Last Chance: Win a Specialized Turbo Levo by Supporting Squamish Trail Maintenance

Feb 5, 2024 at 15:15
by The Free Radicals  

PRESS RELEASE: The Free Radicals

The Free Radicals and Squamish Off-Road Cycling Association (SORCA) have teamed up to host a bike raffle and 50/50 draw. This is a rare opportunity to get your hands on a Soil Searching limited edition Specialized Turbo Levo. These custom painted bikes can only be obtained through supporting trail advocacy initiatives or being recruited as a Global Ambassador. Soil Searching is a movement to recognize, celebrate and support trail builders and trail organizations who help shape our sport and our stoke. All proceeds from this campaign will go directly to trail building/maintenance in Squamish, BC.

SORCA is a registered not-for-profit organization led primarily by volunteers with a mandate to maintain and expand Squamish’s mountain bike trail network for diverse trail users. As the number of these users increases, the world-class trail network requires increased maintenance to keep the trail infrastructure running at a high level. Every dollar from both the bike raffle and 50/50 draw will go directly back into the trails we all love to ride.

Bike Details
Frame: Levo Gen3 carbon, size S4, 29 front/27.5 rear, 150mm travel, adjustable headset/BB height
Fork: Rockshox Zeb Select +, 160mm travel
Rear Shock: Rockshox Super Deluxe Select +
Drivetrain: SRAM GX Lunar mechanical
Brakes: SRAM Code RS
Wheels: Roval Traverse Alloy handbuilt
RideWrap Tailored Protection Kit


How it works

There are four different ticket packages to choose from for the bike raffle. Each ticket gives you one chance to win the raffle. The more tickets you purchase, the better your odds of winning. The 50/50 draw also has four different ticket packages to choose from. Each ticket gives you one chance to win the prize of 50% of the ticket sales to a maximum of $25,000. Winners consent to the release of their name by the licensee. Ticket purchasers must be 19 or older and located in BC at the time of purchase. If a winning ticket bears a minor’s name, the prize will be lawfully delivered to the minor’s parent, legal guardian or trustee. Keep the ticket until a winner is confirmed. The winner must have their ticket to claim the prize. The winner is responsible for the cost of shipping/delivery, if applicable. Every ticket holder has the right to witness the draw. Full rules and regulations can be found on the raffle page.


With an almost year-round riding season and its proximity to Vancouver, Squamish's trails see constant use and abuse. SORCA has a paid trail crew but with over 300km of hand and machine-built trail and an ever-increasing amount of trail uses, there is only so much the crew can do. 100% of the raffle and 50/50 proceeds will go towards SORCA’s trail maintenance to help keep the trails running at the incredible standard we are fortunate to be accustomed to.


We want to give a special thanks to Specialized Soil Searching for continuing to support grassroots trail advocacy initiatives around the globe.

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 No money to Sorca until they release detailed financial records.
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 100%. Interesting graphic at the AGM that showed as much had been paid out in salaries as had been paid out in trail work. Detailed financials sure would make it clear where the money is actually going; who is drawing a salary at SORCA and what the return is for the salaries being paid. One would assume everything is on the up and up, but no way to know with the dearth of information they've given.
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 Admittedly curious as to what conspiracy you're looking to unearth?

I feel like the numerous trail days, community events, races, etc, etc, all require a fair bit of planning, and people to see them through, should they not be paid for their efforts?
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 @graveldaddy: If it's someone's full time job, sure, but there's no shortage of folks out there volunteering time to the sport often at personal financial costs. I think the argument being made here though is for transparency, which imo should be the norm for most any organization, never mind a non profit community based one.
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 The board controls the budget, defines roles and hires employees. Yes boards are inherently volunteer, but the paid positions are created due to the inordinate amount of time and effort required to put together all the various programming. I haven't been involved in SORCA's operations, but have on another local club over multiple terms, and the only reason paid positions are created is because volunteers don't have unlimited time and effort to put into those programs. Drop to kook-spiracy rhetoric, it's just kinda cringey.
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 Can you elaborate at what you're getting at here?
The only paid roles are:
1. Executive Director
2. Community Engagement Manager
3. Trail Manager/lead builder
4. Trail crew
I believe this $ would be going directly to trail maintenance (trail manager/crew)
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 Yeah some of those people are getting $25/hr.
I'm sure your suggesting they get raises.
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 @graveldaddy: I'm not looking to unearth any conspiracy. It's a wierd place to jump to, thinking a conspiracy would be unearthed with detailed financial records. I understand that events take peoples time and efforts. If they want to be payed for their efforts is up to them to decide. I enjoy working and giving to my community without compensation. That way I know I have actually given something to the community rather than traded my time for money with the community. There is a big difference between the two.
Having detailed financial records would show how much of my money is actually going to the things I want to see happen and how much of it is not. This leads me to being an informed consumer, which is much better than the alternative.
If my 60$ membership fee goes towards paying someones salary increase more so than actually builing and giving to the community then I would rather buy a few new tools and nails for myself and replace a bridge or something else that the community needs more.
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 @flipfantasia: There is no kook-spiracy rhetoric here. I'm not against payed positions. I'm simply asking for transparency for where my money is going. What is wrong with that?
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 @rjmogul: Sure. I'm not against payed roles. You are assuming where the money is going. I would like to know where it is going. What is wrong with wanting to be an informed consumer?
If I know how and where my money is spent I am better informed on how to spend it to best suit the community.
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 @Yaan: In every position some people deserve a raise and some people don't. Having detailed financials would allow us all to know if raises for the deserving people was possible and wether or not we wanted to support those raises.
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flag cerealkilla (Feb 15, 2024 at 20:22) (Below Threshold)
 @colebmx: Did you request the records from SORCA and have an official reply to share with everyone else, or just come here to beak off on the internet forums like some self-important twit who screams at people in McDonalds because you got the wrong number of fries in your bag.
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 @cerealkilla: If someone orders a large fries and recieves only 3 fries in their bag then they have every right to speak up about it beacause they didnt get what they payed for. Are you suggesting they should just accept they got ripped off and walk away?

Thank you for the great analogy.
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flag cerealkilla (Feb 15, 2024 at 20:32) (Below Threshold)
 @colebmx: Answer the question big mouth. Did you officially request the records through proper channels, and do you have a reply to share? Or are you just beaking off in McDonalds. And how exactly do you feel "ripped off". What exactly did you pay for and not receive?
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flag cerealkilla (Feb 15, 2024 at 21:10) (Below Threshold)
 @colebmx: Yeah, no answer. What I thought. Go read the Societies Act, figure out what specific information you need, and then get back to us when you have something.
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 Some irony in giving away a moped which degrades trails faster than a bicycle - to support trail building
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 Totally waiting for this comment lol. At least theres money going into trails. Maybe thatd be a good model going forward - an ebike ‘trail fee’ kinda thing
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 Does it degrade the trail more than shuttling or skidding the back wheel all over the place or riding around puddles does?
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 @Paddy705: well you don't shuttle up the freaking trail man....its called the road?
And skidding on a 60lb ebike definitely does more than skidding on my 31lb bronson....I have both and yes they eat trails.
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 @Paddy705: I haven't seen a puddle in so long...those were the days. But on a more serious note, even if we ignore the increased weight of the bike leading to more wear on the trails, the real killer is the increased frequency of trail use per rider. Mopeds allow you to do more laps in a day. More laps each day per rider = more wear. Its something like ski touring vs lift accessed powder.
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 @dgwww: also people are able to go access higher trails in the network, before ebike those trails were always in better shape cause some people weren't for enough to reach them but now every moped can make it.
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 These arguments are comical.
I’ve had this exact bike for a year(first e bike) now and been riding for 23 years. The additional wear to trails is negligible at best vs my analog bikes I’ve owned. The bikes weight isn’t an arguable point lol. Adding 20lbs to a rider and bike isn’t going to destroy trails. It’s the whole package of rider and bike that’s making an impact on trails. Heavy person on an any type of bike is going to put more wear on trails than a lighter smaller rider.
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 @b824: you go further and longer therefore you create more wear and tear
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 @dgwww: If your serious about this then for sure you are riding more days than we use to because regular bikes are better and easier, and more people now so by your math you should ride half as much as you do, you go first and the rest will follow, trails are meant to be ridden and they are ridden a ton, you can't measure the wear either so there is that. E-mtb allows a rider to have more momentum so it is actually less wear then the griding most do on trails... on bike weight then are we gonna measure fat people or bigger guys cause they weight more and so they have to pay more....ha ha, again your be the one to tell them that, don't forget to film it
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 @ybsurf: that’s ambitious speculation. Most other e owners I’ve talked to are like me. We’re still riding the same amount laps but it just isn’t as taxing on the climbs. I’m a mid 40’s tradesman and my hands only have 3-4 laps in them at most before they give out lol. I love the idea of doing more but that invites injury and more often than not I’ll pack it in after 2 or 3. Just the same as before.
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 @ybsurf: you also need to make a standard, I raced professionally for 17 years so the amount of riding i did was more than most and also in worse conditions. I ride 800-1000km a month now on my e-mtb, but there are new riders who ride far less than experienced regular bikers, so with out a standard you can't accurately make any common sense plan other than just your opinion. I definitely ride more than I would on a regular bike and due to the amount and distance I ride you should be able to tell me where I do ride since I am causing so much damage. Been riding since 1987 on the shore and then squamish and whistler and seen good trails that are still in great shape as they were new when i rode them when they opened....
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 @doctorfuzzz: skidding a tire is skidding a tire no? Does a 200lb rider skidding degrade the trail more than a 170lb rider?
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 @b824: Lets try again: "even if we ignore the increased weight of the bike leading to more wear on the trails, the real killer is the increased frequency of trail use per rider. Mopeds allow you to do more laps in a day. More laps each day per rider = more wear."
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 @dgwww: that was the point I was trying to make regarding shuttling
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  • 1 0

But you can do six laps now instead of 1
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 Jury remains out on ebikes having more wear. Nobody can claim definitive fact on the matter, and it should be studied properly instead of beaked about. However, SORCA does provide an option for people to pay for an ebike membership (a few more $) based on the assumption they likely will be using the trails more extensively, based on distance covered for time spent riding. This helps direct more money into maintenance.
When I get an ebike, I'll happily pay the higher rate.
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 @dgwww: 10-4
I’ll definitely be taking that into close consideration next time I’m out riding. Hopefully other moped owners are combing the Pinkbike comments sections for confirmation bias based theory about their 2 wheeled experiences in the forest as well. My two cents for those of you that are doing as such - make sure you see as many upvotes as possible so you know it’s got that echo chamber seal of approval lol
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 @doctorfuzzz: this argument makes zero sense, are you going to start talking shit about a 180lb rider vs a 150lb rider?
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 Help trail building effort to win a bike that put more wear and tear on trails. Make sense
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 Mopeds are fun to ride just like Honda civics… till your friends find out
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 I always hate these contests as a shorter than average rider - if I win what am I supposed to do with an S4 when I need an S2?
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 Sell it and buy a real bike that fits you.
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 1st world problem!
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 @BermJunky: I know and my latte was too hot this morning as well!
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 "How it works" should read, the bike operates with a combination of battery assist and leg power.
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 Could I choose two normal bikes instead of the moped?

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