Stop the Clocks: EWS Rd 8 Highlights, Finale Ligure, Italy

Oct 4, 2016 at 9:09
by Enduro World Series  
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Through eight rounds in 2016, the Enduro World Series has taken riders on an epic journey across the globe. With each round a journey within itself, this final round was one of so many stories; retiring legends, new champions, first time winners. Finale Ligure, a place that has provided so many memorable moments, once again served up a tasty delight to end the season.

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 As the EWS season comes to an end, we have to really highlight the great coverage we can witness due to the great photographers delivering pictures and also the great videos that are produced. Thank you pinkbike!
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 The video coverage has been amazing this year. They seem to get better and better each season. I'm in Finale at the moment and watched a couple of the stages at the weekend, and been riding the stages this week, and it must be a logistical nightmare to cover every stage to this level. At one point there were four identical drones hovering above Stage 7. To be able to edit it all together into such an exciting and coherent piece within 48 hrs is amazing...not to mention the 1 minute teasers they put together within a few hours of the race finishing. Great work guys.
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 Agreed, you have truly outdone yourselves with the coverage of this event. This is the level of production that could bring mountain biking into the mainstream for people who don't even ride themselves.
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 seriously. we are very fortunate to have this kind of exposure. thanks pinkbike and all that help make this happen
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 I would add a big round of applause to Richard Cunningham for the great coverage! Congrats to him!
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 Thank you PB!!! I'm excited already for the 2017 season. See you next year at Rotorua, NZ.
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 If one sentence could sum up the mindset enduro conveys, Jared nailed it "just glad it didn't happen to Richie".

That's probably one of the many reasons enduro is so popular, genuinely nice, humble people who do what they love but still take the racing seriously. You don't need unreachable mountains to have epic trails, you can have the fun without defying death, you can be a spectator without being a heckler.
Despite being more and more specific, it's still the most opened race format out there. Last year, the top three women were
1) TMo , ex DH champ
2) Cesilly, former XC champ, did the Beijing Olympics
3) Aneke, 4X champ
and ACC, former DH, and BMX champ ( gold Beijing)
It doesn't get cooler than this!!

I'm so pumped guys!
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 I've been fortunate to have known Jared for a while now. He's pure class.
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 graves is such a class act!
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 His videos and such always remind me why bikes are rad. The camaraderie and all the different disciplines of biking that are fun.
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 An unforgettable venue here in Finale. Thanks to all the trailbuiders,volunteers,citizens living in this little coastal town. Now in italian : Una edizione spettacolare quella di Finale. Grazie a tutti itrailbuiders,volontari,cittadini che vivono nella bella cittadina di mare. CIAO see you in 2017 !
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 These EWS summary videos are so damned good. The quality of filming, interviews, editing, announcing is top notch. I must go ride now!
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 Finally! Richard cut those torn jeans.
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 Torn jeans are hot these days in Europe. Wink
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 You think that's a fashion faux pas, the guy behind RC during Graves' interview has just set the fanny pack back another decade.
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 Graves, what a guy. Rough luck all season, but what a class act display of sportsmanship.
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 Man, Hugh jackman and matt damon are quick
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 Austin Powers did a nice job narrating.
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 Amazing venue, amazing organisation. Spare a thought for the riders who had to pedal all the way to the Base Nato: it's something like 30 minutes by shuttle, I can't imagine having to pedal all the way up there AND to have to push all the way back down again, with the final stage being DH.
Un-bloody-credible act.
Bravi ragazzi!!
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 Martin "For Sure" Maes
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 A cracking season with amazing coverage from PinkBike! The balance of the coverage has been spot on. Both men's & woman's series covered brilliantly.
Congrats to Rude & Ravanel.
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 Thank you Pinkbike for all the report/pictures/videos !!!!
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Not only that, but these half hour recaps are to be cherished; watched multiple times.
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 I'm still even watching 2013-2014 EWS videos! Smile

I raped the play/pause button @1:41!!
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 @ugez: Same dude - same!
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 Great job Pinkbike. Your highlights matches or even outperformes the standards set by TV broadcaster. It's far beyond anything on the web I've seen before. Hats off!
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 Nico turnes is the man! Great video!
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 great series, great coverage, awesome venues !!!!!! why do some have the downer on enduro ?
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 Enduro racers are the nicest competitors of any sport! Cheers!
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 Great video boys and girls once again! can t wait to follow you guy next year!!!
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 Bellissimo! Good job for being so quick.
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 The "Finale Ligure EWS" gps tracks will be inserted by someone on trailforks ? Please!!!
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 How come Miranda Miller is wearing the Canadian Flag on her sleeve? She isn't national enduro champion...
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 @j-t-g You're clearly mistaking EWS for the UCI with its crapload of rules about what riders can and can't wear. Miranda can wear whatever flag or jersey design she damn well feels like.
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 Who would beat her in Canada?
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 Miranda Miller better be on a factory team next year. Total injustice otherwise
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 @jclnv: She didn't race nationals. So someone else is national champ.
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 @j-t-g: Canadian Enduro Nationals? LOL!
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 @j-t-g: You're placing too much weight on some organizer unilaterally deciding to call their event a national championship. All the more power to the organizer for their efforts in growing the sport, but the legitimacy of the supposed title is defined by whether the country's best riders participate. Winners of the event were Katie Spittlehouse and Dave Harder. Great riders I'm sure and everyone probably had a lot of fun at the event toying around with the national championship label, but do you think they'd call themselves Canada's best?

It would be great if the organizer would keep running it, and over time see if they can attract Canada's EWS regulars some day. However, until that time the national champion tag isn't something anyone - even the winners - are going to take too seriously.
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 "I'm feeling calm right now but also nervous" - Thankfully Ritchie lets his bike do most of the talking.
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 Quote of the weekend for sure!
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