Red Bull Rampage - The 2012 FMB World Tour grand finale!

Sep 27, 2012 at 4:32
by FMB World Tour  

Red Bull Rampage is a big mountain event at one of the world’s ultimate mountain bike proving grounds. So what better place can there be to hold the final battle for the 2012 FMB World Tour and the golden Camelbak Better Bottle? Only the crème-de-la-crème of mountain bikers can compete and you will be able to watch every breath taking run LIVE via Based out in the remote, hazardous and picturesque desert in Utah, this second and last Diamond event of the FMB World Tour is the one event that no one wants to miss!

So far in the 2012 FMB World Tour season we have had the pleasure to witness true progression in the disciplines of Dirt Jump, Slopestyle and Big Mountain. The riders have never failed to stun us with their bigger than ever tricks and daring combos. This August at Red Bull Joyride one rider – Brandon Semenuk who is the defending FMB World Tour Champion, had the chance to take home an early overall victory as 2012 FMB World Tour Champion but due to two unsuccessful runs, the battle for the title moves on to Red Bull Rampage. This was good news for Martin Soderstrom, who since Bearclaw invitational has been right on Brandon’s tail for the title and the golden Camelbak Better Bottle. With Martins 2nd place finish at Red Bull Joyride, he heads into the season finale only 32.5 points behind Brandon. Underdog, Thomas Genon stunned the world in amazing style with his victory at Red Bull Joyride and consequently earns himself a place as the third and final rider still in contention for the FMB World Tour title.

Every rider has their strengths and weakness’s – some prefer big mountain, some prefer Slopestyle or pure dirt jumps. Brandon Semenuk when he was only 18 years old already won Red Bull Rampage back in 2008. He is going to Red Bull Rampage with a point’s advantage and more experience at big mountain events than his FMB World Tour title rivals – so although he is the clear favourite, Red Bull Rampage is the ultimate challenge for every rider and this mountain really is anybody’s to conquer! The excitement is growing day by day and we all want to know who will be the 2012 FMB World Tour Champion. To give you a better idea of how many fingers to cross for your favourite athlete the graph below explains the current overall ranking scenarios for Red Bull Rampage and the FMB World Tour title. For example, the graph shows that if Brandon Semenuk places 7th at the event, then Martin Soderstrom has to place a minimum of 3rd to beat him, or Thomas has to win – otherwise, Brandon with his point advantage will be FMB World Tour Champion for the second consecutive time.

So - Brandon Semenuk, Martin Soderstrom and Thomas Genon – these are the riders who will be battling it out on the dirt of the Utah desert for the 2012 FMB World Tour title. Take a look at the graph and make your prediction on who will be the 2012 FMB World Tour champion – remember, there can be only one!

But make no mistake, there are plenty more world-class riders wanting to stand in their way and win this glorious event! Aside from the thrilling battle suspense for the FMB World Tour title, lets not forget that Red Bull Rampage brings together the best and most daring of mountain bikers. Riders like defending Red Bull Rampage winner and 2010 FMB World Tour Champion Cameron Zink, the mad Spaniard Andreu Lacondeguy and as a real treat, British downhill legend Gee Atherton will be taking to the mountain. You can check out the Red Bull Rampage teaser here.

This year the FMB World Tour has had a record-breaking amount of LIVE webcasts and Red Bull Rampage will be no exception! Bring the popcorn and strap yourself in for the ride because, thanks to Red Bull Media House you can enjoy all the action from Red Bull Rampage via the LIVE webcast on Tune in and be the first to know who is crowned 2012 FMB World Tour Champion and take home the brand new, golden Camelbak Better Bottle trophy!

There you have it – Red Bull Rampage is back! The 2012 FMB World tour finale is upon us and this last Diamond event will be the ultimate test for world’s best mountain bike athletes.

About the FMB World Tour Trophy – the golden CamelBak Better Bottle
This years FMB World Tour trophy will once again be sponsored by hydration specialist Camelbak as the FMB World Tour golden Camelbak Better Bottle, to crown and appoint the Champion of 2012. The socket of the trophy is a handcrafted abstract sculpture of the FMB World Tour logo made of Turonian stone and crested with golden highlights (Design and production by Anke Tovenrath). The unique vessel is a gold platted CamelBak Better Bottle carrying an 85x80 mm FMB World Tour logo made out of pure gold.

About the FMBA
The Freeride Mountain Bike Association (FMBA) is a non-profit organization that follows the goal of guiding the mountain bike freeride sport into a more professional direction and firmly establishing it in the world of sports. To achieve this goal, the FMBA promotes high standards of judging, course design and safety and implements them in all events of the FMB World Tour. Athletes and event organizers are provided with a tangible world ranking system and reliable guidelines forming an organized and structured framework for a free and creative sport.

About the FMB World Tour
The Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour integrates contests of the highest level from all over the globe into one overarching competition for the title of FMB World Tour Champion. All athletes with a membership of the FMBA have the opportunity to become the next FMB World Tour Champion. FMB World Tour events envelop the many facets of the freeride sport including: big mountain, slopestyle and dirt jump.
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  • + 194
 The Golden Camelbak Better Bottle? Are you kidding me? What an absolutely shameless marketing plug.
  • + 40
 same here thats just awful
  • + 88
 That is the ugliest trophy I've ever seen. What a waste of Gold.
  • + 43
 I'm sure Semenuk will do all he can to not win that thing
  • + 80
 1 question will it blend
  • - 30
flag groghunter (Sep 28, 2012 at 14:36) (Below Threshold)
 makes me embarrassed to be a freerider.
  • + 51
 worst looking trophy ive ever seen. seriously camelbak....
  • + 45
 marketing can't get more retarded than this
  • + 33
 "Oh cool whats the trophy look like?" "..."its a water bottle..."
  • + 79
 We now present you with this giant golden dildo, courtesy of Camelback.
  • + 18
 I like that they totally missed the point. Winning a trophy like that should have some semblance of style and honor, a stupid marketing ploy has none of that. Think you'd be stoked to win Stanley's Bud Light Cup, nope.
  • + 7
 there are so many amazing trophies out there and they choose this one. if anyone has ever seen the giro d'italia trophy, the fmb tour should take a look at that one
  • + 8
 i hate camleback even more
  • - 11
flag groghunter (Sep 28, 2012 at 19:27) (Below Threshold)
 wow, what's with all the hate? are we not allowed to say "freerider" anymore? I didn't get the memo.
  • + 4
 Should be a lucky can
  • + 10
 A saws-all should be able to get ride of the ugly camelbak bottle. The bottom part doesnt look half bad.
  • + 1
 ...agreed and "thanx" =)
  • + 3
 thats awesome ^^^^^^,

camelbak one is depressing
  • - 4
flag RichVT (Sep 30, 2012 at 5:00) (Below Threshold)
 Worst trophy I've ever seen. Camelback has no sense of style. Just look at their name. Camelback. Who names a company Camelback?
  • + 1
 It's no big deal, just break the bottle off and then you will have a sweet trophy.
  • + 3
 might as well be a golden camelback bladder lol
  • + 1
 Who cares about what it looks like, imagine winning that. The biggest freeride event in the world. Some people have their priorities a little mixed up.
  • + 1
 Tabletop, different titles are up for grabs, the cool trophy posted by minnar is for rampage, ugly ass camelbak bottle trophy for FMB world tour.
  • + 56
 i don't care who wins i just want to see some gnarly runs
  • + 28
 To all the haters: I made the stone part of the trophy. I´m a biker myself and a huge fan and I put a lot of work into it and this is the first time I see it with this golden thing on top, and I honestly am not at all happy about the bottle... :/ But you just have to deal with sponsors in this case/sport --- just the way it is... Bet, on the other hand, you guys are the first to scream for high def webcasts, videos, films, megaevents and all that stuff... U seriously think this would be possible without any sponsors? There would not even be riding on this level I guess... Sad but true. But, after all, I feel exactly the same way, that a trophy should not be an advertisement... :/ Let´s all speak up and change the look of it for next year!? ...Maybe Camelback just kicks my ass for that comment now anyway! ;P
  • + 4
 you seriously made that sissydarko??? the bottom half is pretty damn cool even on its own with no appendage it would be a sweet trophy. gutted for you that camelbak have assraped your design. but the above post says it all and you know what you are right. we need sponsorship to get the coverage we ugly trophy is a small price to pay to watch brandon triplewhipflipturndwon360flatspin the oakly sender
  • + 8
 Yes I made it with my own hands out of a piece of rock... The letters are covered with real gold too and only the little tiny letters are sandblasted, the rest carved from hand. And let me tell you that everyone I showed it to was kinda shocked that a drinking bottle (!) should get mounted on top. I didn´t put it together... it looks wrong to me too, almost photoshoped, but I don´t know what I could really do about it... was really stoked working on it (for the riders that kinda risk their lifes somehow to win) --- Good to hear something nice tho, cos I put a lot of my heart into the stone.... :/ Thanx
  • + 4
 they realy did not need to glorify the bottle. They needed to respect the sport and the riders.
  • + 5
 funny, i was looking at the stone thinking that it was such a nice initial design that it was a shame to put that stupid piece of shit on top of it, but then i just determined that- relative to the water bottle- it was likely just a stupid cast piece of concrete. glad to hear that they got one half of the trophy done right at least. you should post up some of the work in progress that you did on the stone. i hope that by you slagging the final design the people at camelback might actually open their eyes and realize how ridiculous the trophy looks. nice stone, amazing riders, stupid bottle, thanks for posting the story.
  • + 9
 I wanted people to know that it´s handmade and not a soulless piece of concrete etc, because I honestly love this sport and have so much respect for the riders and also for what the FMBA (a non-profit-organisation, see article above) is doing to help progress and push the sport... They are passionate about what they are doing and it hurts me to see that some guys think the trophy is just pure marketing. I promise that I put a lot of good spirit & love into that stone! Thanks for your words obee 1.
  • + 3
 Hey Sissi, great work... love your part of the trophy. I agree with obee1, it's good that you've posted the background story of your artwork and made it clear that you as an artist are not associated with that ugly thing on top of your work.
In artistic spirit, liebe Grüße aus BC!
  • + 6
 Link somehow doesn´t work, but copy & paste will I guess
  • + 1
 very cool... thanks for sharing, interesting to see the process.
  • + 2
 thanks for posting the work in progress photos. very cool. what kinda stone is it anyway?

as for seeing the stone on itself, it seems like a no brainer to cast a rider on a bike- artistically- in bronze, and set it on the stone you carved. like, have the rider doing a wheelie.

i could eat a handfull of pennies and shit out a better bronze sculpture then that water bottle up there.
  • + 2
 definitely dig what you did on the bottom, now that I see it without the bottle.. the bottle kinda just drags your eyes to it. hope next year they don't do something like this to you, or whoever ends up making it. Hell, I hope they realize how bad it is and change this one real quick before the contest. Like a rider just lifiting off from a drop, and a bit of the cliff below him on it, which is what would attach to the base.
  • + 2
 It's a real shame about the bottle, because the bottom is some really creative stonework.
  • + 3
 Added some more pics I took with my phone... The stone is a lime/sandstone called Anröchter-Stein/-Dolomit (in German). By the way, my intention with my comments were not to start a campaign against Camelbak etc. or to get attention for my ego & work... I just felt the need to speak up as an artist/crafts(wo)man and a fan of freeriding, the riders & co, wether that was a smart action or not...
  • + 1
 Wouldn't worry about it, I think the Camelbak hate was well in swing before you spoke up.
  • + 12
 Brandon is the killer, but i'm actually Martin fan!! Wink
  • + 7
 My god I'm sorry.... Soooo stoked on rampage

But. But. But. That trophy ..... I'm sorry

When I first saw it I just stared at it for about 7 seconds until I could figure out whattype hell it was..... Then I threw up a little in my mouth.

Kinda want soderstrom to get it.

Well win that is .......should be pretty funny to see if the winner can contain their laughter when the " receive" it. Smile
  • - 1
 Forget laughter, if I won that thing I'd be hard pressed to contain the urge to vomit all over it.
  • + 11
 I hope he wins the fmb but I want Mike Kinrade to win the RampageSmile
  • + 3
 best comment on pinkbike to date. even if he were to get in top ten I'd be stoked. guys been around forever. Drop in, 1st season baby!
  • + 1
 Man you don't even no how long he's been trying to win this,this is going to be his yearSmile
  • + 3
 Camelbak have f*cked up. If I was going to buy a new hydration pack soon, it definitely wouldn't be a Camelbak after that sh*tty effort. Anyway, I couldn't care less who takes it home, I just want to see some seriously big balls and our sport getting pushed further and further. It must already be one of the fastest progressing sports on the planet, let's see it go even further!
  • + 2
 Just got an Osprey, and it's freaking sick. traded in a camelbak that broke on me to REI to get it.
  • + 1
 I've got a Dakine pack which whoops my old Camelbak hands down. Hilarious thing is I still refer to it as my Camelbak, Those fools invented the game and then got their asses served to them by the competition.
  • + 1
 heh, had a dakine before I got the ill-fated camelbak. first pack i found that had straps for pads.
  • + 6
 Brandon will take the overall, but zink and martin should kill it! Same with brendog!
  • + 6
 Will the stream be available in the US? Or is it blocked by NBC?
  • + 1
 From what I understand, NBC is being an asshole. Makes me so sad.
  • + 2
 This is going to be insane. The variety of riders at this event is going to make this a very interesting finish. I'm stoked on seeing riders like Sorge, Soderstrom, Messere, Rheeder. and Goldman. And I'm interesrted in seeing how Pilgrim and Genon do on the big mountain. But it's Semenuk for the win or at least the title.
  • + 1
 A bronze statue of a rider doing a flat spin would be way better than a water bottle. Even a rider standing and holding his bike over his head in victory would be a 1000 times better. Like get with the times hahaha. When was the last time any of us even used a water bottle while biking. That shit is 1990's style. A water bottle has more to do with cross country than freeride hahahaah
  • + 2
 Ya I'm hammered drunk ass fuck for u euros out there........ That trophy is the gayest I have ever seen way to go camel back way to support the riders that put there life on the lines for some stupid golden bottle
  • + 2
 I'm rooting for Martin, after seeing what he can do on a downhill bike in his "Team Douche" video I reckon he's got a solid chance.
  • + 2
 fugly ass bottle! trophy should be like a solid gold taco'd wheel or something
  • + 2
 if the camelbak better bottle is solid gold, then it can be melted down and turned into something worthwile, or sold, right?
  • + 2
 Aaarrrrgg that grammar was so bad. It was like the golden bottle trophy of writing. Stoked to see rampage though.
  • + 2
 Brandon Semenuk. Cam Zink, Gee Atherton. I nice multicultural spread of skill, experience and respect.
  • + 1
 Does anyone know what time this will stream in the UK? And 'till what time?
  • + 1
 The riding is gonna be good. I interested to see who survives the qualies w/ all the new faces this year....
  • + 1
 Top 3 for Brandon and he locks up FMB championship regardless of others? I like those odds!
  • + 1
 Will we be able to watch it on fuel tv or NBC sports as part of the red bull signature series?
  • + 2
 what day is red bull rampage? and will it be live on PB ?
  • + 3
 next weekend bro. its the 5, 6 and 7. here is the schedule:
  • + 1
 They should have put a HAWG or a Mule instead. Maybe with cash coming out of the main compartment
  • + 2
 Graphs and marketing are dull. Let's ride this thing.
  • + 1
 will the livestream broadcast the quali? would love to see it!
  • + 1
 Martin is taking home this one!!
  • + 4
 Serious? The Rampage ain't no walk in the (dirt) park. If the progression from previous years is anything to go by, it will be bigger and gnarlier than ever. Soderstrom, Pilgrim, Genon... uhem, assume the position!
  • + 1
 Trophy should be a Goldman cracked helmet!!
  • + 2
  • + 1
 seminuk will backflip the big redbull drop.
  • - 2
 Semenuk has got this, he's the one im rooting for. After his bad luck at joyride he definately deserves this! Smile
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