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Trail building comp

Dec 27, 2008 at 0:00
by Tyler Parrott  
my entry for the competioni am doing the trail fix up. i forgot to take pics before i started but i remembered about 2 hours into building. but unfortunatly it started to rain and then i got a new bike so i havnt been building but ill start up again soon. BTW good dirt is VERY hard to find (100 metres from beach).










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 Your ladder bridge is looking a little pony. I would definetly be beefing that up. As in... Rebuilding it with logs that are thicker than your fingers...
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 i think it looks good for one day of work by yourself. i agree the ladder looks a little iffy, so maybe find some scrap pallets or thicker logs. the shape of the berm looks great though - i think mastering that skill is quite difficult
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 i know it needs re-building my mate trough it together to just show were it goes. plus he snapped it yesterday coz he thaught it would be strong enough
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 looks not bad man tup
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 has this been abandoned?
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 wtf dude thats shit
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 yea dude i know its shit its day 1. its called improvments. ever heard of em???

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