2012 FMB World Tour: Who will be the one?

Jul 9, 2012 at 9:57
by FMB World Tour  

With half the season behind us it’s time to take a sneaky peek into the future. The FMB World Tour allows no rest for the wicked and with countless Bronze events, one more Silver event, four more Gold events and of course two epic Diamond competitions there is no time to let the adrenaline levels drop.

Sam II Currently leading the FMB World Tour ranking - Sam Pilgrim

Sam I Reynolds also wants to go for the 2012 title

European athletes seem to be dominating the first half of the FMB World Tour 2012, which shows the current leader board. With “tooth gap” Sam Pilgrim, the 22 year old from Colchester (UK) currently in first place, closely followed by Sam Reynolds, the 21 year old from Hampshire (UK). But other major European riders like Thomas Genon and Martin Söderström are right on their tails.

Martin Soderstrom showing he s one of the top favorites for this year s title.

Thomas Genon winning his first FMB World Tour Gold event at the 26TRIX fueled by Monster Energy

As the “hot-season” of the tour started last weekend with the Châtel Mountain Style, we could have an impression about how conditions shift, when it comes to big mountain competitions. Last weekend’s Châtel Mountain Style saw one of the most challenging terrains in the FMB World Tour history.

Semenuk starts his catch-up race at the Chatel Mountain Style

With Semenuk, Zink and Strait on the podium, the Châtel event was like an announcement of the oversea rider’s to start their FMB World Tour from now on!

Semenuk showed who s the boss with a huge 360

The 2010 FMB World Tour Champion Cam Zink

Be sure you can expect some major changes in the top spots of the FMB World Tour ranking while looking on the upcoming events and a hot fight for the prestigious and unique golden CamelBak Better Bottle trophy:

Crankworx Les 2 Alpes Slopestyle will follow this week on July 14th. It’s the first time Crankworx comes to Europe and we can let you know that it’s going to be an event destined to demonstrate amazing technical skills with a brand new slopestyle course, built by Yannick Granieri. Reaching further ahead we can already get stoked about the first Gold event in North America, the Claymore Challenge where Semenuk is aiming to defend his last year’s victory.

Defending FMB World Tour Champion Brandon Semenuk

To ensure that everyone can have access to these events Red Bull Media House will be streaming Crankworx Les 2 Alpes and Claymore Challenge live from the FMB World Tour website (www.fmbworldtour.com) and from www.redbull.com/bike.

One week after Claymore Challenge, the Slopestyle at Colorado Freeride Festival is the next Gold event, where we expect a high-motivated defending champion Cam McCaul and at the beginning of August the Bearclaw Invitational in Mount Washington closes the reign of Gold events. In true FMB World Tour style we will be finishing off the season with out-of-this-world Diamond events. Expect lots of dirt ripping, tearing and shredding with massive airs and an explosive spectator atmosphere. Red Bull Joyride will take place as highlight event of Crankworx Whistler and the Red Bull Rampage in Utah will, after a one year break, mark again the season final of the FMB World Tour.

The FMB World Tour s young ripper Anthony Messere.

No weekend without big airtime, massive jumps and great competitions for the next couple of weeks. This is exactly what the FMB World Tour wants to provide for slopestyle-, dirt jump- and big mountain-lovers all over the globe. At the end there will be only one champion of the FMB World Tour that takes home the golden CamelBak Better Bottle trophy along with a big part of the 25,000 USD prize money. In October we will know who it is…

To stay tuned in check out the official website www.fmbworldtour.com and the facebook page www.facebook.com/FMBWorldTour. To find out more about the events of the FMB World Tour go to: www.fmbworldtour.com/en/events.html

About the FMBA
The Freeride Mountain Bike Association (FMBA) is a non-profit organization that follows the goal of guiding the mountain bike freeride sport into a more professional direction and firmly establishing it in the world of sports. To achieve this goal, the FMBA promotes high standards of judging, course design and safety and implements them in all events of the FMB World Tour. Athletes and event organizers are provided with a tangible world ranking system and reliable guidelines forming an organized and structured framework for a free and creative sport.

About the FMB World Tour
The Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour integrates contests of the highest level from all over the globe into one overarching competition for the title of FMB World Tour Champion. All athletes with a membership of the FMBA have the opportunity to become the next FMB World Tour Champion. FMB World Tour events envelop the many facets of the freeride sport including: big mountain, slopestyle and dirt jump.
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  • + 27
 semenuk is just too versatile to lose. guy can shred every course. and he pulls tricks buttery smooth, never looks out of control
  • + 1
 I agree, but Sam Pilgrim already has a big lead. I know Sam is almost unstoppable on a DJ bike, but lets see what hes got when the big rigs and fullfaces come out at RAMPAGE
  • + 5
 sam is attending all those bronze events to compensate the rampage, good dj rider but definitely not a big mnt guy (yet). i bet for semenuk one more time!!
  • + 10
 You can do it semenuk!!
  • + 6
 Semenuk is inevitably going to finish right up there somewhere. It will be interesting to see if the 2 Sams can hold him off or if he'll come back and sneak it. May the best man win Wink Salute
  • + 12
 There's no way it'd be a "sneak" if Semenuk won. It'd be expected. Smile
  • + 6
 Even though all those euro riders are talented, the only reason there's so many of them in the top ranking is because most of the events so far have been in Europe and the major athletes who crush faces (i.e. Semenuk, Zinc, Messere) haven't even been competing at them. Saving your runs/health for the bigger events is the smart thing, and I think all those euros are gonna get pushed down the list real quick!
  • + 1
 Semenuk really is not expected to win. He's in 22nd place for christ sake and we're halfway through. It would be amazing if he did, but I think it's pretty ignorant of you to expect him to considering how Pilgrim is so far ahead of him at the point.
  • + 6
 I do believe that Semenuk is expected to win. He's the defending champ and was runner-up the year prior, though he missed the biggest event of the season. This year is also a rampage year, which Semenuk has already won, and, if I remember correctly, Pilgrim didn't compete in two years ago. (Though he probably will this year.) And points-wise, the season is not halfway done. We still have two diamond events, and four gold events, all of which Semenuk is planning on competing in. Keep in mind that only six events are taken from each rider's score towards the overall ranking, so Sam partaking in all of these silver events in Europe isn't going to be much of an advantage. Also, do you remember last season? We had virtually the same situation, with Sam leading the standings for the better part of the year, only to have Brandon overtake him at the end. Pilgrim will have to do well at rampage to win overall, which I still believe is possible, after his respectable 7th place in Chatêl.
  • + 3
 HMBA you know your shit, respect!
  • + 1
 Haha, thanks bro.
  • + 4
 I love both the Sams but the real tour just started and the big events will show that Semenuk is the one to beat.
  • - 1
 People are so funny, i think none of the people who said brandon ftw hasn't even looked at the current standings he's not even in the top ten whether he's the best or not he aint going to win.. now for a realistic comment.. pilgrim is probably going to win but Thomas could easily take it.
  • + 2
 FMB final standings are out of your TOP 3 best results from Top 3 competitions. Majority of European comps have been bronze events so far. Brandon just 1 a gold event. And the majority of competitions coming up in North America are Silver/ Gold events. Semenuk could easily take it.
  • + 3
 Srsly midgetsaw, the past 2 years of slopestyle season have been the same strategy for the top pros. "ain't going to win" my ass. Brits are too hopeful lolz.
  • - 2
 "Brits are too hopeful" and Americans are arrogant c*nts! Smile Regards, a hopeful Brit Smile
  • + 2
 hey hey hey no need for this... i dont really understand what u mean by "hopeful brit".. i dont care if pigrim wins.. end of story....
  • + 1
 Phil, I believe that this year they are counting your top 6 events towards the overall. I still believe that Brandon will win the overall, however. Smile
  • + 3
 If the Brits are "hopeful brits" and Americans are "arrogant c*nts" then Canadians? Well, we have Semenuk. We just sit back and relax.
  • + 2
 Semenuk & Pilgrim, #1 & #2 Smile
  • + 3
 semenuk is the best !!!
  • + 1
 whats the hype about pilgrim, i want lacodeguy to win
  • + 1
 Sam pilgrim for shure so be ready boys

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