Throwback Thursday: Where is the Supermarket Bike Rider Today?

Jul 23, 2023 at 2:53
by Filipe Perestrelo  

Where is the Supermarket Bike Rider now? Many still remember the inspiring journey of Filipe, the fearless rider from Madeira Island. From his humble beginnings on a supermarket bike to conquering the legendary trails of Whistler Bikepark, Filipe's story captivated the global mountain biking community. Today, he continues to share his love for the sport through the MTBRAVE Channel, fearlessly exploring new trails and inspiring others to chase their dreams. Join Filipe on his ongoing adventure, as he proves that passion and determination know no boundaries. Watch the video to relive his journey.

Watch the original winning video of the Ride Life Gravity Edition.

Good night Bike.

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 Great story. I love this sport but only got into it late in life due to the high costs associated with it. I keep all my old bikes now and take interested people and especially teens mountain biking on those extra rigs. If they want to keep going I let them ride one of my extra bikes till they can save up for their own and I help them find a deal. Sure I could sell them, but it is a great feeling to get others into such a great sport and the reward is great when you give back. I would highly recommend keeping your older bikes as starter loaner bikes is you have the means and space to do so. It really is satisfying to introduce people that might not have ever been exposed to mountain biking and see them get totally into the outdoors and riding.
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flag jtnotsure (Aug 3, 2023 at 4:46) (Below Threshold)
 So you are that guy making everyone feel weird at the trailhead
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flag Intense4life (Aug 3, 2023 at 4:58) (Below Threshold)
 Good for you but that was exhaustive. I fell like a was trying to read the same sign whizzing by while I was on a merri go round when I was kid on a merri go round trying to read this sign that was whizzing by while I was on this merri go round….when I was a kid. On a merri go round with the space and the means and all that.
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flag Durtwrx (Aug 3, 2023 at 7:05) (Below Threshold)
 @jtnotsure: yup
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flag Durtwrx (Aug 3, 2023 at 7:06) (Below Threshold)
 @Intense4life: hahahahahahahaha
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 Simply, congrats man!!! The world and the sports need more people like you!!!!
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 @Intense4life: You can't even write one sentence without royally f*cking it up. I think we know why you got bored of his post.
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 Wow, how did this comment manage to get so much hate? Awesome stuff man, you're totally right it's great when you have the chance to introduce new people to this sport that we all love.
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 I got my first good race bike from a guy doing a similar thing so I always enjoy seeing other people helping kids out. It really is one of the best ways you can support young riders and we sure appreciate and remember it.
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 Remember the old saying kids: "If you don't have anything nice to say... you may be an a*shole".
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 I'm smiling while watching this. I remember how so many PBers were wanting Filipe to win and how stoked we were when he did. And then we all bullied Giant into getting him a complete bike instead of just the frame. So kudos to Giant too.
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 Sometimes bullying is a good thing
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 I think everyone was happy for Filipe to win! And Giant stepped up to the plate massively. They didn't need to (although they did get a massive boost in positive pr, which no doubt helped them) so credit where credit is due...
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 @slimboyjim: And to put it in perspective,that was before all the "influencing" going on today.
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 That was so sick, this dude embodies everything that is so great about the sport
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 this is awesome. Thanks pinkbike for sharing. Man i remember when this video came out and despite the efforts of everyone else Filipe stole all of our hearts. Even in the comments people were creating paypal accounts and shipping older product that we had lying around to him. it was truly a great thing seeing the community come around him. To see him win a complete bike instead of a frame was just soooo good. So good to see Filipe still loving bikes!
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 Was just thinking about the "Breaking a Walmart Frame" video the other day. In a day where my neighbors kids of nicer bikes than I do, its good to see the stories of people that don't have those opportunities
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 Oh hey! Hi Filipe, I remember watching this story wishing you to win and I was really happy it ended so well for you. Keep on riding and having fun, cheers!
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 Great to read about and see these edits of the original denim destroyer.
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 Stoke for the day is up now! Now need to ride.
  • 2 0 - For anyone who might've missed it. That's his channel.
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 Found him!
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 Those are best shoes I've ever owned
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 Good stuff!

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