A Frenchman, an Italian and a Swede Travel the World With Their Bikes

Apr 21, 2016 at 3:20
by FMB World Tour  
We are only days away from the first Gold event of this year’s FMB World Tour. After the first two stops at White Style 2016 (Silver event, Leogang, AUT) and Crankworx Rotorua (Diamond event, Rotorua, NZL), it is time to introduce some of the youngsters on the tour. The FMB World Tour caught up with Tomas Lemoine, Torquato Testa and Max Fredriksson to find out, what it’s like touring the world and doing what you love.

by Richard Kurowski

You showed up in style in Rotorua for the FMB Diamond Event. It’s all fairly new to you, so what is it like competing at this level?

Fredriksson: Getting the opportunity to compete in the Diamond Series is really one of my biggest dreams coming true. I didn’t really have any expectations going into the event. To end up 7th overall was better than I ever could’ve thought. After I landed my run I felt a huge relief and a happiness, which I’ve never felt at a contest before. It felt unreal.

Testa: Being one of the newer riders competing in the FMB Diamond Series really means a lot! The Diamond Series is the dream of every young rider, because only here you can find the “elite” of MTB.

by Christoph Laue ROSE Bikes

What is it like, belonging to the youngest/newest riders competing in the Diamond Series?

Fredriksson: To get into the Diamond series is something, which I’ve had as a goal for a long time now. It feels amazing to finally be there and be able to ride together with all my role models I used to watch on the internet, when I was a kid. The older guys have been really nice to me. I think they understand, what it is like to be new on the scene and not knowing how everything works and being confused from time to time. I guess all of them have also been in our shoes before. They are a bunch of funny guys and are always joking around.

Testa: It’s really a pleasure to ride with some legends and everyone is friendly. I think this is so unique for our sport.

Lemoine: It's pretty gnarly. There is a pretty good atmosphere out there! I love being on the tour with all my friends. We always have a lot of fun together and it motivates me to see some older guys send it. I definitely want to be still be around, when I'm their age!

by Richard Kurowski

What would you say was your "break through moment“ from amateur to pro status?

Fredriksson: I’d first say at Vienna Air King 2015 (FMB Silver event). It was my first event of the year and I managed to make my first podium at a FMB World Tour event. After Vienna I managed to reach the top 10 nearly every time. I had a lot of great moments last year, but I think that Vienna was the start of it for sure.

Lemoine: My 7th place at FISE Andorra (FMB Gold event) in 2014 gave me a spot for Red Bull Joyride. I would say this is where it all started for me!

by Christoph Laue

How important was the Bronze-Silver-Gold structure of the World Tour for your development?

Fredriksson: I literally started from 83rd position in the rankings last season. I got to pre-qualify my way into the Silver and Gold events to get my points, so I could climb in the rankings. I’d say that it’s a really good system and if you manage to do well at the events, you’ll climb your way up the rankings.

Testa: I competed in minor FMB events for three years. It was really important to grow up and see how you can manage your way up to the top of the ranking.

Lemoine: Important enough to grow up and to gain the points I needed to reach the Diamond Series.

by Christoph Laue ROSE Bikes

What’s your favourite trick and why?

Fredriksson: Doing flip whips on a huge jump is the best feeling ever, it feels like everything is moving in slow motion.

Testa: My favourite trick is double flip, because I have been working on it for several years. I always tried to inspire myself by watching ski videos. In skiing a double flip is nothing, but it’s a fun trick as you can look down after each rotation.

Lemoine: I love bar spin combo's, because I love the feeling of a good bar spin!

by Bartek Wolinski

What is your goal this year?

Fredriksson: I want to qualify for a spot at Joyride and land a run that I’m really stoked on.

Testa: My goal this year was to end up in the top 10 at least once in a Diamond Series event. Now I’ll have to rethink that and aim for a top 10 spot in the Diamond Series ranking!

Lemoine: I want to send some good runs and be totally stoked! Seriously, I just want to carry on living the dream and working on reaching a top spot in the ranking.

by Bartek Wolinski

Which tricks are you working on/ would you like to be able to perform in future?

Fredriksson: I’ve been working on some new tricks since last fall, that I want to take to a contest this year. I recently learned cork 720’s and I’d like to do that at a contest pretty soon.

Testa: This is a secret, keep up-to-date and you’ll discover what I’m planning to do in the future.

Lemoine: I prefer not to give anything away, before it's landed!

Thanks for taking the time, guys!

Photos by Christoph Laue, Bartek Wolinski and Richkphotography.



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 Nice one! Ten points for you me laddie!
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