Sam Hill Announces 2017 Plans: EWS Round 7: Valberg, France

Sep 15, 2016 at 23:48
by Enduro World Series  
When Sam Hill announced that he would be missing the final downhill World Cup in favour of the last two rounds of the Enduro World Series, it got many people talking about what lies ahead for one of the greatest riders the sport has ever seen. Ahead of the penultimate Enduro World Series event in Valberg, France, Richard Cunynghame gets the lowdown from the Australian legend.

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 Sam Hill won back to back World Cups in 2014 and placed 4th overall on an aluminum 26" bike, which proved to the world he still had it. With his huge shoulder injury in off season training which took him out most of 2015, then seeing the same old tracks year after year, and then having the responsibility of raising a family... I am glad he is making the decision to do what he wants with his life.
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 dat absolutely reasonable, measured response.
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 hear, hear!
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 I think he just secured himself a good job for the fam, I imagine that mega sales will pick up some
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 @schlockinz: I know this year the Megas first drop sold out on pre-order and pretty much all 2016 stock is gone with them waiting for the 2017 model so Nukeproof better ramp up production on these things!
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 He love riding his bike....that said, he is truly lucky to have his passion be his livelihood.
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flag TomFoolery (Sep 16, 2016 at 6:37) (Below Threshold)
 It seems my wish for LESS Enduro coverage on pb just went up in smoke. Oh well. Sam's gonna crush it.
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 @TomFoolery: I want MORE Enduro coverage. But more importantly, BETTER Enduro coverage. It's super exciting for some of the reasons Sam laid out. EWS and media outlets have to do a better job of delivering this to the public. The sens of adventure inherently in Enduro is what draws many of us. Baby steps, I guess.
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 @TomFoolery: you want less mountain biking on pinkbike? I know you know, like most I hope. Enduro is just what we're calling it now.

(Get a bike ride up)+(take same bike ride down as fast as your capable, able and willing down hill)= mountain biking. AKA enduro.
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flag TomFoolery (Sep 16, 2016 at 7:02) (Below Threshold)
 @rrolly: It's the format that kills it. If they'd show each downhill leg and split times compared to the leader it may help.

I don't care who pedals up faster...
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flag bikeguide (Sep 16, 2016 at 7:04) (Below Threshold)
 @TomFoolery: agreed
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 @TomFoolery: I didnt think anybody in Enduro cared about who pedals up faster or am I missing something?
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 @TomFoolery: doesn't that seem like campaigning for a change to the way they run it seem like a better way to get more race coverage than banish it?
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 @rrolly: maybe all the enduro haters will have to suck it now that the DH poster child is full enduro
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flag amirazemi (Sep 16, 2016 at 7:36) (Below Threshold)
 wow that 26" bike sounds so damn old!!
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 @TomFoolery: I don't think you understand how it works.... The up stages aren't timed
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 @Racer951: touche
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 I agree with the first part of his comment.
How the coverage is currently is challenging for increasing the sports understanding (not that it's complicated) and the appreciations for strategy.

Maybe drones, cable cams and more sponsorship may help but it might also destroy the adventurous aspect of some of the races.

I also don't get his statement regarding the timed uphill. Maybe he was referring to the cut off times ?
Is there posted up hill times? I haven't noticed.
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flag TomFoolery (Sep 16, 2016 at 8:24) (Below Threshold)
 Pedaling is a key component of Enduro. It drives a big part of the bike design. (Which is a good thing btw) I'm not an Enduro hater and def not pushing to banish coverage. I'm just calling for balance. 7 in ten posts are about Enduro. its too much
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 Sam f*cking Hill on the hunt!!!!! Next season is gonna be off the hook!!!!!!
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 balance? dh season is over. rampage and hardline soon. what do ya wanna see? ebikes? ha
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 @TomFoolery: there's only 6 DH world cups next year. Going to be even less DH coverage.
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 @fullbug: E-bike racing sponsored by Master E-nergy
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flag lewismc (Sep 19, 2016 at 2:37) (Below Threshold)
 RIP Sam. Another one to the downhillers grave yard. I don't care who says enduro tracks are equally as hard if not harder than dh tracks enduro just isn't as fast or extreme. When the pro's get too old they retire to enduro because it's a bit easier. Maybe more demanding fitness wise but not the same 110% flat out and nearly die for your race runs. Enduro is like the "touch rugby" of downhill racing...

No disrespect to him he has to chill out at some point he is getting old and has a family now. It was nice watching him boss downhill but having watched him play "rugby" all these years I'm not that excited excited about watching him play "touch rugby" until full retirement.
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 @lewismc: Its Ok lewis, just pull those Sam Hill posters down from your bedroom wall and replace them with Danny Hart for a while, I am sure he wont lose as much sleep over it as you are ;-)
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 @lewismc: Don't be ignorant, lewis! No sh*t, they're not 4 minute dh courses though some of them look like they approach that level in terms of technicality. I can easily see why after 15 years of racing 4 minute tracks 8 times a year someone would want to mix it up.

And yes, the next gen is charging super hard and pushing the "older" guys like Sam out of the top rankings.

He's basically racing more dh now, just longer tracks and on an all-mtn bike. Also, you know his sponsors are tickled with this as the market for Mega sales is exponentially higher than Pulses.

Um...... plus he won over the weekend!

Sam Hill getting his second wind! F*ck yes!!!!
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 @WasatchEnduro: I could sfeel Sam Hills ssecond vind - Rene Wildhaber, September 2016
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 It's cool to see a guy like Sam Hill looking for new challenges. But, this also could be a call for the DH track builders to make more ''raw tracks'' instead of bikeparky ones. At least, I hope he stay on flat pedals!! hahahaha
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 I said this a month or so ago, some tracks are getting a little bike-park when they could be much more (Leogang) and some of the tracks are the same year in year out (Fort William)

In reality though I am not so sure it is really true - next year does have Lourdes, Andorra and Vai di Sole on the calendar - VDS especially is definately a 'real' rough / natural DH trail and Lourdes and Andorra are no bike park. Variety is something we need to have over the year to show the best overall DH racer so a bit of everything is welcome.

Sam in his peak would have smashed the current DH seasons tracks - As he says I think 15 years of DH has him burned out with it, and tracks are leaning to the bike park way rather than towards tracks like Champery while the EWS seems to be full of natural, multi-line fresh racing - La thuile looked amazing.

Be good to see how Sam gets on in 2017, maybe Richie will have some actual competiton!
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 @Racer951: Don't forget Mont-Sainte-Anne, the mother of all WC DH tracks, still pretty gnarly! Smile
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 @Racer951: I agree with you for the most part. VDS seemed great with a lot of new sections and I'm sure Sam would have done well there if selected. I know Andorra, MSA and Fort William are gnarly, but they remain pretty unchanged much of the time, it's still great to watch, but I'd like to see completely new venues added every year. Remember Meribel? It was amazing. There have to be more venues out there.
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 I think it says a lot about the horrible UCI. Same tracks year after year, less and less rounds every year. I'm sure for a guy like Sam, who's been around forever, it gets very stale. Especially with a new series, more stops, brand new course. Can't blame the guy.
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 @sicmoto: Yea good point, I made that point about Fort William but Andorra and MSA are also pretty much un-changed each year - Fort William seems to be unchanged forever!

I think Leogang was the most dissapointing this year, bet it was fun to ride but not something to test the worlds best on the equipment available now - it would be great to see some new venues like the EWS does - they go to some amazing and new places.
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flag russthedog (Sep 16, 2016 at 5:01) (Below Threshold)
 please, if you think the majority of tracks are bikeparky then you havent been paying attention:
April 9-10: (DHI) Lourdes, France - not bikepark. Raw, natural, awesome. Raced once before?
April 23-24: (DHI/XCO) Cairns, Australia - not bikepark. Ghetto jungle. Raced once in recent times
June 4-5: (DHI) Fort William, Scotland - not bikepark. A classic, deserves to be in.
June 11-12: (DHI) Leogang, Austria - If you read what most riders say this year it wasnt really bikepark. However it is in a bikepark so point scored. Raced fairly regulaly in recent times
July 9-10: (XCO/DHI) Lenzerheide, Switzerland - in a bikepark. Rough and fast, cant remember any complaints about bikeparkiness much? Raced once before
August 6-7: (XCO/DHI) Mont-Sainte-Anne, Canada - see Fort William
August 20-21 (XCO) Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - lol
September 3-4 (XCO/DHI) Vallnord, Andorra - Not bike park, raw and technical and rough. Raced semi regularly in recent times
September 6-11: (DHI/4X) UCI World Championships, Val di Sole, Italy - I think you get the point. Fairly regularly raced though, but its awesome.

In addition most of the tracks arent the same each year - they route it a different way and make considerable changes.

Im a Sam Hill fan, but honestly I think he is just past it in WC DH and uses that as an excuse. Three or four years ago it would have been a legit claim, not anymore sorry. Its fair to say he gets enjoyment out of the new tracks at the EWS, ut i think to crititcise the WC DH tracks is a little disingenious.

Knowing a little about him though, Id say he hasnt thought about it too much; wants a win/ can get better results/ likes new tracks/ doing badly at DH/ unlikely to win unless he tries really hard/ all boils down to EWS.
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 @russthedog: I kind of agree with you. Everyone is now trashing the DH circuit based on what Sam said here but I think it would be silly to believe that it's not largely based on his results. He wouldn't be getting tired of DH if he was still posting good results.

It's like the chicken or the egg argument. Is he doing well at EWS because he is super stoked on it? Or is he super stoked on Enduro because he realized he can still post good results there?

To me it's likely a combo of both. And that's fine. Guy is a legend in the sport with nothing to prove to anyone, he can do what he wants. But let's not act like it's simply because of all these things that are now wrong with DH.
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 @russthedog: Not sure if that is directed at me but I did say this initally:

"In reality though I am not so sure it is really true - next year does have Lourdes, Andorra and Vai di Sole on the calendar - VDS especially is definately a 'real' rough / natural DH trail and Lourdes and Andorra are no bike park. Variety is something we need to have over the year to show the best overall DH racer so a bit of everything is welcome"

I think perhaps one of the gripes is the lack of change, especially with a small amount of races in the season. An 8-10 race season would be great with 2 completely new venues each year to keep things fresh but I suppose logistics and money come into play there, maybe have 2 races in the USA one weekend after the other and the same in Europe - Both areas definately have the tracks available.
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 @russthedog: Yea the schedule is good, but it could 100% be massively improved. I don't think he's past it, 2014 wasn't long ago and he smoked Brosnan in La Thuile. It's kind of a Bryceland situation, probably not willing to take the risks he needs to take in order to win because he isn't having much fun anymore. Who knows, its all speculation. For the record I still love watching WC DH.
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 He said himself. He's just bored of it. People's champ. Keep on trucking!
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 Bye bye lenzerheide in 2018... VERBIER is coming and this IS a dh track ...
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 It seems there is confusion as to how race venues gets chosen. Of course, the UCI wants a good tracks that riders like, but more importantly, they want a organizing venue to do a good job. The UCI doesn't organize the individual races, those are the responsibility of the people who are hosting them.
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 @WayneParsons: It is the responsibility of the host venues to pay one million euros into the UCI's bank account.
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 DH tracks should step it up, its all the same thing for 15 years or so! It should be like Enduro is doing. Raw, natural trails, tight. Not highways 4 meters wide, berms everywhere, almost straight crazy rough sections. Val di Sole for exemple is a proper track in most of the time.

I think that, be a top level guy in WC DH is more simple now that 10 years ago, because now you just have to know how to ride a bike fast, and dont have to bother that much learning the trail, the lines, the braking zones etc. because its the same all the years. The guys looks like machines hitting marks. Thats why i would love to see a WC in a track that no one knows, and just doing 2 or 3 runs max of practice, because i think that we will see very changes in classification, top guys not doing so well, some "average" finishers maybe doing very well.

Thats why i thing Hill is doing good at the EWS, it needs raw/ natual talent.
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 @tiagofernandex: Like machines hitting marks. Good analogy.
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 @tiagofernandex: the UCI doesn't build trails.
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 I think the tracks have been for the most part proper this year. maybe a couple bike parkish places but thats cool gotta have a bit of everything. The last couple years where a different story tho
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 @WayneParsons: But they choose it right?
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 @tiagofernandex: I don't think you could ever create what people call a proper DH track and expect racers to go full on with only 2-3 practice runs. That would be ridiculous IMO. I mean take a track like we just saw in Val Di Sole, and imagine riders having never seen it before, trying to race it after only a couple of practice runs. That would be downright dangerous and likely make for some terrible racing as no one would be able to go all out.

Bottom line is you you can make the DH tracks more difficult, and also expect riders to ride it almost blind.
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 @sino428: that was just an example to prove the point that DH nowadays is like "automatic" riding, instead of raw/ natural riding!
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 @tiagofernandex: Yes, but as I said, that's only one part of the whole package. They need people to organize the race. You could have a mediocre track but a really good organizing crew, so they would get the nod. If only the criteria was to have a solid track and not much else, then the series would probably be completely different.

The venue also has to be close to a town/city and thus an airport. Lots of great riding areas don't fall within those few guidelines.

I'm not defending the UCI but as a former race co-organizer, there is a lot more to it than just blaming on them.
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 @Racer951: we some old classic downhills, no shityy bike parks
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 @jaame: Spot on. I live in the US, Colorado. I know people who work for Vail and a few other of the big ski resorts/bike parks. All of them pretty much have said the executives have zero interest in paying the tremendous fees the UCI demands. They don't need the money or promotion. The ski season makes them plenty, bikes are just a token summer add on. Several have hosted Enduro World Series or Big Mountain Enduro series races. They get the same promotion/exposure for way less money.
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 This year's track selection seemed pretty gnarly to me.
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 @tiagofernandex: Lol, have you raced dh?

One thing we all agree on is the schedule should be longer, six traces next year is ridiculous.
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 @russthedog: does anyone know what the deal with the six race schedule is? It has to do with lenzerheide not having a DH race for whatever reason. If you Google there are some older releases that have a DH there along with the XC. It was also originally reported that they has a contract in place for World Cups in 2015, 2016, and 2017 along with the world Champs in 2018. Not much info out there about what changed.
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 I wonder if there is a law somewhere regarding terminology and marketing.

I feel the term "world cup" is misleading with only six races on two continents.

Not exactly "world" is it?
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 I would love for some more races in North America. We have the terrain, but sadly, not many who want to foot the bill to host a world cup.

FYI, Sun peaks came this > close to having a WC DH. We also came really close to having a WC XC right in Kamloops city limits.
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 @WayneParsons: it makes sense to keep msa and also tie in another race at crankworks.

Two American rounds would be achievable too.

I feel the biggest hurdle is the price. Teams would attend more rounds if they kept them in the same region.
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 @jaame: Totally. I would like to see the scene grow in the USA, kind of like it used to be.

I may be a little biased here, but BC has probably the best riding on earth, so there could be any number of venues here if there were organizers to put on events.

Did you know Silver Star resort in Vernon had a WC DH in 94?
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 @WayneParsons: I didn't know that, but I know the world championships were at Vail in 1994, and it was a very popular world cup round prior to that.

There is definitely no shortage of suitable venues. Maybe if the uci halved their fees we would see twice as many rounds, and one day a true world cup.
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 @russthedog: this is absolutely spot on. Why the down votes? If Sam hill was regularly getting top tens there's not a chance he'd be riding enduro over downhill and the tracks at world cups are crazier than they've ever been except fort william. Guys are so quick to say enduro has taken over but the reality is that its just full of riders who couldn't quite cut it at wc downhill or can't cut it anymore. No top level elite is dropping out of downhill to race enduro.
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 @tiagofernandex: downhill tracks should step what up? Did you not watch the world championship last weekend?
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 @thenotoriousmic: did you read when i said that Val di sole is a example of a proper track?
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 @tiagofernandex: Mate just stop now, the hole you're digging is just getting bigger
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 DH world cups tracks take more organizing than any enduro event, they need to have somewhat of easu acces for live streaming, bigger teams means more space, enduro teams are mostly in vans.. Can u imagine the mondraker or santa cruz pits setup at an enduro race?? Not likely. Also paying the UCI is a big thing.. Team logistics is a big one too for DH.. Do F1 or motogp tracks change all the time.. Nascar?? Wrc?? I think even if tracks are the same, they're always different like how fort william was super dusty this year.. Things are they way things are.. Wether we like it or not there's lots of things that go into a WC that are somewhat more complicated than an ews event.. Plus there's the uci wich wether we like it or not is the reigning bike competition-regulation institution, they suck but they make the rules
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 @tiagofernandex: every single track on the circuit is a proper track. What exactly are you talking about?
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 I'm stoked for Sam, but he should really get back into some troy lee clothing and helmets... He's about to kill the enduro game!
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 Sam Hill = TLD

Troy, get your stuff together and get Sam back
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 That may just be the most talking Sam has done in an interview...ever. Great to see his motivation levels coming back up!
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 Sam Hill - making enduro cool
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flag tiagomano (Sep 16, 2016 at 2:27) (Below Threshold)
 with that ugly helmet not really
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 @tiagomano: Sam Hill could wear a hollowed out armadillo shell and still be cooler than the entire Enduro scene
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flag tiagomano (Sep 16, 2016 at 4:42) (Below Threshold)
 @Garpur44: not really, but hey, anyone has their opinion
he is a cool guy and i like him, but he his overhyped with a lot of fanboy's from his past succeces that aren't going on any more
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 @tiagomano: True story :-)
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 @tiagomano: Its because he's a legend. He's had a lot of successes, you can't take that away from him. So once you reach legendary status, you stay legendary status.
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 @tiagomano: just because Led Zeppelin haven't had a hit for a while doesn't mean their music is crap. Sam took riding to a level that took the rest of the field years to catch up to.
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flag tiagomano (Sep 16, 2016 at 5:54) (Below Threshold)
 @iamamodel: the problem isn't his past success that is there and nobody can take it away, what i said was just there are a lot of fanboys that swear by that he can still be as good in DH as he once was, wish i think is untrue,and if he was to do it i wouldn't mind to take my word back, He was one of the best in Dh, was being the key word, now he is doing well in Enduro and nothing against that

it's just stupid that a conversation that began with his ugly helmet is now focused on his skills
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 Sam Hill, DH Legend going to EWS seems like when David Beckham went to MLS.... everyone wins!
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 When you look at some of the DH rounds this year in comparison to all the raw rugged stuff on the EWS, you can't blame the bloke.
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 There's not a track in the whole line up that isn't an horrible vicious bastardm
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 I reckon hed be faster if he aerodynamiced his eyebrows.
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 Sam Hill=eyebrows and flats.
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 He should grow it mono-eyebrow Smile
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 3.0 brows+
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 I read all the comments before watching the video and I have got to say, you ALL know how to read WAYYYYYY too much into an interview.

I'll make a Clif Notes version of it for you fussy little nuts: Enduro tracks are new to me and I'm excited to ride all the different tracks.
I love loam.
I want to see how good I do when I train specifically for Enduro.
I'm competitive so I want to win.

Thinks you all read into it:
I have a family so I don't want to get hurt racing downhill
Bike parks suck
I'm quiting downhill racing
Wakidesigns is a twat (actually you'd all be right on that last one) Wink
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 That's what I got. he's still racing DH, but wants a full EWS season. Simple, really. I'd wager he wants to represent Aus at worlds too, so will prob be gunning for enough points, missing out on worlds seemed to bother him.
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 @atrokz: I like that you agreed with the twat part too.
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 @bizutch: Im pretty certain I heard Sam say that in the interview.
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 @atrokz: Holy hell, I laughed. Thank you!
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 Yes. I don't care what genre it's in, I just wanna see Sam Hill go fast.
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 Sam looked miserable at DH this year and stoked on life at the EWS events. Easy decision if you're Sam Hill
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 Cuny, I didn't realise the pay was so low for EWS hosting that you can't afford new jeans :-P
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 Cunny has always been a fashionista ;-)
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 It costs a lot of money to look that poor.
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 Stoke level just hit 100%
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 STILL racing downhill, still racing downhill guys, don't forget that !! YEAH
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 Sam Hill......goes full Enduro.....shock, horror
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 Since he decided to ride smaller bikes hopefully will scale down those massive flat brim hats he is so well known for.
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 @fecalmaster I am old enough to realize that one a-hole post doesn't mean person is an a-hole. So Good luck to you. His hat doesn't really have a devastating impact on the quality of your life, isn't it? But it must suck for him to read such sht isn't it? Am I the only one who remembers back in 2009 when some people had more problem with Sam's speech in interviews than there's been fks 2 years ago freaking out with Aaron Gwin saying he thanks God? But now (not for long) they shout I hope Sam Hill wins? Fks... That's about "fan mentality" and fame. That's why I stay out of this super emotional cheering bullsht.

Good luck Sam, it's super cool to watch you ride, you're unique, you make EWS cooler to follow.
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 @WAKIdesigns: preach Waki. People live too vicariously. "Josh Bryceland is a pussy for retiring" etc. People can do what makes them happy. I have a huge amount of support for Mr. Hill having grown up watching him destroy the men's field. I hope he smashes it.
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 @sicmoto: Its always been the way with sports people, fans disect everything that is said and how they live their lives forgetting they are just normal people with the talent / drive to do this kind of thing for a living.

If we think DH is bad just look at football, those guys have every aspect of their lives scrutinised by the mentalist fans.
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Yes, but the real issue with Sam embracing EWS is that ENDURO does not exist anymore, this game has just become "ENDURHILL".
So from now "Sam Hill is Endurhill".
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 XC is Enduro, Enduro is 5 DH for weekend
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 @WAKIdesigns: Not getting too emotional about anything, ,my appoligies. Huge Sam Hill fan but here in NyC we clown everyone. ..... You included. .. Wishing him the best in enduro and that his sail rated hats can feature a reduction.
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 So Imagine you're Richie Rude. You watch this video and hear Sam Hill say you're on another level. Wow.
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 I hope Graves gets sorted and all three give us a battle royal....can you imagine how crazy it might get
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 I'm just here to make people do a double take on who commented.
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 It's always nice to see somebody give direct and unpretentious answers in an interview. Sam seems like a pretty uncomplicated and likeable guy.
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 Give me that on a t-shirt
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 The remnants of gas giant DH4LA1F are causing shiteroid rain on Enduranus...
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 Enduro has just got more exciting! Smile
Good to know hes learning from Jerome and Jared.
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 Super stoked to hear this. I was really hoping this was going to happen when he said he was skipping Andorra. Having yet another amazing Aussie to cheer for is going to be great. Though it does not matter really anyway as all the guys going well seem to be pretty cool guys.
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 I can never remember the name of the energy drink company that sponsors him.... Good luck in the EWS Sir Hill, You will be missed from DH but your contribution has been immeasurable.
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 Sad to see enduro doesn't pay enough to get Rich some new trousers
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 Great interview. Totally frank and honest, and makes his decision completely understandable. Good luck to Sam. It's gonna be great seeing him motivated and up there challenging for the wins in 2017.
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 its funny how the wide spread opinion is the dh runs are so much harder than the enduro runs, from experience myself the 'enduro' runs are seriously gnarly shit trust me i've been all over verbier this summer on a 160 bike (i ride dh too) and i got a seriosu run for my money, anyone who thinks ews is a side step or a cop out needs to be more informed and go and ride some proper mountains on a trail bike, full respect to sam for trying something new, its all about riding bikes and getting a grin on and thats what hes found Smile
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 Love it! This sport caters for all personalities - a guy like Steve Peat seems to love the whole DH scene and the party while Hill is after the riding experience and a new challenge. What with many of the EWS tracks looking tougher than some DH race tracks(and ridden on a lesser bike) I think Hill has found exactly what he needs. Go Sam!
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 So Sam Hill asked Jerome and Jared a few question... - would love to listen to such chat!
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 "Hey guys, when I catch you on the technical stages, which way should you move over?".
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 How can you not be a fan of Hill...what a legend
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 Personally I would like to see more coverage of all MTB disciplines. Period. That being said, I will say in regards to DH season.. WE NEED MORE RACES. And a more reliable player *cough* ahem redbullshit step up or step down
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 Good to hear that he found something fun to do and that he will enjoy. I truly admire his humble and laid back personality. As much as I like seeing Richie kill it, I'm rooting for both of them as I think there will be some good battles to come.
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 He's so goddamn humble. I'm stoked for Sam to be doing something he's excited about. Best of luck to him and his team for the rest of this season and next!
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 from a bike industry pov there's much more money in enduro bikes, so its a smart choice too. But as a spectator/tv sport its always gonna be so much harder to cover (until we can get live to satellite gopro and follow drone coverage)
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 the event is going on now and there's no coverage. Needs to improve that before there's talk about it being more money as a sport.
  • 2 0
 This is great. With so few DH rounds, it's great to see downhillers give Enduro a go, and vice versa. I think it's only positive for the sport and with Enduro getting rowdier I think it's a perfect fit.
  • 1 0
 Even only as a world cup spectator I completely see his point about the same tracks and lines year after year... I honestly think progress needs to be made in terms of increasing the number of World Cup rounds in a season, considering any other racing sport at a top level there are very often at least double the amount of races that there were this year for downhill. And it would probably allow much more opportunity for vast and raw competition between a set of top 30 riders that any of them on their day could take the win with others outside of the top 30 gaining a chance to prove consistently and justification for their currently a top athlete can be on top form and dominate half if not a whole season where as with much more events on a the world cup calendar it would this consistency would be more difficult allowing riders the opportunity for redemption and create a more open competition.
  • 1 0
 As an enduro fan/racer this news is all good, the exposure (except for PB) is minimal, Sam will only improve the situation with his input... With regards to the sport, enduro embodies virtually all the skills from the other mtb disciplines, the fitness levels definitely are on a par with most, if not more.. the need to read a track, at speed, and to react to varying terrain is surely the purest form of the sport of mtb... Locally it is attracting more riders year on year, no necessity for uplift, utilise natural trails, up hill, down dale.... as fast as possible ;-)
  • 3 0
 look out world enduro !!! hate to see how good he would be if we had hills like any where else in the world
  • 2 0
 We need some volcanic or tectonic activity pronto. We don't need the Himalayas, just a measly 4000 meters. Is that too much to ask of Huey?
  • 1 0
 Enduro racing is really taking off....offers more to the riders who love being on the bike for more than 4 or 6 minutes. Multi day races weed out the week and Sam is one tough customer.!
  • 1 0
 Cheers to Sam Hill. Doing what he wants---following that passion--riding the bike the way he wants, how he wants....really nice interview. I hope he slays the competition sometime soon!
  • 1 0
 It's about time there is consistency in counting. If Nico has 10 world championships (3+7), then Sam has 2+3=5. Oh, and 4 more medals, 1 silver and 3 bronze, for a total of 9 medals.
  • 3 0
 Sam Hill has spoken. We need more new venue for World cup.
  • 4 1
 Sam Hill will race Tour de France next year
  • 1 0
 hahahahhahah e é capaz dele se dar bem, ficou em 10 mes passado numa maratona de mtb
  • 2 0
 Yeah Cunny. Always a quality interview. Wish you were still on the mic with Warner doing DH.
  • 3 0
 Since we're making announcements, my sushi lunch was exquisite
  • 2 0
 No matter the bike or race type : you're the man !
  • 1 0
 And I have Sam's race run goggles from Fort William.
Should I put them in a glass case or use them as the legend would?
  • 1 0
 Legend, he's giving us what we want more Sam Hill riding to watch. Downhill and enduro
  • 2 0
 Time for some new jeans Cunny
  • 1 0
 The longer season probably looks like more fun to Sam. Dh needs a longer season with more tracks
  • 1 0
 Keeping it real Sam. Follow your passion. Stay motivated. Best of luck on the enduro scene.
  • 1 0
 fuck yeah, sam hill, good on ya!
  • 1 0
 Can't wait to see what Sam can do in the EWS next year!!
  • 3 2
 Just you wait! 2018 - Sam Hill clipped into a 29r
  • 2 1
 Doesn't need to. He Just Placed really well in a marathon Xc race in oz, in the elite division, with flats, baggies, a back pack on a trail bike.
  • 1 0
 Mr. Hill -- well done, lad.
  • 1 0
 Never go Full Enduro, unless you're Sam Hill.
  • 1 0
 You never go full enduro....
  • 1 0
 Cheers to you Sam!!!! Crush it!!!
  • 3 3
 Is it just me or are most the top EWS riders retired DH riders? guess thats where you go when you cant keep up anymore haha
  • 1 0
 I wish him the best of luck but he won't need it.
  • 1 0
  • 1 0
 Cunynghame vs Cunningham
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