Katy Winton: Making the Most of it - Video

Feb 19, 2017 at 14:29
by DWAgency  
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Many associate Scottish summers with grey mist, biting winds and a capacity to bring all but the hardiest souls to the edge. Those who know the land lying at 56.4907° N, 4.2026° W understand that this is not the case, but they understand that winters are a different beast altogether.

The highlands may be blessed with big mountains but the Borders offer a classic valley winter. The winters are cold - often with a wind chill factor that is noticeable - grey and to use a phrase coined by the locals "Dreich". If you're going to stay in the Borders over winter, get your waterproofs out, your heated gloves on and be prepared to knuckle down.

Katy Winton Making the Most of it - Video

Where once the months between November and January were the domain of hardy hill farmers keeping their flocks alive there is now a new band often seen out amongst the sitka spruce, peat and heather of the Borders in mid winter. The area has a raft of "new school" professional mountain bikers - all determined, all striving for success and all with self belief. They know how to have fun and where once they lived and breathed downhill, now riders like Lewis Buchanan, Gary Forrest and Mark Scott have added a list of Enduro pros next to downhill names like Ruaridh Cunningham and Reece Wilson .

Katy Winton Making the Most of it - Video

In truth, for a professional rider it would be easy to head for California, Australia or New Zealand in early November but there is something about the tough environment of the Borders that builds confidence and it's not just the domain of grizzled men with sheepdogs by their sides, or the many top male riders we see in the area.

Indeed, there is a new breed of competitor coming out of the Borders and Katy Winton is spearheading the charge - where once Emma Guy and Lee Craigie were the leading Scottish lights, it is now a diminutive 23-year-old with a hidden fire behind her eyes.

Katy Winton Making the Most of it - Video
Katy Winton Making the Most of it - Video
Katy Winton Making the Most of it - Video

Katy took the route less walked to get to Enduro - she was a XC racer on the British Talent Squad since her days as a youth rider. Yet XC, the confines and structures of British Cycling just weren't quite right, and Katy was struggling to see any future in bikes.

It had all become very, very serious.

Heralding the EWS as a "light at the end of the tunnel", Winton, as she's known round her home patch, landed a deal with the Trek Factory racing team alongside all-time great Tracy Moseley and went about soaking up as much knowledge as she could: All while the smile returned to her face and she got to race what many have lauded as the best series in the world.

Needless to say, she hasn't looked back.

Young, determined and out to get as many females riding, racing and enjoying their bikes as possible Katy Winton is certainly making the most of her environment and opportunities.

Katy Winton Making the Most of it - Video
Katy Winton Making the Most of it - Video
Katy Winton Making the Most of it - Video
Katy was 6th overall in last year's EWS and she's hungry for more.

Katy Winton Making the Most of it - Video
Many borders locals will recognise this trail. "Date Night" is a test at speed for any rider and trails like this provide an ideal training ground all keeping the smiles going in mid-winter.

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  • + 28
 At the EWS last year: - Hey Katy, is that a dolphin on your bars? - yep!

So much fun with this crazy badass girl, she's a character. Wishing Katy a strong '17 season.
  • + 14
 Followed her down a very slippery track during the very wet practice at EWS Valberg, tons of near misses, but she was just laughing the whole time and demanded a high five at the end of the run Smile Always great to see pros with the right attitude!
  • + 16
 What a nice lass!
  • + 8
 I had to double check your post while I was skim reading.....thought you'd said something else but then noticed the L :-)
  • + 3
 @Pablo16v: Everyone typos sometimes hehehehheheheheh!
  • + 11
 Hell yeah.
Front fender sponsors, where u at?
  • + 2
 Not sure it would make a difference! I was riding in the same valley last weekend with my new Dfender guard. It was totally overwhelmed, didn't help much if any at all. Now considering selling...
  • + 5
 In a sport that in the past has been heavily male dominated, its great to see women like Katy pushing the sport for women whilst being excellent role models for my young daughters generation. She looks naturally skilled on the bike, something that can only come from a real passion to ride well. When there are as many women riding mountain bikes as men, then I believe our sport will be taken up a notch in credibility. Go for it Katy- all the best.
  • + 7
 Awesome rider and stunning landscape!
  • + 3
 All the best for the '17 season Katy! Took your advice at Valberg and went for the Slash - no regrets what a bike! Buy you a beer if you're doing the Trans Prov Race this year?
  • - 11
flag lee-vps-savage (Feb 20, 2017 at 8:28) (Below Threshold)
 Don't think she can hear you pal.
  • + 3
 @lee-vps-savage: savage by name, savage by nature eh fella
  • + 2
 Blah blah.
There was a English granny, world renowned mountain walker, been all over the globe walking the highest trails, Andes, Himalayas.... and after walking across Siberia she was interviewed on the radio.
"Where's the coldest place you've been?"
"-Laugher- No, seriously, where's the coldest place you've been?"
"Seriously, England. When it's minus 30 your clothes work, you're warm and good to go. In the UK it's 1ºC and 100% humidity for months and it penetrates your clothes, your skin, your bones. I'd rather be in Siberia in winter than the UK."
  • + 9
 Problem with that story is Katy is Scottish not English
  • + 1
 Its true (Kind of). ive lived in calgar Canada and its very dry so face might be cold at -30 but jacket keeps you warm. In the uk ur damp so either too cold even 12 deg positive in a coat or too hot cos sweat doesn't work when it gets warm. The wind just amplifies the damp. The main porb is people doent think its that cold so don't wear right thing
  • + 4
 must be sweet trekkin' round there! tup
  • + 3
 Very cool video, would like to come over and ride Scotland
  • + 2
 Top video. I grew up round those parts, and it almost made me feel a little homesick.....
  • + 2
 Tweed Valley is a fantastic Mountain biking area. Great vid!
  • + 3
 Nice one Katy!
  • + 1
 And I've never seen snow Frown
  • + 1
 The snow we get in Scotland isn't the nice fluffy stuff you get in the likes of Canada, it's just cold and wet and usually melts within a day. Not nice.
  • + 1
 I wish our winters were like that.
  • + 1
 What a cool race girl and family.
  • + 1
 Great Video. She seems really down to earth. Love the accent
  • + 1
 No way. Breathing in that cold weather kills my lungs.
  • - 2
 Trek... Give this girl a fat tire bike..
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