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Feb 19, 2015 at 13:28
by Cameron Zink  
Cam Zink

bigquotesYou're born, you take shit. You get out in the world, you take more shit. You climb a little higher, you take less shit. Then you climb so high you forget what shit even looks like. Welcome to the Layer Cake, son. - line from the movie, Layer Cake

That's a quote from one of my favourite movies, Layer Cake. I like it, but I don't completely agree with it. I like the idea of progressing and growing as a person, but I don't agree with people being so powerful that they can't take shit from anyone.

Throughout the different highs and lows in life, especially after you get out in the world and take some shit, your true desires and goals will come out. And hopefully to fruition. Through the meandering of figuring out one's self, the most important information that can be learned is what truly makes us happy; however, it is never just as simple as that. In a normal society we must eat, do our best to put a roof over our heads and provide a life greater than we could ever have hoped to live for our children. I know that I work harder to give my daughter a better life than I ever have for myself. These complications make the simple pursuit of happiness a little more, well, complicated.

The endless arrays of happiness are purely personal and can change as quickly as our moods. My goal has always been to resort to my purest goals, which were spawned from a time when we were all in our most purest form; childhood. We all really want to just be kids forever, but growing up tends to clog our perception of what morals really matter to our genetic self. We grow, we learn and love as much as we can and it would be a slap in the face to the amazing life we have been fortunate enough to be living to not spend our whole life striving to live them out. So in the end it is all about compiling your childhood goals, furthering the human race, providing a better life for our children, living true to your truest morals, achieving, and having fun. The most fun part of figuring out what truly matters to you and makes you happy is that you can accomplish everything that is expected of you and everything that you expect of yourself while having fun like a little kid forever! Achieving new goals, constantly growing, and just figuring things out is incredibly fun. Whether it is finally getting switch 720s, writing yourself your first paycheck from your own company, or watching your kid crawl for the first time, it is all an incredible joy of the deepest form through a catalyst of an infinite number of mediums. Most of mine and the people reading just happen to experience the majority of these things somehow related to the mountain bike. It is endless; it is up to you to figure out what works for you because in the end you are the only one who is to blame, the only one who can help yourself, and the only one who can truly make you happy.

Cam Zink

I love writing because it is a form of nostalgia that forces me to think more fondly of the past and provides a fantasy that I can express some knowledge and hopefully help someone who takes the time to read what I can muster up. The other somewhat selfish reason that I love the most is that I learn a lot about myself while writing. We waste our days being constantly stimulated by all the screens we plug in every night, and filling up our whole day with nonsense in between all the hustling that we must do to prosper. That is one of the most addictive parts of riding is the fun you can have while getting away from it all. Time to have some peace and unwind. I've been writing articles since I was 19. I started out with an article in Decline and taking the time to sit down and write has always helped me learn about myself and why I do what I do and why I ride the way I ride.

So why do I force myself to huck off of cliffs that I never thought were possible? It's pretty obvious that it is because it makes you feel alive. Gambling, achieving, progressing and the rewards are all fun. Not that I am bored because I will keep doing what I am doing as long as my body allows me to, but we all need more. We should constantly be asking ourselves after each accomplishment, “Ok, what now?” Living up to your potential is one of the most gratifying and fun things in the world; when you see a drop that lines up right and is bigger than anything you have ever straight aired, you might as well flip it! Potential is about taking every opportunity, hidden or blatant, and squeezing it for everything it is worth. Everyone has the opportunity to progress, grow and have a bitchin' time along the way. You have to keep your eyes open and forget about all the hardships you had to sift through to get there. Laughter and happiness are the best medicines? Well it is also the best way to progress and work hard.

Cam Zink

I was given the opportunity to ride for YT Industries this year and I thought that it was about as good as it gets. After all the bad experiences with bike brands over the years I have finally found my home. It is a company unlike any other and they just so happen to be making the best bikes on the planet. Righteous. So it was pretty obvious that they planned on expanding to North America in their hiring of me to ride for them. YT is a consumer direct bike brand that can sell the best bikes in the world to the customer, sometimes for half of what competitors can because there is no middle man and the savings are passed on directly to the consumer. So with no distributors, expanding would not be as simple as running it through a simple third party distributor. YT's forward thinking found that a franchise model was the best way to take control of North America like George Washington and the Revolutionary Army.

Who would do it? When the opportunity struck, I made sure it was my brother and I, that's who!

Every YT Industries bike sold in North America will come directly from our offices in Reno, Nevada and carry a warranty serviceable from the same location.

Being a professional mountain biker for over 12 years has shown me a lot of inspiring things and has grown me as a person exponentially. I have met a lot of brilliant business minds that I would have never had the chance to meet had I not ridden for their company or the company they represent. They inspire me and open up a world of opportunity to bring out my Dad's entrepreneurship that is buried inside me somewhere. The way I have ridden my bike since I was a kid is a full commitment strategy that had helped me with everything I have done. Committing to a plan and not giving up is key in business just as it is in riding. There is no way to be 100% sure about succeeding, but the only way to be 100% sure to fail is to half ass it. We are going into this new market for YT full throttle.

However, this in no way shape or form will be my resignation from riding, or even slowing down, it's the formal announcement that Mountain Biking in North America is about to change.

Cam Zink

A lot of people will be pissed off that better bikes will be sold for a fraction of the price. We all take part in e-commerce, and as water always finds the easiest and simplest way to flow downhill, e-commerce is taking over because it is the most efficient and economical way; the future. Tesla is pissing off the world by selling their cars directly online and all the while literally breaking the machines that the department of road safety tests cars with, in the safest cars ever produced. They are selling a better car at a better price, directly to you.

Mountain biking needs professional quality bikes at entry level prices and the top end bicycles can't be the same price as a top level motorcycle.

It's like a divine intervention of the industry, checking and balancing it, not just on the financial level; YT brings the image and marketing that no American bike brand is brave enough to promote along with a ridiculous list of achievements including Dirt Magazine's DH Bike of the Year, two years running, and Dirt's Enduro Bike of the Year.

YT riders

Cam and his YT Tues 2.0 in 2014

Every sport, even surfing, has brands with politics and a fa-sad of a cool, core and nonchalant image. Many companies spend a lot of money and effort to appear that they don't have money. That they are authentic while hiring the cool kids to run their campaigns. Most are trying to copy authenticity. With enough money, even without integrity, brands can get you to believe pretty much anything. But there is still authenticity in this world and brands that are real- real, living breathing brands that wreak of a bitchin sense of what they are all about, ran by people that also live and breath the brand. YT represents living an amazing life filled with Good Times. Passion is the most important ingredient to anything great. It is with passion that work feels like play and great ideas are grown; not made up.

Cam Zink and his YT Industries Dirt Love

Big companies often become complacent with minimal innovation and progression that comes from a bureaucratic way of doing business when the majority of time, money and effort is spent on fooling the people and cheating the system. The efforts main focus can't be just running the business nor doing so from the outside in with the outdated traditional models of business. A bike brand will flourish when motivated and passionate people are given an opportunity to create. The brand is built from the inside, with heart and creates it's own beating heart. When the brand builds steam, gains valuable budgets, it is more important than ever to stay true to it's roots and values. The greatest leaps in innovation come from a brand with money to fund the amazing ideas from the amazing people that are the brand. It all goes to shit if you think you are too powerful to take shit from anyone; shit keeps us humble.

The V4L linkage design was born at YT, and designed by Stefan Willard, former engineer of many endeavors on his resume including designing Mercedes AMG chassis; a man who cares about Mountain Bikes nearly as much as air. Outside the box thinking, without a bureaucratic atmosphere to limit it's greatness or any of their amazing advancements for that matter. Everything they do is for the purpose of creating the greatest Mountain Bikes on the planet at the lowest price, yet focusing on promoting neither. The purpose of the best bike is to offer the best experience possible, and the price is to offer it to as many people as possible. The new YT Capra has Enduro Bike of the Year wrapped up by many medias of the world and traditionally costs 60% less than inferior competitors. That just means “Good Times” for less cash.

YT Capra Carbon

The YT Capra Carbon

Even though they have the most cutting edge image in the Mountain Bike industry and numerous bike owners walking around with permanent YT tattoos, YT is becoming the best selling gravity bikes in Europe first and foremost, by making amazing bikes. Period. On top of the best bikes in the world, you say I can get them for a nearly half of anything close to comparable? Even better.

I have been pushing my limits to bring Young Talent to North America because I believe in it. It will be the best thing for the industry since SRAM killed the front derailleur.

They say if you enjoy what you do, you'll never work a day in your life and hopefully I'll be able to live like a kid even 10 years after I don't feel up for a flip-superman-seat-grab over a 60 foot double.

No matter how grown up your job is you can still be completely happy and stress free, which is pretty much being a kid forever.

Take an opportunity for everything it is worth because everyone has opportunities to progress.


MENTIONS: @YTIndustries @SramMedia @deityusa @kendatire @troyleedesigns ( All YT bikes come with Sensus Grips now. @thesensus )

Cam Zink with his YT Original photo by Dan Severson

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 I enjoyed this article very much. I'm 48 and still don't know what I want to do when I grow up. But when what I was doing wasn't fun anymore I moved to something else. So many passions over the years but the bike was always one of them. Glad to see direct sales and good bikes a layman could get at a great price. The spec sheet for the Capra and under 3K is going to get noticed! Best of luck to you in this endeavor. I have always enjoyed watching you ride.

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