Vero Sandler & Five Ten Collab on Breast Cancer Awareness Collection

Oct 3, 2022 at 6:56
by Five Ten  
https breast cancer awareness

PRESS RELEASE: Adidas/ Five Ten

INTRODUCING THE ADIDAS BREAST CANCER AWARENESS COLLECTION FEATURING THE FIVE TEN FREERIDER PRO CANVAS – a selection of footwear and apparel designed to raise awareness and funding for Breast Cancer Now and National Breast Cancer Foundation. Designed in partnership with Veronique Sandler

“My mom had breast cancer,” explains adidas Five Ten Senior Product Manager Bike & Global Brand Comms Manager, Luke Hontz. “She is fortunate to have come through it. I’ve wanted to do something to raise awareness of the disease and to help support individuals and their friends and families who are impacted. Working on this collection is a passion project. I'm grateful adidas gave me the chance to get it off the ground. I hope our efforts can make a difference in people's lives."

https breast cancer awareness

Inspired by the experiences of people and communities around the world, including its own employees and athletes, adidas is launching the Breast Cancer Awareness Collection this October.

Available throughout Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the adidas Breast Cancer Awareness Collection sees adidas partnering with Breast Cancer Now in the UK and Europe, and National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. in the US, to help raise awareness of breast cancer and support the vital work both charities do.

https breast cancer awareness

The products in the Breast Cancer Awareness Collection have been chosen to help everyone, regardless of physical ability or condition, spend more time in the outdoors. The collection’s apparel selection includes an adidas Five Ten Flooce Jacket and Jersey designed to aid temperature regulation when mountain biking in variable conditions. Also in the collection is a windproof and water-repellent adidas TERREX Trail Wind Jacket which, on cooler outings, can be layered over the adidas TERREX Agravic T-shirt. Featuring AEROREADY technology, this base-layer T-shirt manages runners’ body sweat to keep them feeling comfortable for longer.

https breast cancer awareness

adidas athlete Veronique Sandler has created a series of illustrations for the products in the collection, aimed at representing the strength and comfort that those with breast cancer have experienced in the outdoors.

“A few people in my life have had breast cancer. It’s something many of us will be affected by in some way in our lifetime, and it’s so important to spread awareness. I’m so stoked to have had the opportunity to be involved with designing this collection,” says Veronique Sandler . “Speaking to people with the disease, and those who have had it in the past, many of them described to me how spending time in nature or thoughts of nature helped them stay positive through difficult moments. I hope my illustrations help represent their strength and positivity.”

https breast cancer awareness

The collection is available for purchase in limited quantities from September 30, 2022 until the end of October 2022 for adiClub members only, before going on general sale after October. £15/€15/$15 from each full-price sale of the adidas Breast Cancer Awareness Collection will be donated to Breast Cancer Now (for purchases in the UK and EU) or National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. (for purchases in North America). The money raised will contribute to the important work these charities are doing.

With the Breast Cancer Awareness Collection, adidas can support its charity partners in their efforts to help those impacted by breast cancer, while also offering more people a route into the outdoors with the footwear and apparel they need.

The Five Ten Freerider Pro Canvas are available in both mens and womens sizes ranging from u.3.5 to Uk 14.5, To find out more or purchase an item from the adidas Breast Cancer Awareness Collection, head to the adidas website.

The adidas STRENGTH IN NATURE campaign was developed in partnership with real women from Breast Cancer community. Discover their story and the importance of the outdoors in their life along with how Vero and Luke brought this collection to life.


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 My sister died April 20 2022 of breast cancer just 27 days before her 45th birthday. Her name was Dana and she was one of the most gentle people that I have ever known. She did everything right. She self exam'd, caught and treated it early, had a mastectomy, and the evil shit still spread to her brain. I will buy a pair of these as soon as I see them available. Every day is the Sound of Silence sis, and I think about you with a smile on my face. #f*ckCANCER
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 Thank you Adidas/510 every bit helps in the fight against Cancer.

Idea for another version.
Just big letters


I'd rock those in a second.
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flag Pinemtn (Oct 4, 2022 at 12:09) (Below Threshold)
 im yet to hear a valid argument as to why more grip is better with shoes and mountain bikes.
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 @Pinemtn: ok then. Why is no grip good.
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flag Pinemtn (Oct 4, 2022 at 15:05) (Below Threshold)
 @fabwizard: less grip allows you to adjust your foot positioning
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 @Pinemtn: this is definitely the time and place to have that conversation. Anything else rattling around in your head right now that you'd like to discuss while the rest of us are talking about a good cause to raise awareness and money to fight cancer?
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 @Pinemtn: Sometimes your foot adjusts right off the pedal.
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 @Pinemtn: if you don't like having grippy shoes then buy the 5ten Primeblue ('super environmental', but also made in China and shipped half way round the world) . They have really hard rubber. I had to change to the standard 5ten freerider pros, which had equivalent grip to the MI6 rubber.
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 Welp, Im sold! Wife is a survivor with a double mastectomy, anytime I can help I’m in, and sweet pink shoes with tits on them as well? Perfect!
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 This is a good place to remind everyone to fondle their loved ones. Regularly. That's how I found my wife's tumor 5 years ago. And buy some shoes to help fund awareness.
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 Totally gonna pretend the grip is worse on these like on the ones made of recycled dolphins.

Also, why would you give adidas ~$150 only for them to only donate $15? Seems silly and a total ripoff for everyone besides Adidas.
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 Hey Bert, The donation is built off of the whole collection not just the shoes, some of the products in the collection are a lot cheaper but the donation amount remains the same throughout every item.
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 The price is the same on these as the non pink ones. So I still get a pair of shoes that I need (and admittedly look rad) and they donate $15 bucks. I don’t understand the problem.
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 You're right, you're getting nothing for that 150 and it's silly for Adidas to try to do something good. Might as well criticize everything instead and just go buy some other shoes. Very thoughtful of you.
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 @roggey: another crazy idea would be to donate to an org yourself and buy whatever shoes ya want.
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 @BERT629: you are absolutely correct, but what if…… I DID want a pair of 5/10’s? And there is no price difference between the shoes, but if I pick a certain pair adidas donates $15? How cool would that be?
  • 13 9 terms of breast cancer awareness, I would’ve expected at least ONE chest shown on those shoes to have a “—— ——“ to represent double mastectomy scars. My long-time best gal friend had a double complete mastectomy at age 25, after being paralyzed at age 20 when she missed an unmarked corner on an 4-wheeler ATV and went off a 30-foot cliff and landed on her helmeted head (a few doctors suspect that the proportional increase in blood flow above the belly-button-level spinal cord injury could have resulted in providing enough blood flow to pre-cancerous cells to allow them to develop into breast cancer 20-30 years earlier than they otherwise would have, without the post-SCI increase in blood flow).

Mastectomies, including living without reconstruction, are an oft-overlooked element of suffering breast cancer. But as a mountain biker who appreciates amazing scars, I can honestly say that I like her scars just as much, if not more, than her pre-cancer chest (which if you must know, made Victoria’s Secret models look like the B-Team).

I hope more women can feel comfortable living without reconstruction — as it can be a difficult process that can make the whole post-cancer “recovery” process a lot more difficult and even traumatic (like in her case, when the first step of reconstruction — stretching the skin with a temporary implant — resulted in an infection, after which she decided to live, quite happily, without reconstruction. Although she did experience a temporary bout of pronounced remorse and grieving from losing not only her legs and butt, but also her breasts).
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 This is both heartwarming and creepy AF. The props reflect this.
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 What an incredible story, thanks for sharing - best wishes tot your friend. When creating the print for this campaign we wanted to include as many different types of illustrations as possible. The full print does include the double mastectomy scars but not all of the illustrations were visible once it was over laid on the shoes. The full print is visible online and on the artwork for the campaign on
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 @BenPea: couldn't have said it any better lol.
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 The human condition is wild. Thanks for sharing this - it is powerful.
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 @BenPea @DylanH93 :
Haha...well, she sought my opinion on reconstruction vs no reconstruction...showing me before and after pictures (pre-surgery pictures by a breast cancer survivor photographer who specializes in pre-mastectomy artistic photos). But anyhow, it’s purely an aesthetic opinion, not some Frankenstein scar fetish thing, LOL. But she and I do have some really impressive scars (and stories about them) between our combined dozen-plus surgeries / injuries. Aesthetic opinions from close friends can be important for some women (and men in similar scenarios), especially when struggling with deciding whether to live without a body part that can be a significant part of their aesthetic and outward identity. Plus, scars can partially represent the experience of surviving cancer (or a spinal cord injury, or other life-changing injury and/or surgical intervention)...whereas a reconstruction is sometimes never quite the same for some survivors.

So yeah, if anyone reading this ever knows someone who has a mastectomy and is contemplating not getting reconstruction, just be sure to consider the whole spectrum of how a woman might receive someone telling her that they would not like her as much without breasts. I think anyone can appreciate either aesthetic equally — particularly when considering what each option represents for the woman, as well as her lived experience proceeding with either option. I suppose someone’s opinion comes down to how they view women in general, as well as how they specifically view a woman who is their best friend (and how they value her and what they value about her).
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 @WRCDH: my wife went the reconstruction route because she was terrified of not having breasts, which I get. I’d get implants if I had to have the berries cut off. She looks fantastic….but at a price. As you mentioned earlier the stretching process was painful and long. She now always has to wear super supportive sports bras or they ache, she has zero feeling in them, and because all the actual breast tissue is gone and they are literally just bags of saline covered with skin they are always cold. She has taken charge of her fitness post cancer and now competes as a bikini model, is super confident in her body and looks amazing but there are drawbacks to both options. I’m really glad your friend was confident enough to avoid the extra pain and is living happily without hers and is cancer free!
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 I wonder if they plan to sell shoes with dick drawings for prostate cancer ?
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 Just making something pink is just virtue signaling. How much of the profits from these go to charities? What's the overhead? What are the outcomes related to breast cancer?!
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 It says $15 per sale right in the article, so not great
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 Be ware of the big pink ribbon. Awareness is very important, however research and actionable treatments are we the focus should be. Know where your money and your ”thoughts and feelings” go.
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 @CDABikeCo: This collaboration was worked on in partnership with NBCF and Breast Cancer Now, two amazing and reputable charities. You can find out more about the donations and where the fundraising will go to here:
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 I need some new work shoes, I hope they come in mens 14us.
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 Be ware of the big pink ribbon. Awareness is very important, however research and actionable treatments are we the focus should be. Know where your money and your ”thoughts and feelings” go.
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 I’m a dude n I see myself rocking those!!
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 I'll buy those. My mum survived but her skin deteriorated post chemo and she lost confidence and a few friends at the same time. Society!
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 I 3 Boobies!!!
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 i don't know why it didn't let me keep the carrot. It should be a heart. not just a 3.
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 @danielfloyd: we know you have three nipples, it’s ok dude.
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 Is there anyone in the developed world who's not already aware of breast cancer, how it's detected, and the struggle of those fighting it? If not, I guess all the previous campaigns and products failed but a bike shoe could be the one to accomplish it.
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 I wonder the same thing. If it’s truly about awareness- we are aware, thank you. I’m hoping it’s sending some proceeds towards treatments. Someone smart help me understand I’m not just buying a conversation starter, but actually helping fellow humans.
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 It's why Coca Cola still advertises. There has to be a constant advertising presence for a brand or cause to keep humming along. Every little helps.
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 There a reason why Pinkbike hasn't talked about Alicia Leggett's time in the ICU?
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 It’s wild and fresh news and maybe just too personal and too soon? Thankfully lots of local support and tons of funds raised
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flag Ellocomotive (Oct 3, 2022 at 20:42) (Below Threshold)
 @andrewfif: Glad to see the support, understood and agreed on personal, but I can't help but wonder what further benefit could be derived from talking about it. She's already got a public persona, is it really that different than when a competitor suffers a debilitating injury? There's a real risk of grievous harm or injury with this sport-shouldn't we drive that point home?
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 @Ellocomotive: mountain biking can lead to injury? WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME?
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 Because she is currently there? Give people some privacy, why do you care?
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 I'd rock them
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 I bought a pair for myself and my mom.

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 There seems to be an assumption that breast cancer only affects women.
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 @FiveTen international availability on these?
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 Can't get it in Israel... sh*t
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 I thought pink was reserved for Tahnee Seagrave only
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 And Kaos seagrave too
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