Video: The 36 Returns

Jun 18, 2014 at 2:43
by Eyesdown Films  

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To say he’s stoked with the new 36 fork would be an understatement! It’s lighter and stiffer than his old 34 (even with the clamped 15mm axle option), it has RC2 damping and has a new super-smooth air spring system which when allied to the new lower friction seals and Kashima surface make the bumps simply disappear!

The fastest, gnarliest Mojo sponsored trail at BPW – it’s fitting that the KOM should be secured with the new Fox 36!

Available from July – the 36 returns!

Produced by Eyesdown Photography and Film
Music by Beatfux - A Little

Mojo and Fox logos
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  • + 16
 £400 more than a pike, no ta
  • + 11
 You forgot to mention £400 more and FUNKIN pinch bolts!!
  • + 2
 I remember struggling to get pinch bolts off before getting my old 36's into and out the van it is a PITA, also got caught out once or twice with punctures and no 3mm allen key or whatever it was. I thought we had moved on from this surely the weight difference is not enough to warrant it.
  • + 6
 Fox fork prices are just a piss take now!
  • + 4
 36 returns? I thought it was around for about 10years or so... aaah yes, got ya! they mean the PITA bolts returns Wink
  • + 4
 Yeah I don't remember it ever 'going' to need a 'return'... Pikes disappeared for a while and definitely made a return. Still I guess they've got catching up to do with RS. It definitely sounds encouraging though, lighter and stiffer than a 34. I do miss my 2011 36 Vans, they were amazing forks and absolutely buttery smooth. I definitely do not miss my 2013 34 CTDs, and yeah seconded about the pinch bolts, join the 21st century Fox... Good marketing vid though. Still it's gonna take some time and lots of cracking reviews to regain some of that faith in Fox. My Pikes in the meantime are awesome, I'm not looking back.
  • + 1
 I wasnt slagging them i have fortys and 36 on other bikes but i also have pikes and they dont need half as much looking after service wise as the marzzochis and the rock shocks and are cheaper, unless u rate ur skills high on a mtb the chances of u feeling and seeing a difference in these forks are minimal its all down to looks and what u as a rider prefer there a nice fork but not a nice price for the after care they will need is what i was pointing out!
  • + 0
 If you want a review look here "the Fox equals the Pike on all counts" but for £400 more (UK) and without proven reliabilty, sale reductions and SRAM service levels.........great to see them up their game but you really have to like Fox over RS
  • + 3
 Opinions are based on experience. How many people throw around opinions about parts with having never touched them.
  • + 2
 Fox lost their way with the CTD stuff, the older Fit 2 36 has always ben better than the Pike though.
  • + 2
 Like me and mrs rat, over far to quick
  • + 2
 Never seen Bike Park Wales that dry before!
  • + 0
 nice to see the pike getting some competition,who knows it may prove to be a better fork,personally I'm bored seeing the pike on every bike out.
  • + 1
 I agree with you That's why I ride Marzocchi and I must say that they are pretty amazing stuff. So far, so good.
  • + 1
 Need to get over to BPW soon!!!
  • + 1
 This is basically Fox saying, 'Don't forget about us guys!'
  • + 0
 "The 36 Returns"... Where did it go?
  • - 2
 The pike really isn't that great, go try a BOS and I bet this 36 performs sooooo much better
  • + 8
 Don't get me wrong it's a good fork but only seems so good because Fox have put out shit for a few years
  • + 1
 I've had both pike and deville and although the BOS is better at speed the after sales service from them is nonexistent!
I know jungle have taken over import duties so we'll have to see how they get on dealing with BOS.
As for fox it would have to be feckin AMAZING to warrent an extra £400 and god damn pinch bolts!
  • + 0
 You know pinch bolts really don't take that much longer than the Maxle... Also mo' stiffness. And it has been said that the 36 feels better than the Pike in many aspects. No actual reviews of it as yet but that's what is getting around from people who have tried it out.
  • + 1
 From having a DJ bike with pinch bolts and an all mountain bike with a maxle I can happily say pinch bolts take a lot longer especially when someone has to ask everyone "do you have a multi-tool?” that adds a good minute or so compared to the 5 second maxle or old 36 clamps.
  • - 2
 Still won't be as good as a pike
  • - 1
 And i would say its going to need more tlc than the pike too, great fork tho shame its not as bomb proof as the marzocchis!
  • + 9
 Sweeping statements with zero foundations.
  • - 1
 +1 to that minty.
  • + 2
 Its pinkbike though minty haha
  • + 0
 This is oh so true,everyone' knows everything about everything but no one has had any time on anything they know everything about. Wink
  • - 3
 I don't know anything about anything but I do know that most people who talk the talk about forks still haven't realised that the blinged up Pikes and 36's probably overkill for anything they ride in the UK.
  • + 3
 Would have to massively disagree with that statement. You need to go ride some of the insane stuff in the mountains of the Lakes or Scotland at full speed to appreciate why 160mm forks are not overkill on modern trail bikes. Take the Nicolai the guy is riding in the film, 160mm of hand made custom geometry German engineering with a 63 degree head angle. It's a downhill bike that goes up too. Most modern bikes are light and slack and designed to be hammered. Putting a 140 or 150mm flexi fork on the front would make no sense at all.
  • + 1
 My previous 36 was used for 40k epic xc rides,full on dh uplift days and everything in between,the new one I'm waiting on will be doing the same. I like to be able to go for a ride and know that if I decide I want to go big I can without a worry,often a ride will start off xc and end with a session on local dh trails,the 36 copes with everything well.
  • + 1
 Hi duir. I see what you're saying but my point is that you're in a very small minority. I'm talking about trail centre warriors who hold you up on the trail, and push their 6K carbon rigs up the hills because they're too unfit to climb but then spend hours in the car park pontificating on how smooth and plush blah blah that their 160mm fork is. I've ridden every single kind of "insane" terrain the UK has to offer on a rockshox revelation with 150mm travel, from ridiculously rocky natural lines to incredibly steep DH tracks at full speed so yeah I do think for those guys I'm talking about, a big fat 36 is overkill for the speeds they ride.

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