Video: Ben Wallace's 2020 Mixtape

Jan 2, 2021 at 9:38
by Cole Nelson  

bigquotesThroughout the year, Ben and I do quite a bit of filming. So, we've decided to put together a collection of shoots from 2020 for your viewing pleasure.Cole Nelson


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 You kids don't know how bad we had it in the tape the tape, flip the pages of the magazine, imagine you could see them riding...Plus no suspension, skinny rims, skinny tires, xc geometry...Once the tape was done flip it to the B side or rewind. Didn't have the tunes you wanted, dig something out of the glove compartment that is hoepfully better... No PB comments section either. How did we even live.
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 We were biking. And we loved it. That's it.

BTW: Bens riding is rad.
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 Life was nice and simple then.
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 @nug12182: Simpler times indeed. Although netflix and spotify do have a few advantages over the mixed tape and the VHS movies of the day... It was almost a different sport back then when you look at what we are riding both in terms of trails and bikes.
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 Staying up late at night listening to a wild DJ that the radio station would never allow on the air during "normal hours" to record the your fav. tracks on the radio to make your own mix tape.

And then riding the trails the next day on your newly up graded brackes, from canti to v-brakes and rocking a elastomer damped fork while singing out the tracks from the night before.
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 [oldpersonview] as much as PB have sought world domination of MTB media I do wish the majority of print publications hadn’t died. Rad edit btw [\oldpersonview]
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 No auto reverse? Tapes were fun, and you gained some practical skill because it was much more than a couple of clicks, and you had to get creative to get things done, What's bad about that?!

Yeah, the bikes were inferior, but again you either gave up with them, or perservered and progressed. What's wrong with a printed publication, or using your imagination?!

Nice little edit. RIP MF DOOM.
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 @nug12182: Less b******* and narcissism.
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 @Neale78: You can say that again!
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 no youtube tutorials on how to fix shit, no electronic tuner for guitars when playing live, those where the days!!
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 @HairyLegs The brake levers all the way to the bars and barely any senstation of them slowing you down at all! The night radio host stairway to heaven bathroom break!
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 @Neale78: Unfortunately that's also a reason so many of us bought into poor/horrible products... We all just wanted to ride and didn't care for drama, just bought whatever the magazines praised or bike company had the coolest advertisements and brochures.
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 What about walking to school in the snow up hill both ways?
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 @MountainJnky: nobody mentioned that because it was just a way of life and so obvious Razz
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 Some super stylish riding Ben! Cole also really knows how to capture how well you are riding. Great creative vid guys, bright futures for both of you. Hope 2021 throws you some good bones!
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 Anyone in the Pinkbike academy won in the end because of all the exposure their riding got. Sick edit Ben. So fast!
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 Fingers crossed that wierd guy doesn't comment "I love you, welcome to the team"
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 Sick riding! Heres to hoping 2021 brings more of alter ego Ben content
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 Please, no. Ben, just be yourself and crush it like you're doing in this vid.
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 Two thoughts through my head when I saw this title. First, "well shaq kinda beat him to it but maybe big Ben took his time and made a real banger album", and secondly, after seeing it was on pinkbike, "woah did the 7ft 280lb ben Wallace really make a mixtape on a mountain bike?"
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 More a multi-part edit than a mixtape. Then again, plays like a single artist mixtape better than any others mixes.
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 Yeah, good stuff right there.
Commencal in real life, not Orbea Wink
The secret Academy winner because he was the fastest.
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 The riding is as good as the isley bros-who's that lady
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 And given Ben's age he was more than likely conceived whilst his parents were listening to the special mix tape.
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 Kudos for slapping a bit of new old music from Greta Van Fleet in that mix
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 This is dope af. Strong work Ben.
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 Sick riding, like the Stones section best. Bars turn right every time tires leave the ground, mix that s*** up
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 Dude can shred, no doubt.
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 So cool ! Fav
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 Those trails look very mellow
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 Dug it
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 All the best for 2021!
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 Sick edit
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 Stop living in the past it’s 2021 suckas. Sick vid though bud!
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 erm... copyright infringement in 3, 2, 1.
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