Video: Raw Footage of Veronique Sandler Hitting the Vision Film Line

Aug 19, 2019 at 3:02
by Five Ten  

VISION RAW- A segment from the full feature movie. Jump on board with the star of VISION Movie, Veronique Sandler as she hits the purpose-built VISION line in this raw segment from the full feature film.

VISION is available for digital download here

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 Note to self: hit this line at some point. (Or die tryin’)
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 Well it's only sent 2 to hospital so far....if you're quick,you could be the third.
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 These look like well shaped jumps, I am pretty sure that shitty little jumps in the bushes send more people to hospital than big lines. Ones like those in Friday fails. Big jumps tend to be safer than small ones. The only tricky thing I see there is the shark fins.
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 @WAKIdesigns: You also one of those guys who think they could score a point against Serena Williams in tennis?
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 @ratedgg13: to be fair to Waki, he wasn't saying he could send them easily, he's just saying that badly built small jumps are more unsafe than well built bigger jumps. And he's right.
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 @ratedgg13: the bike always follows the lip, it just has to, you on the other hand have arms and legs that can bend or stiffen up in the right or wrong moment, in case of many beginners, arms get soft while legs are stiff. If the lip is too low and too short, while bike will want to go up, your body may want to keep going forward. When they meet at the end of the lip, the dead sailor is born. If the lip is big enough then no matter what you do, your body will finally be sent with same vector as the bike. To put it simply, low jumps require good timing of boosting a jump. Especially at higher speeds. Bushes all over the world are filled with 3-4ft tall steep lips with 6-8ft gaps, often with landings lower than take offs. As you ride at one your center of mass is at 3ft... it will want to go forward if you don’t do anything so the bike will bump it up.
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 @WAKIdesigns: I pretty much just downvote your comments anytime I see then.
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 @NelsonSunshine: Hey now, I once said the same but I think WAKI has toned down on the space explorer and toned up on the legit, albeit dense, conversation. Usually.
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At least 2,200 men can beat Serena Williams. She is the equivalent of an average male player in college.
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 @jstnrt: Waki is bipolar for sure.
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 I've stood in the middle of those jump lines at Revs and they are impressive, took a few of us a good minute or so to work out the various lines down through them! Much bigger IRL than they look on camera.
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 @WAKIdesigns: "When they meet at the end of the lip, the dead sailor is born." FINALLY, the True Origin Story! Thank You!
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 She's such a dirty rider and so much fun to watch, but some of those camera shots were hard to watch and didn't do justice.
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 Are you on the right website?
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 Perfect crankflip at the end. I really need to learn those.
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 Except the last shot this has nothing really crazy camera speaking lol
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 thank you Roger Ebert
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 Gonna be some big old lagoons on that trail once it rains surely ?
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 Why? It’s not that hard to build drainage into any project. Even a bowl.
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 Have you ever been to Revolution? It rarely stops raining.
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 On this topic - Pinkbike, please do a feature on trail building! There are some genius creative solutions out there and some high budget failures as well. I can't believe how some certain trails have no drainage of any kind what so ever and have puddles throughout the year.
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 Watch the movie, you'll get your answer to that.
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 @metaam: Still fun though.
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 @dans160: For sure, one of my favourites.
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 Beautiful rider, beautiful riding, beautiful trails, oh crap what is that hideous thing shes riding?
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 It's not available on itune France :'(
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 Looks like a real fun line!
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 Enjoyed it
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 Kind of like the picture better than the video...
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 she dope
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