Cam McCaul's 1st Place Run at Crankworx Colorado 2011

Jul 31, 2011 at 6:27
by CONTOUR Cameras  
Cam after his first place win in Slopestyle at Crankworx Colorado

Cam McCaul took home the first place "hatchet" at Crankworx Colorado yesterday. He sealed the deal with an insane no handed front flip and overall super clean run. Today is the one year anniversary of Cam's bad crash that broke his leg - what a way to get over it!

Here's Cam's POV from his Contour camera.


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 i love how whistler crank workx is $25000 for 1st place and colorado is only $6500
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flag hucksauce (Jul 31, 2011 at 9:44) (Below Threshold)
 Yeah but $25000 Canadian dollars is = to $150.00 U.S. I may be wrong on the current exchange rate.
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 What are you saying? This is straight from Google: 1 Canadian dollar = 1.04679 U.S. dollars
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 You might want to check again...the Canadian Dollar is worth more than the US dollar. Congrats CAM sick super flip!
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 Acctually our doller is better then yours right now so..
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flag Caiokv (Jul 31, 2011 at 9:48) (Below Threshold)
 Sorry on that, but the CAD is really close to the US dollar....
It is more like: 25.000 CAD = 26.191,7 USD

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 @h sauce Canadian money is more then american money
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 you clearly have no idea what you are talking about......
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flag mrfox (Jul 31, 2011 at 9:50) (Below Threshold)
 eeh no, 1cad=0,96usd Smile
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 £1 = $1.64. We win
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 @H-sauce What are you smoking 25000cad = 150usd I think you left out a few zeros and then you will still be off
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 Man I think H-Sauce was making a funny, guess none of you dudes can laugh it off after 10 posts saying pretty much the same thing.
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 H sauce is right, American economy is going straight where my poop goes. Soon enough H-sauce your comment will be right. You've jumped the gun though. Hahahaha
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 wait a few more days and the US dollar ain't gonna be worth shit.....sad but true. That's what you get when the Federal Reserve prints out 16 trillion dollars and just gives it away. More of a reason for me to peace out to whistler.
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 Who cares about the money? I was screaming out loud, when he landed the no hander frontie! Its about the excitement.
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flag TheBigEarl (Jul 31, 2011 at 12:01) (Below Threshold)
 I clicked on H-Sauce's profile expecting a 12 year old kid from that kind of comment. How are you that ignorant? You are an embarassment.
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  • 32 5
 I was just joking. Don't take it so seriously. Go for a ride and get over it.
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 i lol'd
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 you guys are too serious. it was obviously a joke.
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 Most of you have no idea what you are talking about. $1.00 USD = $0.953873 CAD. That is today. US is worth less than canada now
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 STFU ABOUT THE EXCHANGE RATE! its over. its done. its in the past. move on. How about we give some mad props to Cam! so...MAD PROPS CAM!
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 Bravo guys!! An argument about currency exchange rates in an article about Cam McCauls 1st place run. Classy classy classy.
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 To think, it all came from someone bitching about the prize money. I couldn't resist a comment but the rest of them are immature for argueing such a petty thing instead of as you said, being stoked for Cam
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flag hardyk (Jul 31, 2011 at 15:29) (Below Threshold)
 i love how there was like 1000 people at whistler and like 50 in colorado
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 lol america.
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 try 40,000 hardyk..
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 its funny that the prize money for a huge comp like crankworx colorado is worth about one downhill bike
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 emotions are running high in this comment. You guys take shit waay too seriously
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 One thing you're all forgetting is everything is more expensive in canada. A friend just bought a bike in the states for over a thousand less than what he would of payed here.
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 am i only the one that gave H-Sauce pos? am i the only one who thinks canadian money is funny money? it may be worth more but its called the loonie...comon
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 Why is the contour video player so fucking shit. jesus christ it pisses me off when companies make their own stupid player rather than using one that has been proven to work, like the player that pinkbike and youtube use.
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 I think it's hilarious that riders are arguing over exchange rates- Can any of you guys tell me if the DOW index is down today?- the corner shop was sold out of the Financial Times...
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I know where you're coming from, our money is all different colours with sparkly little strips running down the left side. There's ghost-ish pictures of the queen, there's some poems, some pictures of kids playing hockey or totem poles... When I look at your 5 dollar bill, however, there's just some guy who looks like a boss and some official-looking stamps.

But whatever. We're all the same shit, just in different places.
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 ehhh who gives if the US dollar is worth more canada has better trails so WE WIN Smile
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 not to mention they have around 300 people watching, whistler had well over 7,000
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 Dirtbagmatty- I was pretty surprised at size of crowds at both events- Whistler looked like the superbowl whilst Colorado looked like my local trails on a sunday!
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 I could do that.. on downhill domination for playstation...
  • 20 0
 possibly one of the best games of all time. I love DHD!
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 Yeh shame new ps3 slims cant play ps2 games!
  • 5 0
 why cant they bring out a new one?
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 cam is the true legend. no one touches his style or his tricks. he deserved this win for sure! way to go cam
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 I've looked up to you ever since this video: Good run Cam!
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 he deserved it.
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 Don't you think TREK should release a slopestyle bike to celebrate all this success?
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 Not much a roll in before that first flip! Stoked that Cam is back getting victories as he's been an inspriation to many DJers for many years now. Mad to think how much he's come on since Drop In TV. Good on ya Cam- glad someone broke the Semenuk monotony.
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 What a super cool guy and an amazing rider. Congrats Cam! Always will be one of my most favorite riders of all time.
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 His run was soooo smooth. I wanted tosee soderstrom do well because hes got epic style, also I think Pilgrims run was better than Semenuks
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 i like how hes chuckling to himself at the end haha
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 Contour quality is OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love it!
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 im so happy that he won it
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 stick gopros on them, contours suck
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 You ever realized, that Contour is the sponsor of Cam McCaul and Cam Zink - so why do you think they should stick GoPros on them??? - would be stupid of them risking a good sponsor. On the other hand - I like the contours over the GoPros for mountain bike (for surf and diving GoPros might be better)
But if you wanna look like a Tele Tubby while Riding - go for it. I like to laugh about the Tele Tubbys on Bikes whenever I see them in the Bike Parks.
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 gopros are way better for anything, contours dont show a good angle,gopros an all around better company for mountain biking, and there prety much industructable. Tele tubby???how does a gopro make anyone look like a teletubby? a contour sounds like crap to, the wind sound sucks!
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 i feel like a teletubby when i wear mine.. haha
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 glad to see mccaul back in the saddle killin it
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 the price is the price of anthony when he get's 3rd place in kokanee even tho its $5k...
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 LOL tuck no hander front flip, right after you can hear Brad Ewen "Shut the front door !!!" lol
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 good quality vid!!!!!!!!!!
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 Makes it look so effortless....
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 I love how Cam is just laughing to himself at the end of his run there
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 Hell yeah! Stoked for Cam. I love how he was laughing afterwards, so good.
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 when is trek going to come out with brandons slopestyle bike
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 Huge Crowd :/
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 "Shut the front door!"
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 wheres the crowd?
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