Video: Ali C in Cardiff

Jul 30, 2015 at 5:19
by Clean Zine  
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Despite not being as steeped in riding history as Barcelona - and certainly without the incredible Mediterranean weather - there are plenty of hidden gems waiting for those willing to have an explore around the back streets of Wales' capital city. Thanks to Ali 'Ali C' Clarkson's diverse riding background he was able to make the most of them whether it's a fallen tree in a leafy park all the way through to substantial roof drops.

Gap to chain.

Tree stump kicker to rear.

Chris Akrigg Earthed tribute line.

A long rail ride on the worst childrens play park slide ever created.

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 Great riding. If you keep at it you might be able to afford a color camera!
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 There were some serious moves there! Such smoothness too!

I've seen pretty much all of those spots, yet didn't even see the lines let alone half consider riding them. Ridiculous skill Smile
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 It is a bit weird seeing a video on here and recognising every spot from your daily life!! Even had my old street on it.
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 Bent the handrail at 2:35, I'm guessing he was the reason the other little section was bent too. Haha
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 Living in Cardiff and recognizing 95% of these spots really makes me appreciate how impressive this riding is. That roof drop at the Wharf is massive. Big props.

Tidy butt.
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 That was fucking brilliant.
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 So nice to listen to the tires and freehub moving around instead of that constant squeal of the rim-brake. Great quality film and the riding was off the hook!
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 Well, if it's possible to be too gnarly then I think Ali C's figged out how. Ô.Ô

You know that Peter Griffin face when he's on the sidewalk with the skinned knee? I did that face at 3:21. Shin got lucky there.
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 I struggle bunny hop a takes all my effort.
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 I know how you feel
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 So sick! So underrated. Keep slaying Ali!
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 So funny... Seems like buildings are made especially for this [2:00]
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 Why do some trials guys run the older M810 saint brakes when I assume they could get the newer ones through sponsors?
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 Newer calipers aren't so happy with the forces trials exert so tend to crack. Not sure why, not really looked the two side by side to compare.
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 And also the levers are a lot longer than the newer ones which means modulating the brake is easier
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 Shimano tried to increase modulation, and gave up a little stiffness, and lots of durability for heavy wheel locking style finger pulls. I hate their new levers for power, compared to the blockier, longer lever m810.
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 I run them too, the levers are much comfier than the newer style ones and they just look better too
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 Just remembered, Ali Danny and Duncan are all riding for magura now, which after riding alis bike I have to say they're the bast brakes I've ever used. Just so darn expencive
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 this vid is so sick iv ridden or been to nearly all the locations in this vid an FairPlay you got some balls, good vid
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 Amazing riding, and filming. I will be watching this again and again!
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 Exceptional bike control skills
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 I'm gonna go ride some street trials...right now!....that was sick!
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 sick!!! amazing controll ! )
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 I wonder what was his highest score in a bunny hop contest...
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 great riding. I love the street stuff.
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 This is one area of cycling that legit scares me haha. Rad video!
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 Nice work guys!
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 Good music too!
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 i agree, but the first 14s of this vid was the best Wink
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 i was all kool man, urban trials fun, and the tree showed up and i was f*ck yeah trails in a natural setting KOOL, no back to the city Frown
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 cool story bro Smile
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 he needs to do this natural setting in the woods like the other dude thoseChris something...end of story.
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 Was that ridiculous drop from the tree not enough for you Smile
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 it is I want more, tree droppings. eee
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 thx , remember this one classic!
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 This is a little older now, but it's more Ali C and more natural (at the start at least):
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 Solid fluid ride Smile
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 I don't care who you are or how good your riding is. You just cannot song jack from Earthed. It's not allowed
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 Was it in the original Earthed? Think I've seen pretty much all of that series apart from the original one (ironically enough because I only saw them while I was living with Ali, and I'm not sure he still had the DVD for that one) - crucial gap in the knowledge there...
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 It's in earthed 4, Brazil world cup section

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