A Long, Long Day: EWS Course Preview - Crankworx Whistler 2017

Aug 11, 2017 at 23:46
by Enduro World Series  

Ric McLaughlin takes on the epic Whistler course at Crankworx. Five long, brutal stages including the longest EWS stage to date at over 9km—it looks like racers are in for one of the rowdiest events yet on these iconic trails.

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 "Whaaaat?.....Just NO"

Thanks Ric for accurately speaking on behalf of 99.99% of the MTB population!
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 Haha, I say that every time I ride up to that on that drop on Wizard Burial Ground. Looking forward to seeing the top guys air that tomorrow.
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It's pretty straightforward as a roll tbh
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 @kevin267: yup but the way the top riders will approach that will make all of us punters look like grandma
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 "Dust and Rocks Dust and Rocks Dust and Rocks" "I'm really struggling to make sense of this" "Whaaaat... Just No"
My type of commentary 10/10
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flag hrv (Aug 12, 2017 at 12:19) (Below Threshold)
 fuck yeah, this about MTB not about complaining!!! we want tracy all the way!!!
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flag poozank (Aug 12, 2017 at 15:59) (Below Threshold)
 That second rockwork orange trail did look like shit design to be fair
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 @poozank: A rockwork orange is by far and away my favourite trail in Whistler. It's not as fast as Top of the world but the trail is unreal
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 @poozank: As a visitor to Whistler Rockwork Orange blew me away as a trail. Tough, tech, and inspired in how to use the landscape. The whole west side of the valley in that area has some pretty amazing trails.
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 Hats off to your man.

"It doesn't help that I have the upper body strength of Mr. Tickle after a bad case of food poisoning."
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 He didn't come across as whingeing to me. Sounded more like he was trying to get across how brutal of a day it was going to be.
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 It was a perfect summary how how every day rides would get on
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 Haha complaining about the climb to Billy's....Imagine he actually did the climb up to Howler. Much respect to those racing and as a local, can confirm, that's a huge day !
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 I was thinking "He's complaining about the Billy climb, wait till they start up to Howler". Rick got off easy.
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 @adrock-whistler: he did go up 27 switchback which is a hitch of a climb. I always go up the roost to Billys.
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 I think Ric channeled my inner monologue from every time I've ridden in Whistler. Having ridden many of those trails and knowing the area, that is one huge day on the bike. Loved when he said "...just no". I've unfortunately said that a few times before standing on top of a feature in Whistler looking down upon it. Getting it together and just riding down after that is hugely satisfying.
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 Brutal! Now please put someone with a camera on that "Whaaaat... Just No" section! I wanna see the carnage! Big Grin
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 I will be there.. clicking away..
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 Watch Tippie "In Between the Tape". Shows that section done fast and slow.
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 Wow! Props to everyone racing that, but ESPECIALLY to those who aren't getting paid to do it.
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 That course is absolutely savage.
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 Just no" is going to be my motto on the uber gnarly from now on. Thanks Ric.
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 Rode stage 1 this week. Amazing stage with Ride Don t Slide being probably the best raw single track i have ever done. Good luck to all the racers.
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 think i'll be heading to pnw on a holiday instead after watching this...
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 Wow what a track. Going to be some awesome riding
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 those are kind "psychological trails",no flow,bike wants to stall all the time,dusty,hot,steep and 2,5 hours of fire road pedal?
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 Flats look like they would my choice here..and I normally run clips
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 EWS and No rain?! This cannot be...
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 It's in the forecast. Just enough to help tack up the trails and hopefully clear some smoke from the air.

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 stoked and afraid for my future self at whistler in Sept
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 riders!! make sure you replace the brake pads before every stage!!
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 "She is really hungry" ... hahaha Big Grin we all know that problem
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 Looks tough!
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 "If you've got four arms or sawn-off shotguns like Richie rude." I know he's strong, but I didn't know he had four arms.
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 "...forearms the size of sawed off shotguns, just Richie Rude does". Makes it make a lot more sense :-D
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