CushCore Partners with Whistler Mountain Bike Park

May 23, 2022 at 3:22
by Cush Core  


We are proud and excited to announce that starting this 2022 season, CushCore will be the "Official Tire Insert of the Whistler Mountain Bike Park."

This includes the following:

• All WMBP Staff Bikes will be outfitted with CushCore
• All WMBP Patrol Bikes will be outfitted with CushCore
• All WMPB Coaching Staff Bikes will be outfitted with CushCore
• Summit Sport’s Demo Fleet will be outfitted with CushCore


When making your visit to Whistler Mountain Bike Park, demo a bike from Summit Sport to feel the CushCore performance enhancements, or just go ahead and buy a set from one of the many bike shops in the Village, like Garbanzo Bike & Bean.


About Whistler Mountain Bike Park:
Whistler Mountain Bike Park is widely regarded as the number one lift-accessed downhill bike park in the world. With 70 expertly crafted trails spread throughout four distinct mountain zones, it offers the most terrain of any bike park in North America. Riders will find plenty of fun throughout the Bike Park and exciting trails designed for every level.

About CushCore:
Established in 2017, CushCore® (Patented) is an engineered foam insert that mounts inside a bike tire. It divides the tire roughly in half, with CushCore next to the rim and a tunable air pocket under the tread. It radically improves the way your bike interacts with the ground.

CushCore provides: a Faster, Smoother Ride, More Traction, Superior Cornering, and Reliable Rim & Tire Protection. These benefits allow riders of all levels to Go Bigger, Corner Harder, & Ride Faster, with TOTAL CONFIDENCE.

Since 2017, racers at the highest level have amassed a staggering record of race results while using CushCore:

• 7 UCI DH World Championships
• 3 UCI World Cup Titles
• 28 UCI DH Wins
• 104 UCI DH Podiums
• 24 EWS Wins
• 94 EWS Podiums

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 Thoughts and prayers to the WBP mechs who need to install 1000 cushcores
  • 23 0
 Mechanics will be easily spotted by noticing there massive forearms.
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  • 3 2
  • 3 0
 I hope no one else has any flat tire jokes & they’ll spare us from them.
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 In other news, Whistler installs curbs at tops of all landings.
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 Wow! With absolutely bone breaking news flashes like this, I can't believe I haven't ponied up for that Outside +++ subscription yet...
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 PaYwAll ReMOvEd
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 Rest in peace to the bike shop employees
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 Actually quite easy to install if you don’t fight it. First times a doozy but luckily I put one tire on reversed tread and 3rd install that day went smooth. Ha
  • 2 1
 Too soon.. I just installed a cushcore for the first time. Tire backwards.. Removed and reversed tire and reinserted. Rode. Flat after every run. Removed again. Replaced rim tape I had destroyed when removing the first time. Replaced rim tape and installed again. Holds air but really rides no different than before.
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 Sounds like you need to practice riding smooth and worrying less about your bike.
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 I'll be sure to try out one of your rental bikes the next time I'm at the Whistler bike park.
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 The price of one day renting a bike get's you a whole cush core set.
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 A lot will be learned this summer.
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 More cush'n for the push'n
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 That's a fallacy. There's a limit for sure.
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 Everything Outside touches becomes an Ad.
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 They'll learn the hard way eventually.
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 Just heard a collective sigh coming from BC… and I’m East coast US!
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 I'm tired of it already, I think the world has gone flat.

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