the Mission 3/4 Jersey and Tech Tees, not to mention the ever-popular Roam and Velt in our notoriously good Merino wool blend. We've kept our casual but performance-inspired aesthetic, mixing in an earthy colour palette across the entire line to provide a consistent theme.

As well as bringing back the bestsellers we're introducing The Factor; a stashable/packable windbreaker, and The Rip; a raglan short sleeve jersey with extra breathable upper chest and back panels.

We're bringing some really nice merino wool pieces to the women's line as well as the ever-popular, super stretchy Feint short.

The Factor jacket is an ultra-lightweight jacket that stashes into its own pocket and easily fits into your bib short pockets. This windbreaker features C6 DWR coating, spandex panels at the waist and cuff for extra form-fitting, laser-cut venting and reflective logos. Available in men's and women's cuts.

We love this jersey! The Rip jersey is our answer to the need for a technical short sleeve jersey, without looking (or feeling) like your on the start line at the Olympics. Ample amounts of breathable panels, reflective logos and credit card pocket make the Rip a go-to jersey for almost any ride. Available for men and women.

The Dominion remains the workhorse long sleeve synthetic jersey of the Chromag lineup. Retaining its breathable mesh panel and credit card pocket for 2020, but with updated, large panel prints including "The Great Bear" which slots nicely into the Chromag vibe.

With a huge insurgence of female riders in the last few years, our women's tech line has also seen a large expansion. We've added the Feint short in a women's cut to stand alongside the ever-popular Ambit short, not to mention the Factor jacket and Rip jersey, as well as new colours in the Mission 3/4, Em tech tee and Beck tank. We're also very proud to introduce women's specific merino wool pieces, all with ethically sourced wool of course.

The Ambit and Feint are back with all the features you've come to love as well as a few tweaks here and there. The Ambit is our lightweight, 2-way stretch all-mountain short that's good for almost any type of riding. We've updated the waist adjustment to internal elastic/Velcro for simplicity and to add a little give for those day-to-day waistline variations (depending on what's for lunch!).

The Feint remains a slightly thicker, 4-way stretch option with a slightly more fitted cut. Feint and Ambit are now available in both women's and men's.

Our merino wool blend has paradoxical properties making it optimal for use year-round. In the summer it is ideal for wicking moisture away from your body. In the winter, the natural structure of the fibre inherently blocks larger drops of water while continuing to wick away vapour.
bigquotesIf you're still of the thought that wool is itchy, don't worry, we've got you covered.
Our Roam, Veldt and Rise pieces are blended with acrylic for a super soft feel and to help them keep their shape.

Our kids line continues to expand, most notably with the introduction of the Ambit Kids All Mountain short for 2020. We've got new colourways for the Mission Kids and we're also introducing the Dominion Kids for those who are after a long sleeve option for the colder days.

We introduced our new glove line a month ago and it's been extremely well received. Both models, the Tact and Habit, have a clean understated look with features that can only come from rider driven design such as the full wrap at the fingers, or the reinforcement on the outer edges for the occasional brush passed a tree. Check out the full glove release here.

Last but not least, our ever-expanding line of tech tee's offer the perfect balance between form and function. Ride in them, go to the pub in them, or even ride to the pub in them. The 65/35 poly-cotton blend has you covered for all occasions, not to mention proceeds from The Builder Line will be donated to local trail networks.

Chromag bikes, parts, apparel and accessories are available online and at quality bike shops.


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 I love everything Chromag makes! Where are these pieces manufactured?
  • 9 0
 The prices of the pieces would suggest south east asia/ china.
  • 15 3
 @NorCalNomad: Good point. Bummer, I've committed to being more selective with the origins of the products I buy. I'll happily pay more for said products manufactured outside of certain areas and countries.
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 @NotSorry: Problem is most of the knowledge, machines, and the real human skill for creating technical outwear is over in Asia. There is only a very very small group of people in the States/ Canada who are not working for the top outdoor companies (The North Face, Arcteryx, Patagonia, etc.) that can make tech outerwear, let alone ones who know to really create on a large production scale. There is a company in the states that does do standard and semi custom GTX and other high end fabric outwear I just can't remember their name.

That being said these pieces aren't THAT technical and certainly within the skill/ machines of standard cut and sew garment construction.

I was kinda surprised that Cromag went with a C6 DWR on the Factor since the whole outdoor industry is moving away from hydrocarbon DWR chemistries.
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 Hey Pinkbike, how about including place of manufacture for all press releases, first looks and reviews? And also some kind of rating or comment on the sustainability/environmental attributes of the products? Help us be better consumers.
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 @NorCalNomad: Right on. It doesn't necessarily have to be North American made for me. I want to make sure that the source isn't using unfair labor practices and/or creating too much pollution. My employer makes water filtration and treatment products and I've been to places that have decimated entire waterways and ecosystems in the name of "cheaper". Luckily we've helped many of these companies improve drastically but the majority continue to be terrible.
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 @mbl77: 2nd this idea. Would be awesome.
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 @NotSorry: Yeah I totally get that. The initiatives that Patagonia, TNF, and many of the other large outdoor brands have pushed through in their supply chain have been great for that. A definite example of "a rising tide lifts all boats." There are many more fabric mills and dye houses that are now actually helping to decontaminate the water sources they use because of these mandates. Still tons of stuff that isn't great.

It's a bummer from an end product point of view when you have to walk away from a manufacture that produces good stuff because they are doing crappy stuff in the health, economic, or environmental side of their business.
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 @mbl77: That's a great idea, I support it!
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 @mbl77: Not a bad idea. But really hard to do. Hell even on the manufacturing side it's hard to verify how sustainable products are for a smaller company like Chromag.
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 I love how the bear in the logo is getting all schwifty with the crotch grab.
  • 5 1
 Never noticed that till now. What has been seen cannot be unseen.
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 He’s dancing like MJ.
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 I can tell you from experience that the Chromag appeal is legit . The fit and comfort are top notch.
  • 3 0
 Guaranteed attack. Smells like dinner, looks like rival.
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 I like bears. I like Chromag.
  • 2 0
 Fact: Bears eat beets.
  • 4 0
 You have to wonder what a bear thinks of an image of a bear on something it hasn’t made up its mind on yet.
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 Apparel looks great. But, what I really want to know @chromagbikes is when will more stylus frame only options be available. I am trying to by one and can’t find it at a shop or on the web. Please help!
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 Depending on size/colour, we might have some in stock. Drop an email to and we'll see what we can do!
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 @Chromagbikes: I sold my full suspension Enduro and only ride my Stylus now. Amazing bike.
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 Saw some of these goods at the local bike shop today. It all looked great but unfortunately no XXL sizes for us linemen sized dudes. Frown
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 Came to post this. Would 100% own Chromag apparel if it didn't fit me like a compression shirt. Also, if you ever consider XXL, make shirts wider AND longer.

That is all.
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 Any idea when the update of the juniper is going to be available? Just saw the post on Instagram from Claire Buchar.
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 It is available now Smile
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 Are they going to start building those kid’s frames??!
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 They'll probably weld one up for anyone willing to pay. They do some frames on-shore, the rest from asia.
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 Siiiick little frame there!!
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 I like the comment on the Ambit short size adjuster ... 'We've updated the waist adjustment to internal elastic/Velcro for simplicity' ... no, they updated it because they made a mistake in their previous 3 designs with the metal clips that break and they got tired of sending out replacements. I wish some people would fess up to design mistakes!
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 I'm three Ambits in and never had a problem with the metal hooks. Maybe I've been lucky? In fact, I liked the hooks and I'm sad to see them go. Not a fan of stretchy waists.
  • 2 0
 I broke one of those clips on the v1's, had them replaced in the shop and am still using those shorts 3 years later, some of the best shorts I've ever owned.
  • 1 0
 @flipfantasia: ive had v1 and v3. i had 1 v3 clip snap. several on the v1. it's a great short. my v3s dont fit me anymore, i might buy some v4s now.
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 The long sleeve merino wool Chromag jersey is so soft and cosy. It’s perfect for cool weather riding. Big fan of Chromag products.
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 I never understand the digs people give to the far east. The American President is insane, the fact people voted for him is insane, the fact that America is a huge world polluter is scandalous, but i still buy some american goods. That's because a load of Americans are nice. Same goes for any country. Get over yourselves ffs. And while we're at it, check your own carbon footprint. We're all guilty there. As for the ethics of companies, check where most american stuff is made. The problem is the consumer, you want stuff cheaper. If you want a company to have better ethics pay more money for the product. Simple.
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 loves the t-shirt, t-shirt is out of stock /sadtimes
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 Any idea when the FU50 will be available @Chromagbikes ?
  • 2 0
 No touque? This is Canada for Christ sakes.
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 I want to complain about something...but I also want free product. Decisions....decisions....
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 Worst gloves I’ve ever owned. Seams failed second ride and no word back from @chromag regarding warranting them.
  • 1 0
 Sorry to hear this @Shanon750 and sincere apologies for not getting back to you. We will gladly replace them! Did you email us at
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 @Chromagbikes: Update: I did hear back form you guys and just received the gloves in the mail. Looks like you through in an extra pair for good measure! Thank you guys so much for going above and beyond to make it right! Love the jerseys I own and hope the gloves were just a fluke.
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 So much Tech
  • 2 0
 stay tech!
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 Man, I'd love to see the margins on MTB apparel at full price.
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 I don't really like the normal logo but that bear print jersey is noice.
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 well done
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