Enduro World Series Signs TV deal and Announces New Presenters

Mar 1, 2017 at 1:37
by Enduro World Series  
Crowds line the canyon section at Enduro World Series Round 5 in Valberg France

The Enduro World Series (EWS) is delighted to announce it’s coming to a TV screen near you thanks to a new partnership with IMG for mainstream television distribution of its race highlight shows. IMG are one of the world’s largest distributors of sports media and so will be able to bring enduro to a whole new TV audience across the globe. The three-year deal will see the EWS create a 24-minute highlight show from each of this year’s races exclusively for IMG distribution, as well as an end of season round up video.

bigquotesEnduro is a sport that is going from strength to strength and growing in popularity around the world. The Enduro World Series is the flagship enduro contest series in the world so we are delighted to forge a partnership with them to help bring this iconic series to viewers around the world.Adam Kelly, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, IMG Media

These new IMG shows will be in addition to the online videos produced at every round by the in-house EWS team and in partnership with Pinkbike. This year’s Pinkbike shows will undergo a bit of a transformation, with some more tech-focused content and two new presenters. Ric McLaughlin, who viewers will recognise from UCI Downhill World Cup coverage, will head up the presenting team. And joining him at select European rounds will be none other than Tracy Moseley, three-time Enduro World Champion and one of the most decorated mountain bikers in the sport.

Ric McLaughlin is the new EWS presenter for 2017

bigquotesI'm really looking forward to working with everyone involved with the Enduro World Series. I've followed the racing for the last couple of years and have always been impressed with what the team have produced from the events. I'm now just looking forward to getting to New Zealand and getting started!Ric McLaughlin

Tracy Moseley being interviewed after winning the 2016 Ireland EWS - in 2017 she ll be on the other side of the camera for EWS presenting duties.

bigquotesI’m excited to be back at a few Enduro World Series races this year and looking forward to viewing the racing from the other side of the tape this time. It’s been great to see the series grow year on year and now with more TV coverage I hope I can help this great sport reach more people and inspire more people to get out on their bikes.Tracy Moseley

The Enduro World Series kicks off its 2017 season next month with the Giant Toa Enduro at Crankworx Rotorua in New Zealand. With 31 teams and a record 43 nationalities taking part, the fifth year of the Enduro World Series looks to be the biggest yet.

bigquotesWe’re incredibly excited to be partnering with IMG for distribution of our new TV Highlights shows. It’s great to see how much the sport’s fan base has grown around the world in the last few years. This new partnership is the natural next step, expanding enduro’s reach even further and bringing it to a whole new and wider global audience. Having Ric and Tracy heading up the presenting is another exciting development and I can’t wait to get to Rotorua and get the season underway.Chris Ball, Managing Director, Enduro World Series

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I look forward to be it broadcast 3 weeks after each race @ 2am on some obscure channel peppered with advertisements.

Say what you want about Red Bull House Media, but they deliver where it counts.

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flag ratedgg13 (Mar 1, 2017 at 3:37) (Below Threshold)
 When the redbull media player actually works that is...
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 Most races happen at 2AM Australian time...
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 @darkmuncan Yeah, what is with that!? Couldn't sleep last night so turned on the TV at about 3am. Gillette World Sports and Mobil 1 The Grid were on. Two awesome sports shows full of rallying, GT racing, snowboarding, rock climbing and a ton more cool shit.

Why the hell are these shows on at such ungodly hours!?

Used to be the same with Transworld Sports.

Who watches stuff at this time of the morning?
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 @Paluzas: And we stay up and watch it Smile
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 ...Or worse. The rampage was replayed on NBCsports a few times, but the 2 hour program hardly showed any riding. Mostly interviews, words from sponsors, and highlights. You only got to watch a few runs from top to bottom.

What bothers me is that if they're putting it out there for the person NOT in the MTB loop to view for the first time and he/she sees it displayed in a poor manner like that, then they're more likely to think the sport is boring and less exciting than it really is... Not something we need for our sport; if they're going to do it, I just hope they do it right and don't cut corners!
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 yep, if it isnt live, it wont have success IMO
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 @shaun-ridefast-michael: just so you know, mtn biking sucks, the trails are crowded and Brian lopes left ZERO parking spaces. You should really take up curling it's the real deal
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 @excavator666: Nobody, you're supposed to set your recorder. Alternatively, homesick Australians.
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 @excavator666: apparently, you do.
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 @ratedgg13: you need to get an Apple TV. It comes with a built in RedBull channel. I bought the cheapest one just for redbullTV (couldn't get it to work on my PC either) for $80 and never looked back ;-)
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 Not if you saw their sorry excuse for Dakar highlights, al hashtag this twitter that, In 15 min show they showed 35 seconds of bikes. No lie I timed it. All they're good for is showing other people's stuff.
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 @lexylea: Seems there's a gap in the market based on sporadic bouts of insomnia that isn't being properly capitalised on.
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 Does IMG web stream content for those of us who've 'cut the cable' long ago? I hope to get to see these shows.
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 i don't know but want to know!
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 @charles0210: This is a real big question! Hope to see them as well, but not really interested in sitting in front of the TV to do so...stream it
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 IMG will produce the show but they will still have to sell that content to a network for broadcast or streaming. From my quick I can't find any info who the final broadcaster/streamer will be.

IMG currently produce a roadie show called InCycle, which I believe in Australia was shown on SBS.
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 @TOU93: @TOU93: SBS is usually pretty good for cycling.

SBS will be broadcasting and streaming live online the following Spring Classics:

Tour of Flanders Sunday, 2 April
Paris-Roubaix Sunday, 9 April
Amstel Gold Sunday, 16 April
Liege-Bastogne-Liege Sunday, 23 April
Eschborn-Frankfurt Monday, 1 May

Details TBA as we get closer to race day.

SBS will be broadcasting and streaming live online the following stage races:

Amgen Tour of California 11 - 20 May
Critérium du Dauphiné 4 - 11 June
Tour de France 1 - 23 July
Vuelta a Espana 19 August - 10 September

Details TBA as we get closer to race day.

Other events with live TV, streaming and highlights

Cycling Australia Track National Championships
Absa Cape Epic
UCI MTB World Championships
UCI Road World Championships
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 Tracy is there so that she can interview the riders as they are shredding the downhill sections. She is easily fast enough to do the same while holding a microphone in one hand.
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 Dang, T-Mo as presenter sounds fantastic! Skills, experience, knowledge of the courses, riding and people... sounds like a real winner to me!
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flag lee-vps-savage (Mar 1, 2017 at 5:10) (Below Threshold)
 And strangely attractive... Anyone? No? Big Grin
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 Who's the other guy?
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 Will this be a America only thing? Or will it be on mainstream TV in Europe aswell
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 I've found their website (www.img.com) and they seem pretty global so I hope so. The BBC have recently used them so I presume that as a company they have UK links? It may be an English language version is aired somewhere over here, presumably on some obscure Sky channel...?

I hope that they remain inclusive with the Spanish versions, etc, to maintain that global appeal too.
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 richard cunynghame not wanted anymore?
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 I think he was eating too many teabags to carry on.
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 @murfio: I have heard that he's been put on a diet of nicorette tabs and decaffeinated tea bags. Hopefully he will make a full recovery.
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 I think he moved onto a more fashion oriented show.
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 @murfio: thats a 20 year old Sprung memory!!
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 @murfio: "I'm Richard Cunynghame, tea bag eater"
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 I'd rather see Richard presenting
  • 6 2
 @matadorCE: Than tea bagging?
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 @matadorCE: rich was a dope presenter, sad to not see him again
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 @funkzander: I agree - I think he did a good job presenting.
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 Thanks to those of you asking about me (and those taking the piss!). Just to clarify, after three years on the series, rather than do a fourth, I was more keen to move forward with some other projects. It seems most people were happy with the level I helped get the coverage to, which is always a good time to make a decision like that.
Also importantly, I’ve never touched nicorette tabs or decaffeinated tea bags and if anyone's needing a presenter for a fashion show, get in touch, I’d love to make a show about the New York Dolls clothes.
Best of luck to Ric and Tracy, they’re both lovely so I’m sure you’ll be entertained.
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 @Cunny: this makes me sad, I liked your presenting style and your stage previews. Much luck on your next venture and you'll be missed in the EWS vids for sure!
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 @Cunny: bummed to not see you presenting as well. I really enjoyed it and felt you brought the sport alive for me. Now ill have tp settle for replays.
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 @Cunny: I forgot about the *ag eating Big Grin
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 @Cunny: I was hoping that there'd be an announcement to follow, that you'd be rejoining Lord Warner - you two had a great commentary 'chemistry' (for want of a better term) and the DH has never been the same since you left. Good luck with whatever you do, and I hope to see you on screen again soon!
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 @Cunny: Add me to the list of 'sorry to see you go'. I've enjoyed your take on how to do it. The racing is the reason I watch, but always enjoyed your style of hosting.
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 Congratulations to those involved in EWS as this is a massive step forward in the sport reaching the wider public. Hopefully it will be successful and the expertise can be transferred over to downhill and getting it the recognition it deserves...
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 If managed well, EWS could end up being as significant as the UCI someday. In my opinion, the UCI has never been beneficial to mountain biking. So the rise of EWS is something I'd love to see.
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 Only few country will have the chance to see a highlight of the race. Old days was better, every citizens of the world (except maybe North Korea) could watch a free edit on pinkbike, now it's over. But I unterstand EWS, it's good for the sport because it's a new sponsor and TV generate lot of money.
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 With the TV deal not being with RedBull most of us can agree we will just forget that EWS signed a deal with someone... So let's move along from that useless news.

All I care about is that the highlight packages that we get on PB are showcasing more racing than the year before. They talk about focusing on more tech stuff but I don't want that in my highlight package. If it's only going to be 25 mins long I don't really wanna hear about how many tokens someone is running or if so and so is testing new tires... Leave that stuff to the written Pit Bits articles.

I am really curious to know why a RedBull deal hasn't been made. Even if it were to still be race day highlights/ tech talk for let's say 45 minutes and still not live race day coverage I'd still be happy.
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 Agreed, no place for anything in a highlights show than riding and lots of it, and a few interviews maybe. Keep the tech out of it thanks.
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 I don't care if they air it on TV...that's good for the sport and all but the only thing I want to know now is will we still be seeing the same type of coverage and articles here at Pinkbike just like last season..
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 Still think Cunny should be kept on board, he was part of what made pinkbikes coverage so good
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 I hope we still get the 30ism minute recap videos those are prime.
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 Just thinking about a rainbow jersey. If it doesn't go with the UCI then that's fine, I still think it'll be bigger then the World Cup in a few years.
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 Yeah and I think I once read that she listens to jazz too. How cool can she get??
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 For every 5 minutes of racing footage , 10 minutes of dip shit announcer commentary, and 10 minutes of commercials, can't wait!
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 This is T-mo, not friggin Brad J....
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 This will be like 5Th gear always was to top gear, downhill is the topgear of the mtb world, fast paced and exciting, enduro will be boring people talking about interval stats and torque outputs for hours on end, T-mo was always super boring in her dh interviews, as a commentator I don't hold out too much hope, she needs to stick to riding really fast.
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 Greeeeat....but if its not on Netflix or Amazon Prime then how will I watch?
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 Tracy is such an intelligent and well spoken ambassador for mountain biking, this is a great move.
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 What is TV?
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 will the Uk get this or will it be US driven?
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 They should consider doing something like Facebook Live Stream during the events.
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 Get Claudio
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