Scott Enduro Cup - Angel Fire Course Preview Video

Jun 7, 2017 at 14:19
by Enduro Cup  

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Angel Fire's defending champ Chris Boice tests the trails at his home mountain and prepares for Round 2 of the SCOTT Enduro Cup presented by Vittoria, June 10-11.

Scott Enduro Cup

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 Couple of nice French lines there.
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 "French lines"? Does that refer to all the corners in the "single track" where his 29er can't go around tight enough/fast enough so he just makes a new straighter section of trail for himself? Smile
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 @stiingya: "French lines" refers to "good lines." I'm also a coach if you need help learning how to spot the good line at Otero.
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 @TheTooth: Well I'm sure all my years of riding Otero have been a total waste not knowing where the "good lines" were at...

Admitidly AngelFire is a bike park, park lines should flow and obviously that guys a great rider. Just jumped out at me with the big wheels taking on downhill being such a topic of discussion of late and then seeing what looks like a course change to benefit a big wheel on what is said to be a Race Course Preview...?
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 "Enduro foul play" as Peaty would put it.
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 @stiingya: pretty sure those lines would be faster on a 26" as well. Straight = fast regardless of diameter.
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 @stiingya: the main point is that regardless of ability, regardless of wheel size, and regardless of venue there are lines you ride and lines you race. Setting up corners is just good racing although you point of it being a single track trail is relevant. The main difference between the rider and you is a matter of perspective. The trail is just seen with a different lens.
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 @TheTooth: It looks like more than just deciding on what line to ride? It looks like the guy almost swaps over to another trail section or something? But IDK? Maybe it was a pretty common complaint that it was too twisty right there and it killed speed and ruined the flow so it got changed? Maybe that's a "trail nexus" and there is just more than one way through? It's private land, so maybe they don't care if people are modifying the trail? I assume before the race that they flagged the course, so maybe that section was OK to ride and race just as he did.. maybe that's actually the "correct" way through that section? I admit, mostly I was just talking shit because of all the 29er DH stuff at the time...

For sure a racer is looking for the best line, the fastest way down the track. But they can't CHANGE the track? (or I guess I haven't heard of a "race" that it was OK to do so???)
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 @bikekrieg: You miss the point... would you take the turns out of a dual slalom course so you could go faster straight down the hill?
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 @stiingya: If you built a dual slalom course so going in a straight line is fastest then you did it wrong. If there was a slalom course where taking inside lines was fastest, then you better believe the racers would take them.
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 I thought this was a "course preview"???
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 Does angelfire have proper steepness? Terrain looks somewhat interesting, but any footage I've seen really doesn't look like it had much pitch.

I know it's a relative term...but I'm used to very steep tech
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 depends, off the top it's not, but the further you get down there's some properly steep sections throughout. It'as always hard to judge on video.
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 It has some properly steep trails but they almost never use them for races there. The rest of the trails aren't crazy steep but the speed is super high and the rocks are relentless.
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 @LavenderGooms: cool thanks...maybe one day I'll visit!
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 @Klainmeister: Upper chillin and upper supreme are both off the top. They are the steepest trails there.
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 @xfoxracing12x: errr, you are correct. For some reason I always come in after the liason and don't think of them as the top.
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 @Purpledragonslayer I have not been to Whistler yet but I live at Angel Fire Bike Park and it is quite an awesome place!
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 I've got to get out there!
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 How is AngelFire? My mate says it shits on Whistler.
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 That depends on what you like. Whistler is giant compared to Angelfire. Angelfire is fun and is alpine versus the coastal feel to whistler.
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 I think it's the best bike park in America, although I haven't been to highland which I hear is pretty mint. It's kinda out of the way, so its never crowded like Whistler or even other parks in Colorado. Super cheap, super fun, pretty great scenery, and the trails are top notch. I usually go once or twice a year and love it every time.
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 @b1k35c13nt15t: thanks for the perspective comparo
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 Always a favorite. So stoked to go back.
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