YT Bikes: Most offensive marketing in the history of bicycles

May 27, 2022 at 17:57
by DC A  
⚠️ Warning: Violence and Nazi images included in this post meant for information and education purposes only and are not in any way meant to promote any violence or destructive Nazi ideology. Nazi symbols and ideology should always be strongly condemned in the strongest possible way by anybody who does use them, as should violence towards any and every person regardless of color, race, or religion. The Nazi images you will see here in this post do not in any way imply support for anything related to Nazi ideology and readers need to be reminded that the world united to destroy the Nazi movement and would so again if any similar fascist nationalistic movements emerged like it again.

⚠️⚠️ In a disappointing sign of big media censorship, Pinkbike has unfortunately deleted most of the crucial Nazi images in this post, so be ready to use your imagination or do some Google searches to see what was once portrayed in this explosive writing.

Get ready to examine and process the unique blend of misogynist, sexist(basement porn images), violent, MAGA/Qanon, and even the Nazi related offensive images YT Bikes has created and chosen to use in their advertising in recent times, along with some of their other questionable marketing moves:

Sexual mysogyny themes against women in advertising

The most mysogynist advertising campaign in the history of the bicycle industry

YT created the most sexually misogynistic marketing campaign in the history of the bicycle industry for its 'I hate Jeffsy' trail bike, implying that females can't enjoy the sport of mountain biking like men, and created imagery which perpetuates the absurd idea that women should be staying at home wearing a dress and high heels while being jealous of the time their boyfriends/husband's spend mountain biking, instead of enjoying the sport with them:

YT is implying that women can only be jealous about their boyfriends and husbands spending time mountain biking while they are home doing dishes and laundry and would never be interested in riding a mountain bike themselves. http i-hate-jeffsy

The whole basis of the YT Bikes I hate Jeffsy advertising campaign was the false and misogynist notion that women do not and cannot enjoy the sport of mountain biking. http i-hate-jeffsy

"Whatever this is an advert for, whatever or whoever JEFFSY is, it’s not for women, is it?
It may not contain naked women, but this advert is still sexist – unless this really is a product which only a man could use (like a penis operated dropper post). Why would a company choose to pitch its whole campaign on the basis of ‘women are going to hate this, blokes are going to love it’, excluding half the population from their potential market?"

"their latest marketing campaign, the ambiguously coined “I Hate Jeffsy” is some straight-up machismo bullshit. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s going on here. Basically, this impossibly attractive (although notice how the female maintains her RBF throughout) couple is feuding over how much time the dude spends with his bike “Jeffsy” – cute, right? This is up there with those “I LOVE when MY WIFE let’s me go mountain biking” t-shirts, in terms of appropriating and reinforcing bullshit gender norms. If only we all should be so lucky to find partners and significant others who share similar passions and god forbid want to spend time with each other doing what they love. But I get it, some people don’t like mountain biking (hard to believe, I know!) and fall in love with people who do or vice-versa. However if you’re going to go that route, for the love of everything that is not Ted Cruz, show some sour-puss faced dudes hating on Jeffsy as well. It’s f*cking 2016 YT, time to get with the program!"

⬆️Those are some hard hitting writings from other people that really expose the misogynistic nature of YT's marketing, and even Pinkbike's mods have agreed that there is misogyny in YT marketing in messages they've written to me warning me of various things. But the worst is yet to come.

YT's mysogynist approach to presenting women in their ads can be best summarized by saying they think women should stay at home in a dress and high heels while their boyfriends or husbands are enjoying the sport of mountain biking, rather than participate in the sport themselves. This is a very outdated treatment of women.

<Deleted photo>

It also projects and promotes the false idea that women have no place in the sport of mountain biking, when women actually have made and continue to make valuable contributions to the sport in many ways.

Basement porn art degrading women

The most sexually degrading images in the history of the bicycle industry

-YT Bikes has created and used art of women which is very similar to porn-drawing imagery, which objectifies women and features them in a degrading situations; In a filthy basement or garage, while sitting on a dirty bucket:

Seems to be mimicking cartoon basement porn. Note the punisher skulls on the scarf and having her sit on a dirty bucket. Very un-classy treatment of females in advertising by YT Bikes.

Cartoon porn image created by YT Bikes. The image of a sexually objectified female sarcastically judging a bike while sitting in a basement on a dirty bucket. It s this how we make the sport appealing to families and women

What value is there for a company in presenting women like this, especially in the family-friendly sport of mountain biking, other than to degrade, demean, and objectify them?
There clearly is no positive value, this is just presenting the objectification of women, and even worse is the degrading and demeaning presentation of women. It's one thing to objectify and sexualize images of females, as several mountain bike companies have done, but presenting them in this degrading and humiliating manner as YT has, takes it to a whole new low level the sport has never previously seen.

Violent imagery

The most violent imagery in the history of the bicycle industry

-YT has used of violent hostage-type imagery, even suggesting violence against women in what can be fairly interpreted as rape culture scenes. I can think of no other brand in the history of bicycling which has used such imagery, this is really appalling and stupid marketing for a sport like mountain biking which has increasingly become a family sport not made up of degenerates.

This YT Bikes marketing image seems like a strange way to appeal to women who might be interested in purchasing a mountain bike. https faculty jhobson wss281 lsharabi.htm https publication 261644282 The Impact of Violence Against Women in Advertisements

YT Bikes using violent imagery in their advertising. I wonder if apparel manufacturer Endura was ok with this How does this help sell bikes I wonder

YT Bikes using more violent imagery to sell bikes. Cause this is what bike riding in the woods is all about

Yt image portraying violence against mountain biker.

YT marketing image. Gun pointed at mountain biker.

Rather than show women in a positive light, enjoying the sport of mountain biking and contributing to it; YT has instead chosen to use women in their marketing in the most clearly mysogynist manner as possible, presented them as objectified and degraded sex symbols in a very unclassy manner, and used them as props in advertising where they are presented as victims of violence in rape culture scenes.

Again, what value is there in using women in this horrible manner in your advertising, unless this is how you view women, and think that it will help you sell mountain bikes to men?

There is also the use of threatening white male/wife beater imagery used in YT Bikes marketing, with baseball bats:

YT Bikes again using baseball bats and pagan horns associated with white supremacy along with skulls and.. wait for that some German Nazi-style rune writing above the belt https education references hate-symbols runic-writing-racist

More bats and horns along with hostages who seem to be threatened with violent treatment. Seems totally appropriate for the bicycle industry. https amp s news amp Strange-costumes-of-Capitol-rioters-echo-the-15895613.php

A little bit of everything offensive in this YT Bikes marketing image... Punisher skulls baseball bat Pagan horns and a ring that might remind some of Nazi German imagery. https amp s 5569399 viking-history-white-nationalists 3famp true https us entry us 58b1eed9e4b0780bac29f7c1 amp guccounter 1 guce referrer aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8 guce referrer sig AQAAAMMl16Qbnz-p2i aI3Y8mToleoem-pFv-iQ6BRH3088bQxjx-S3jZBKEU 2IdJrBloyVs66-36a wZ6ftfqrYiVmgXveOef9XQriL8mf-kt2gp9teo3slqJxaMzU PHbBAjgPZJy1DiWpPqqW5mRdihHJj4SD2ED3xYDhzu25vGz

YT has even maximized its obviously perceived violent masculinity by affiliating itself with the most violent sport in existence, UFC fighting. Not only have they gone as far as involving themselves with a UFC fighter who has been accused of racist and sexist behavior, but one who has also been an outspoken supporter of former President Trump:

The Trump affiliated company in the bicycle industry

YT's affiliation with outspoken Trump supporter/UFC fighter 'Cowboy' Cerrone.

YT made a custom USA themed bike for UFC fighter Donald 'Cowboy' Cerrone, an outspoken Trump supporter who has been accused of racism and sexist behavior. The custom bike featured a Punisher-type human skull with a cowboy hat on it:

This was the time when YT Bikes thought it would be a good idea to give a free custom mountain bike to outspoken Trump supporter and UFC fighter Donald Cerrone who has been accused of being racist. YT sponsored athlete Cam Zink who presented Cerrone with the bike also obnoxiously named his big Rampage feature The Republican this same year. https amp s amphtml blogs mma-cagewriter ufc-s-donald-cerrone-denies-racist--sexist-accusations-193340163.html https GOg2WRYh5MI https mtb cam-zink-goes-full-mma-with-donald-cowboy-cerrone

Another custom YT bike using the Punisher skull imagery. Still waiting for that YT custom Qanon edition bike. https amp s punisher-skull-icon-qanon-recruitment-flyers amp

That a company would choose to openly affiliate itself with an athlete who outspokenly supports the disgraced former President, who has a well documented history of allegedly sexually abusing women, is quite revealing.

In addition to allegedly assaulting over 20 women, Trump also has a factual, proven, and well documented history of publicly degrading women in the most humiliating ways imaginable, even while he served as President:

YT chose to associate itself with Trump, who in addition to his awful treatment of women and alleged assaults against them, is also the first President in modern history to be openly supportive of white supremacist groups at times. This was made very clear after the white supremacist March in Charlottesville which led to the death of counter-protester Heather Heyer at the hands of a Trump supporter, when Trump claimed there were "fine people on both sides."

Trump is the only President so corrupt that he was impeached twice, then was the primary inspiration for the Jan 6 Trump supporter led bloody insurrection at the US capital in an extremely stupid and poorly thought out attempt to overturn his landslide election loss to Joe Biden.

YT athlete Cam Zink politicizing Red Bull Rampage for Trump

What freerider would ever name their Red Bull Rampage after the political party of the disgraced Donald Trump? Oh, of course that would be YT sponsored athlete Cam Zink. Rest assured that European company Red Bull would not want to be affiliated with the orange con man insurrection inspiring liar, but perhaps American white trash brand Monster Energy would? Regardless, former YT athlete Cam Zink obnoxiously named one of his Rampage lines The Republican" while sponsored by YT, during Trump years as President. Way to obnoxiously compromise your Rampage legacy, Zink.

YT Bikes athlete with skull shirt and rifle.

YT's use of MAGA/Qanon Punisher-type human skull images

YT Bikes has an almost obsessive use of the Punisher-type human skull image and other skull images, which in current times is most often associated with MAGA/Qanon, white supremacists groups, and other far-right extremist groups associated with violence and dangerous, delusional conspiracy theories. The delusional Trump/Qanon conspiracy theory cult movement is more closely associated with the Punisher type skull images than any other brand or cultural movement in today's world, especially in America.

It's pretty safe to assume that in today's current America, if you've got those Punisher-type skull image stickers on your truck you likely are a devout MAGA follower who believes in at least some aspects of the delusional Qanon conspiracy theory. The Trump/Qanon movement has taken over and now owns human skull imagery, whether it's exactly like the Punisher or just similar. This imagery is also frequently associated with 2nd Amendment/assault-rifle images, or the 'Don't tread on me' images that were frequently seen in use by Trump supporters at the 1/6/21 Trump Terrorist insurrection on the US Capital building in Washington DC.

Some might react to this by saying: But YT isn't using the exact same Punisher skull as Marvel comics is.
MAGA/Qanon and the racist, violent, and terrorist white supremacist groups such as The Proud Boys and the Oath Kepers who have adopted the Punisher-type skull don't always use the exact image of the Punisher skull either, as you can see in these images, some of which are similar to the skull images YT has used in its marketing and on custom bikes.

Fact of the matter is that the MAGA/Qanon movement now owns and is more closely affiliated with human skull imagery more than any other group or political movement in the world, and if you don't want to be associated with those white trash hate groups, you should avoid using it or being affiliated with it. It's closely related to violent right-wing groups like the Oath Keepers and the Proud Boys, two groups involved in the Jan 6 Trump train terrorist insurrection at the capital.

<Deleted photo>

German YT owner smiling in front of a punisher skull image while showing off his Nordic tatts with a wife beater T shirt. Can t help but wonder if he might be a little insecure about his masculinity.

<Deleted photo>

German YT owner again highlighting Punisher skull with odd facial expression. Is the hand gesture indicating his bikes are not 1


YT Bikes use of Punisher skull imagery... again. https amp s entertainment marvel-punisher-skull-proud-boys-nazis-capitol-riot amp

<Deleted photo>

<Deleted photo>

More Punisher-type skull imagery from YT Bikes also affiliated With MAGA-Qanon imagery.

<Deleted photo>

YT skull image.

<Deleted photo>

YT skull image.

<Deleted photo>

Another custom YT with the Punisher skull associated with Qanon and other far right extremist groups that the US Government says is one of the biggest domestic violence threats in America. https 2019 04 28 the-punisher-skull-unofficial-logo-of-the-white-american-death-cult

<Deleted photo>

I wonder if the employees at YT ever get sick and tired of looking at skulls

<Deleted photo>

More skulls in YT ads yawn. Is it a warning about the lifespan of their chainstays that have a reputation for breaking

<Deleted photo>

Another custom YT with the Punisher skull imagery.

<Deleted photo>

Nazi Rune writing on YT products

The most Nazi affiliated imagery company in the history of the bicycle industry

German company YT Bikes has even gone as far as using Nazi Rune writing symbols in their marketing and products, which have an even clearer association with the Nazi movement:

This one is a real gem. The German company YT Bikes had the audacity to actually use rune writing stumbles in their marketing which was stolen from Nordic culture by Nazi Germans to help fuel and inspire their rise which resulted in the death of over 6 million Jews. Truly despicable but revealing for a German business to use these symbols. https education references hate-symbols tyr-rune https viking-symbols-stolen-racists

<Deleted photo>

<Deleted photo>

"The Lebensrune or "life rune" was based on the Algiz rune and was used by the Lebensborn e. V., the SS body responsible for the Lebensborn programme which supported the "racially, biologically, and hereditarily valuable families" of SS members and other "Aryans".

More subtle Nazi affiliations

YT has created and used images on its products and in its advertising that have subtle connections to Nazi imagery, such as the lightning bolt they have featured between the Y and T of their logo, which is associated with the Nazi SS logo, and images that appear to be styled after the Nazi Eagle used in Hitler Germany:

More YT Punisher skull imagery they sold in a sticker kit.

Note the similarity to the Nazi Eagle symbol.

See any resemblance to the Nazi Eagle?

<Deleted photo>

Where does the the 'S' in Nazi SS come from?

"'Nazi runes’ were part of a terrifying ideology
In Nazi ideology, the runes took on an entirely new meaning, well beyond simple characters for writing. Every single rune had its own meaning, and the Nazis believed that this meaning lay hidden in the soul of the Germanic people.

The best known Nazi rune is perhaps the s-rune, originally known as the sun rune. In 1929, it was renamed as the ‘Siegrune’ (the victory rune) and became the symbol of Hitler’s SS (Schutzstaffel)."

YT logo
YT hat with Sig Rune

White Supremacist Proud boys T Shirt
<Deleted photo>

YT marketing
YT marketing image with Sig rune at top.

Hitler youth marching band
<Deleted photo>

YT marketing
YT marketing image close-up. When your German company puts 2 Sig Runes on a row Nazi SS.

Hitler Youth
<Deleted photo>

YT marketing
YT marketing skull image with Sig Rune below.

Hitler Youth marching band
<Deleted photo>

Again, if you don't want to be affiliated with Nazi Germany or Hitler don't borrow the images.

The context of a German company using Nazi affiliated symbols

What value is there in a German company using Nazi- related Rune writing images and Nazi-type symbols?
Considering the barbaric and tragic results of the Nazis in Germany, which led to the 'Final Solution', in which over 6,000,000 Jews were systematically murdered, one has to question the judgement of any person or company, let alone a German one, to have a desire to be even loosely affiliated with one of the worst episodes of history, which started inside Germany. Germany takes this so seriously that in some cases they will prosecute individuals or groups that use certain Nazi imagery, such as the swastika.

For a little more context, consider that Jake Angeli, the Qanon Shaman, prominently features a Nazi Rune tattoo above his heart which is commonly associated with white supremacist groups. His costume also features Nordic imagery:

<Deleted photo>

Nordic imagery associated with Nazi/White supremacy movements

YT Bikes has consistentlt used Nordic imagery in a variety of its marketing themes, which is directly associated with Nazi Germany during WWII, when 6 million Jews were murdered by Hitler's forces who stole and adopted the Nordic symbols to help promote their twisted idea of white supremacy and fuel their destructive rampage on equality and democracy during WWII.

"The eruption of neo-Nazism and White Supremacy across the country has exposed the public to symbols, terms, and ideology drawn directly from Nazi Germany and Holocaust-era fascist movements. Some of those who attacked the US Capitol on January 6 were displaying neo-Nazi, antisemitic, and white supremacist symbols, several of which glorified the Holocaust.
The leaders of today’s Neo-Nazi and White Supremacist organizations are not Adolf Hitler, and America is not Germany, but, in order to understand their agenda, it is vital to understand the history of these code words, symbols, and ideologies."

German YT owner smiling next to Nordic themed imagery on a garage door while showing off his Nordic themed tattoos. https 2009 07 norse-runic-third-reich-symbols

YT Bikes again using Nordic imagery horns on a T shirt commemorating the Mont Saint Anne World Cup downhill race. https amp s news amp Strange-costumes-of-Capitol-rioters-echo-the-15895613.php

Nordic themed tattoos mixed with violence

The owner of YT Bikes, Marcus Flossmann, even has a personal tattoo featuring Nordic imagery, which he has actually chosen to associate with violence by applying a tear under the left eye, which is usually associated with the idea of murdering another inmate while spending time in prison. Interesting way for a German to express his high aspirations with a personal tatt:

Close-up shot of the German YT owners Nordic themed tattoo. https en americas 20210108-white-supremacist-symbols-us-capitol

YT Bikes and women's racing

YT has the most non existent presence in women's racing of any major mountain bike manufacturer. Consider that the company calls its racing team 'The YT Mob', and YT never included a female athlete on its roster the entire time it existed. They currently sponsor exactly zero ews female athletes, confirming their advertised attitude that trail riding is a male sport where women don't belong. They gave Valli Holli minor support for a few years when she was a bargain, but as soon as she wanted to actually get paid YT said no thanks.

The overall company image

Taken as a whole, YT's advertising shows a clear and consistent pattern of offensive and questionable behavior that should offend anybody who cares about how women are presented and treated, equality, and social justice. YT''s clear alignment with nationalist imagery, MAGA/Qanon culture, misogynistic themes, the objectification of women, violence, and Nazi symbols is impossible to deny. Unless you own a YT or don't like any controversy in the bike industry which criticizes people's favorite brands cause it might make them uncomfortable. Hypocrite cowards.

YT's Bikes marketing choices make it pretty clear what kind of people run this company, the questionable values they adhere to, and the sometimes awful images they choose to affiliate themselves with. It shows a clear lack of judgement.

<Deleted photo>

There is no value to the bicycle industry in this type of offensive marketing.


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