Fezzari Launches Timp Peak Long Travel eMTB

Feb 28, 2023 at 10:14
by Fezzari Bicycles  

PRESS RELEASE: Fezzari Bicycles

With a mission to deliver the best ride quality and unlock the full mountain, we have designed an e-bike that breaks the mold. We are thrilled to introduce the Timp Peak, a 170mm Enduro E-bike.

Designed for a Lively Yet Planted Feeling
Timp Peak’s analog sibling, the 170mm La Sal Peak, won multiple editor's choice awards from various publications. We built upon and optimized the La Sal Peak’s proven platform to match the Timp Peak’s weight, torque, and power. The result? Suspension performance that delivers a lively yet planted feeling. We worked with Rockshox, Fox, DVO, MRP, Push and EXT to custom tune each shock to pair perfectly with the Timp Peak. Every suspension package is a true custom experience as part of our 23-Point Custom Setup.

Full Carbon Frame
The Timp Peak features a full carbon frame (including front and rear triangles and shock link) that offers a lightweight and stiff platform for high-performance riding. The use of carbon allows us to manipulate tubing shapes, control stiffness, and tune desired flex. The lightweight frame construction opens the door for the optimal battery, more range, and burlier components at a competitive overall weight. The internal cable management system is quiet and easy to service.

Climb Anything, Descend Everything
Our custom motor tuning profile maximizes traction with smooth delivery of functional power rather than sudden all-out power. Timp Peak’s kinematics and geometry put you in an efficient pedaling position. The perfect seat tube angle paired with 160mm cranks, gives Timp Peak plenty of clearance to keep your cadence in the sweet spot for technical climbs. Suspension and motor work together to clean tough lines.

Timp Peak’s short chainstay gives a nimble and snappy feeling in tight corners. The long wheelbase and slack headtube angle provide stability in rough terrain and high speeds. Timp Peak’s 170mm travel suspension was designed to offer small bump sensitivity through choppy segments, as well as endless support for fast sections and big compressions. The low top tube and uninterrupted seat tube allow for low standover height and long dropper posts on every size.

Mullet Capable
Timp Peak comes stock with 29er wheels. The GA link offers two positions of geometry adjustment, giving you the choice of a mullet setup (available at checkout).

Proprietary Rail System
Our modular rail system enables the battery to sit at the lowest possible position. This results in a low center of gravity that improves traction and suspension performance. By keeping the center of gravity low, the Timp Peak is able to maintain a very light cockpit for great steering and handling.

Spec’d for Real Life Use
Every spec comes with the Shimano EP8 motor and the most capable components needed for a long travel e-bike. Top shelf suspension, premium wheels, reliable groupsets and powerful brakes work together to elevate the ride experience at every build level. Out of the box, Timp Peak is ready to rip.

Models and Pricing

Timp Peak Comp (504Wh) | $5,999
Timp Peak Elite (635Wh) | $6,999
Timp Peak Pro Launch Edition (635Wh) | $7,499
Timp Peak Frameset (including shock, 635Wh) | $4,999

Learn more at fezzari.com


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 Wow. The value here is incredible. For the same money as pretty much any other equivalently-spec’d E-bike, you can get a Timp Peak Elite and a car.
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 Fezzari usually brings the thunder with value. Question - Is the carbon upgrade worth it though? (in yours and other's opinion)
You can snag several other alloy e-bikes out there with better builds for the same or less money than these. The weight gain is minimal in e-bike world but maybe I'm off base?
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 @bhowl: Pushing that much more weight and speed I think the strength of carbon is worth it here. The flex in intended spots will smooth the ride too.
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 The Comp is amazing value. Under 6k with top level DVO suspension....NX isn't awesome but will work fine until you swap it our for some GX bits....
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flag freeridejerk888 (Mar 1, 2023 at 8:40) (Below Threshold)
 @Marky771: but if you buy it with dvo you’ll have to swap it out for something else
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 @freeridejerk888: Uh, no. DVO makes some of the best stuff period.
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 Transition relay killer ?
  • 35 2
 Simp Peak
  • 22 0
 If they offered a polished wood frame finish they could call it the Pimp Teak.
  • 5 0
 limp peek
  • 19 1
 Frameset! I hope this becomes a trend/option from other manufacturers.
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 So much this. The complete bike is just a way to add to the bottom line and deny your customers choice.
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 Why did i click here
  • 10 0
 To try and garner internet clout by hating on Ebikes?
  • 1 0
 Username says you like tacky.
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 Beautiful looking bike. Thanks for selling frame kit only, this is what I've been waiting for. I wonder about the battery, made by shimano or somewhere else? I hope made by other company, because shimano-made battery is not good. Like Scor, YT, Norco they make their own battery, I mean not by shimano, so much better.
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 YES!! Frame kit offering. About freaking time!
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 The battery in the Timp Peak in custom to Fezzari. It is NOT the Shimano branded battery.
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 @Fezzari: but your website says "" Shimano EP8 250W, 85 nm torque motor, 504 Wh"...
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 @Mishtar: The motor is Shimano. The battery is NOT made by Shimano. The 504Wh battery comes with the Timp Peak Comp build at the $5999 price. There is an upgrade option to a 635Wh for $200 at checkout.
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 Full 1.5 headtube is a nice touch also one of the best looking Fezzari's to date
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 Well done Fezzari! It looks great and has got to ride brilliantly. I love my Wire Peak. I told the guy at their Demo booth last Summer that an Ebike platform based on their La Sal and with a slightly larger battery option would be a perfect bike, turns out they had just that being cooked up already.
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 Nice looking bike and build options!
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 Shimano is definitely not the choice for a motor. Least range by far. Almost 20% less compared to Bosch, Brose or Yamaha. And I think Pinion and Bafang are around the same range numbers. EP8 is like having an old depleted battery on a new bike.
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 High end spec e-bike for the price of a mid-level spec Santa Cruz non e-bike. Interesting…
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 finally an E-bike that doesn't cost as much as a nice, low mileage imported JDM 1996 Honda CR-V.
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 a new release ebike without headset routing... i actually read the post this time and its made my list for when i buy a new bike. well done fezzari.
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 Curious to hear the EP8 motor rattle test on this frame. Seems like different frames are louder than others with the inherent design of the EP8 with its disengaged clutch rattle when coasting over bumps or rough terrain.
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 British astronaut-named bike?

Could havd done a space themed paint job
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 Name after Mount Timp right in Fezzari's Backyard.
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 @svenjamsa: timpanogos
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 That blue one looks excellent, loving the clear frame too.
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 This might be the year I finally buy an ebike. This one looks more appealing than the Transition Relay as far as costs
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 Buy any motor besides Shimano. Shimano has by far the least range. Sams ebikes did a comparison if you want the specific numbers.
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 @Bunabe: link? anecdotal experience says Shimano is as or more efficient than Bosch
  • 2 0
 @dontcoast: www.youtube.com/watch?v=im8292V4IO4&ab_channel=Sam%E2%80%99sBikes

Shimano is almost 20% less range compared to Bosch, Brose and Yamaha. And I think Bafang and Pinion are around the better numbers as well. So Shimano is the sore thumb out of the bunch. You are basically wasting money buying a Shimano. I have an EP8 and can confirm the numbers.
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 @Bunabe: What we have found testing Shimano and all the other brand motors is the tune used on the motors, especially Shimano, really makes a difference in range, power, and feel of the motor. We spent a huge amount of time on the motor tune profiles. We have two modes, a range maximizing mode and a "mountain bikers" mode. This better matches how aggressive riders are pedaling their analog bikes. We have ridden some of our competitors bikes that use EP8 and have noticed we'd prefer a change in the motor tune because a lack of power or range. Customers can change their motor tune on their own, but OEMs do have a some wider adjustments than consumers.

The TLDR version is not all EP8 bikes are equal because motor tuning varies widely.
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 @Bunabe: different bikes with different weights, different batteries and no clarity on the EP8 tune or customization, and the Shimano bike is a Commencal with a coil. Seems anecdotal at best.
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 @dontcoast: I have a Devinci AC 12S with an EP8 the results match...
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 @Fezzari: Test is in boost mode on 85Nm. Don't really care about the other numbers.

I have a Devinci AC 12S EP8 and it matches what the video says.
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 @Bunabe: the Shimano motor is the most efficient at lower power modes. Even better than Levo/Kenevo SL, Bosch and Brose. At full torque it’s about the same, depending on bike kinematic. I own an Orbea Rise and I have done 3,230m, 80km with two Range extender (360wh + 504 wh) in 5.5 hours. I have done 2,900m, 70km on a Pole Voima with 2 750wh batteries in 4.5 hours.
The EP8 was way more efficient in my testing. It depends on the bike
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 A good looking Fezzari? Truly the sign of end times.
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 The Kings Peak fat is pretty nice IMO, and it's one of the only fat with a slightly steeper seat angle.
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 Ibis meets Transition. Ibis had a transition.
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 @Will-narayan: I own a Kings Peak and agree whole heartedly....BTW, my Fezzari experience has been excellent and I recommend them all the time. This is a well designed, feature rich and value conscious option.

Not going to debate the Shimano vs other eMotors, I think they're fine and it could just be Shimano haters, I do own an eBike with a Bosch motor and really like it with good range but would have been just as happy with Shimano I'm sure, for the package/price this bike is a very good option.
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 @bikeorski4me: It's just reality.


Shimano is by far the worst range at almost 20% less compared to Bosch, Brose and Yamaha. I can confirm this is accurate I have a Shimano EP8 and I don't recommend anyone buy it unless they absolutely have to. It's like having a 5 year old battery on a new bike.
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 Carbon ebike what a joke there was never anything wrong with aluminum. The bike just cost more I raced outrigger canoe for thirty years and broke one wood paddle in my 20s In my 30s. Broke four carbon paddles As a whole we consumers drank the kooool aide ! Bike profits are up and low income people struggling to buy a bike Mention this in a bike shop they say ride quality Buying a carbon Ebike is a joke My personal view on this The
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 Nicely designed, good value, and no headset cable routing.
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 Why would Ferrari name something "Limp Peak" tho?

*looks closer*

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 They should really come out with a 2nd brand name, same bikes just different name... The brand name and model names.are so uninspiring. Fezzari Timp Peak vs Cortex Adrenal Sled 170 Mk1 c'mon.... You know which one you want.
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 Ooooo SRAM new 12 speed drivetrain
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 @TannerValhouli: On Fezzari's website, under build spec for the "Pro" spec. New SRAM 12-Speed Drivetrain is listed for derailleur, cassette, chain and chain ring.
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 I thought you were making a general statement that they have specced the new drivetrain and maybe released the details before SRAM could. But no, it straight up says "New SRAM 12-Speed Drivetrain" lol
  • 7 1
 @nisti: I would hope it’s not used sram 12 speed if it’s coming on a brand new bike
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 I've searched hard and wide for a weight on any build of this bike. It's discussed no where. @Fezzari ?
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 A size medium in the Pro Launch Edition spec (Zeb/Super deluxe, DT Swiss HX1700, TRP DHR Evo brakes with 203 rotors,GX AXS, Shimano EP8 full power motor and 635Wh battery) comes in at 50lbs. (5:10 mark of this review video he mentions the weight www.youtube.com/watch?v=cW1n_QzI2JE&t=49s)
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 Different from their usual shock layout, I like it
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 The frame cost the same as my complete Orbea Rise... value?
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 I think that the Pimp Steak have a lot going.
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 British astronaut called, and wants his name left alone
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 Ferrari is a delicated car...
  • 1 0
 Drone shot at 0:50 in the video is stunning - timing is everything!
  • 1 0
 Speed and Power.
  • 1 0
 Still no 700+WB
  • 2 3
 FEZZARI sounds like Ferrari. I sure hope it is as fast as one.
  • 1 0
 And delicated.
  • 1 0
 I think your the first person to come to that conclusion...
  • 1 0
 @stiingya: Ferrari is a delicated car...
  • 3 6
 Some brand should add for once and for all a throttle.
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