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The Stand is a New Made in the UK Workstand

Feb 24, 2022 at 2:18
by DanHicks  
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Press Release: The Stand

Introducing The Stand: A highly portable and stable bicycle maintenance stand that lifts the rear wheel off the floor and allows the cranks to freely rotate, perfect for all but the most serious bike faff.

We engineered The Stand to last a long time, using a 6082 Aluminium and 304 Stainless Steel construction, making it strong, durable and corrosion-resistant. With its' three distinct contact points, like a tripod, The Stand is stable on paved and unpaved surfaces.

Designed and made in the UK: We believe it’s important to support local businesses and to be accountable for what you put into the world. To ensure working and environmental standards are met 100% of The Stand is sourced from within the UK, with parts manufactured by us or subcontracted to trusted UK businesses.

Designed to be reliable and a pleasure to use, The Stand uses roller bearings in the head and IGUS Polymer bushes in the folding arms.

Portable and practical. It folds flat in one piece with an easy to use and robust mechanism, plus it weighs only 1.2kg making it very easy to travel with.

How The Stand came to be, from the designer, Dan Hicks:
"I have been riding bikes of all varieties in the UK for over a decade which means I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in car parks and lay-bys doing the pre-ride faff, oiling chains, indexing gears, bleeding brakes…the odd shock rebuild…or after a ride with a bike propped up against my car, pressure washing off pints of mud. I quickly got bored of lugging around a full bike work stand when, in reality, I just needed a third hand to hold the bike. I also live in shared rented accommodation where space is at a premium. Storing a large and bulky work stand just so I can fettle my bike on occasion was a pain. I looked at the compact bike stands on the market and wasn’t satisfied; they were either unstable, low quality, folded poorly or just plain ugly. So I sat down to design my own. Eleven prototypes later and I was finally happy, The Stand was ready! I made one for myself, and was buzzing - it was exactly what I was after. I use it for everything short of building bikes, but have even done that in a push. Content, I thought that would be the end of it…

…using The Stand everywhere I went, it started to garner a bit of attention, with people asking after if they were available to buy. I like a challenge so thought ‘why not make a small batch of them for friends’. Where possible I made the components myself, but with the limited equipment I had access to I couldn’t achieve the high quality I wanted for certain components. For these, I found UK SME’s to produce or supply the parts. This forced me into making a larger batch than I anticipated, so I needed a proper outlet. I quickly realised my skills lie in engineering, not in e-commerce, and it took much longer than I anticipated to get a website up and running! But, we are there now, and that’s how I got here!"


Crank Compatibility
To make sure your bike is as stable as possible on The Stand there are two adaptors available, 18mm or 20mm. The 20mm adaptor provides a great fit on most Shimano Cranks. The thinner 18mm adaptor fits everything the 20mm one does, but also fits SRAM cranks. If you have bikes that use different cranks, go for the 18mm as it will fit both cranks fine.

The Stand is unfortunately not E-bike compatible as these systems largely use a solid crank axle, not a hollow one like on acoustic bikes. Please email h.thestand@gmail.com if you would like a stand to fit your E-bike. If there is enough interest we will try to figure something out.

Please note these are all the cranks we have been able to validate. We will be working to provide a more complete list. If you have any questions please email: h.thestand@gmail.com

Available now at www.danhicks.co.uk.

Follow us on Instagram at @h_thestand for future developments and quality UK made products.

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 What a beautifully designed and made product! Stoked for you and your stand Dan. Looking forward to seeing them in use across car parks and lay-bys, making annoying faff a pleasure.
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 Hello! Cheers for all your interest!

Currently looking at international shipping and import duties but its more of a process than I anticipated. Please bear with me while I try to find a cost effective way to do this!

There has been a good number of requests about doing an *visibly shuddering* E-bike version so I'm currently looking at it. Its going to need a redesign and then plenty of testing to make sure it works as well as it should. Watch this space, I'll be sure to light the e-beacons when its ready!
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 RAD - any chance of shipping to US? LMK
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 Anyone happen to know if these will work for Race Face Next R and SL cranks? (Would also love shipping to the US.)
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 I have been checking every crank I come across but its impressive the lack of variety in my friends bikes. As soon as I can find a set of Next R's and SL's to probe, Ill update the compatibility page on the website: danhicks.co.uk.
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 Please ship to US.
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 Lost me at acoustic.

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