Must Watch: Freeride Entertainment's Video Compilation of Carlin Dunne's Greatest Moments

Jul 4, 2019 at 11:29
by Freeride Entertainment  
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bigquotesCarlin was truly one of the nicest and humble people I have ever met in my career. I spent a lot of time this week shedding tears and reflecting on what an inspirational human he was. When he first came on the scene through the Race Face Ultimate Freeride Challenge you could tell he had an incredible love for anything two wheels. He rode dirt bikes and then came onto the freeride scene by going out and crushing some of the biggest jumps ever done on a mountain bike. Hitting the Moreno Valley Gap as his casting call to the mountain bike industry speaks to the level of his talent and it did not take long for the industry to notice him.

Photo: Lucas Kane

Carlin Dunne is filmed by helicopter NWD VI in Hinterglemm Austria.
Carlin Dunne filmed by helicopter for NWD VI in Hinterglemm, Austria. Photo: Lucas Kane

bigquotesAlong the way I watched him struggle to find his way in the mtb scene. With the rise of slopestyle came the dog eat dog nature of the sponsorship game and the expectation to be something he was not. He just wanted to ride and not have all the pressures of the scene. When it got to be too much he just said "f*ck it" I am just going to ride for fun and not risk being broken all the time for a couple free bikes and a below minimum wage salary. I was so proud of him for doing that.

Carlin Dunne Only rider to drop the biggest feature. Saalbach Slopestyle 2005 - Austria
Carlin was the only rider to drop the biggest feature at the Saalbach Slopestyle in 2005. Photo: Lucas Kane
Carlin Dunne La Cumbre Bolivia 5000m
5000 metres above sea level in La Cumbre, Bolivia. Photo: Lucas Kane

bigquotesI was so happy a few years later when I had the privilege of working with Red Bull, Dana Brown and his family on the On Any Sunday "The Next Chapter” film. I was able to bring Carlin into the film with the world's best riders and help tell his story of being one the most talented riders the motorcycle industry had never heard of. This started the next incredible run for him as a racer and his accomplishments in the last 5 years have been unbelievable.

Robbie Bourdon Gary Alistair Carlin Dunne and Dave Watson. Somewhere in Bolivia
Robbie Bourdon, Gary, Alistair, Carlin Dunne and Dave Watson. Somewhere in Bolivia. Photo: Lucas Kane

Carlin Dunne - La Cumbre Bolivia 5000 meters
Carlin Dunne - Bolivia Illimani in the background.
Carlin way out there in Bolivia. Photos: Lucas Kane

The future meets the past. Carlin Dunne Robbie Bourdon and Cedric Gracia La Paz Bolivia
The future meets the past. Carlin Dunne, Robbie Bourdon and Cedric Gracia. Photo: Lucas Kane

bigquotesHe was just so calm and collected all of the time, no matter how much air was under his wheels or how fast the speedometer was reading. It all seems so surreal that the man that absolutely owned Pikes Peak left this world with the finish line of another record in sight.

This is such a tragic loss.

He will forever be apart of the NWD brotherhood and forever loved by so many."

Rip in Peace Bro.

Derek Westerlund, Freeride Entertainment



Son, brother, teammate, friend. Fearless competitor and devoted mentor. Carlin played endless roles, always leading with the same unmistakable charisma, unwavering calm, and signature twinkle in his eye. Whether racing on blacktop or in Baja, he led with the same fiercely competitive spirit, loving heart, and unwavering dedication. Destined for a life on two wheels, Carlin developed a lifelong obsession with perfecting his craft. Instilled with dreams of becoming a racer, filmmaker, and stuntman, he remained humble and gracious as his career took a meteoric trajectory.

While his list of achievements on two wheels stretches for miles, arguably Carlin’s greatest accomplishment during his short time on earth was the positive impact that he had on the lives of everyone he came across. His passion for racing was truly connected to his passion and care for family and friends. Carlin lived every moment to the absolute max. He was kind, genuine, and so full of life.

New World Disorder VI Utah U.S.A. John Gibson photo
New World Disorder VI Utah, U.S.A. Photo: John Gibson.

In the months leading to Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, Carlin was the happiest and most content he’d ever been. Friends and family witnessed the inner peace he’d realized, achieving his dreams and finally ascending to the pinnacle that he’d worked his entire life to reach. He was firing on all cylinders and running like a factory race machine. Exceeding everyone’s expectations at Pike’s Peak on June 30th, Carlin passed checkpoints 1, 2, and 3 at record pace, crashing just 15 meters from the finish. And while his bike was left with wheels spinning, his spirit continued on, always with us in his most prime form. We know that Carlin left us with the biggest grin, smiling at the legacy he left behind. Pikes Peak has been coined, “a race to the clouds.” Carlin did just that. May his love and light always shine upon us, radiating with the same warmth as it did here on earth.

Kona Clump Ilhabela Brazil 2006 filming for NWD 7. from left to right Robbie Bourdon John Cowan Paul Basagoitia Dave Watson and Carlin Dunne. John Gibson photo.
Kona Clump Ilhabela, Brazil 2006 filming for NWD 7. from left to right: Robbie Bourdon, John Cowan, Paul Basagoitia, Dave Watson and Carlin Dunne. Photo: John Gibson.

Countless friends, extended family and the greater community all lost a hero. Carlin is survived by his mother Romie Gallardo, father, Trevor Dunne, sister, Daniela Dunne, and his beloved dog, Sonny. There will be a public viewing and service at Our Lady of Sorrows Church, Saturday July 6 from 10-12pm with a reception at Alameda Park from 12-4pm. In the coming weeks there will be a large celebration of life for all to attend, to come together and remember the legendary man, Carlin Dunne.

05.16.1983 - 06.30.2019


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 I always wondered what happened to Carlin after he faded out of the MTB spotlight. It fills my heart knowing what an accomplished moto rider he became. Seems like such a humble awesome guy. RIP.
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 I wondered too. Wish I had known where to look before now. Glad to see he left such a legacy of absolute shredding in all these other disciplines too. Some of the hucks he was pulling off wouldn't be out of place in today's rampage. Just a psycho on the bike and way ahead of his time. RIP to a true king.
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 Nice edit. He was a special type of a dude. It's pretty rare to have a combination of guts, skills and humility. Talking about a dude that was not just good but great everything he touched and didn't have a hint of self centeredness. Not a hint. Genuine as it gets. He's a huge loss to the world.
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 I knew Carlin thru Pikes Peak and the Bonneville salt flats. I knew he was into the Mtn Bike scene but had no idea he was that big of a sender. I remember asking him about his bicycling past and he simply said "I used to hit a few big lines". That was an understatement that I didn't realize at the time. What a humble dude. Has to be the most naturally talented guy I have ever seen on 2 wheels. RIP buddy. Thanks Pinkbike for sharing.
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 100%. I'd say he was the most prolific guy on two wheels most had never heard of
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 Such a talent on two wheels, I'll be thinking of him whenever I hear Holy Diver.
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 Wow, watching and hearing the Dio track on NWD 6 is really just like yesterday. Those scree lines in Bolivia about the fastest thing I've seen on a bicycle on film. Really powerful statements about what freeride really is, true big mountain stuff. Those segments are incredible. So saddened to hear of his passing, doing what he loved too up on Pikes Peak no less. Truly fearless. Ride on Carlin. I'm just a nobody MTB fan from the UK but your film segments were always a highlight and filled me with that hunger to ride. Respects and thoughts to his family and friends.
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 Very sad, one of the few Freeride stars i didnt know personally, but Thanks Freeride for the tribute edit, all the memories & great parties over the years, making Mountain bikes rad.. Everyone should cast a vote for Derek Westerlund into the MTB hall of fame this year, Perhaps Carlin can get nominated for next year as well as Ingrid Doer of Roach clothing who passed away recently as well.
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 Great ideas. They all deserve the commemoration they've earned.
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 I clearly remember the nights I spent watching NWD and Kranked movies in incognito hoping my parents won’t know I am still not sleeping watching these guys. I remember watching them shredding full suspension bikes in full face helmets and me and my friends were trying to mimic them with our half lids on our local trails and crappy hardtail bikes.
He and guys like him were our idols and after these years I have to say the foundation of our sport.
Today we run full suspension carbon bikes with dialed suspension and we should be grateful for this opportunity for those people who pioneered this. I really hope he will be remembered as an iconic person who contributed to make freeride and downhill as it is today. Such a sad thing seeing him pass so young but a huge thank you for contributing to our sport. Never be forgotten.
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 There is an awesome (but really sad given the situation) of his last day on earth, a day off before the race, kind of a" day in the life". I came across it on YouTube the other day, I think it was on Ducati's channel. Such a genuine guy. RIP.
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 RIP. Fondly recall his NWD segments, and have been fascinated by his impressive moto career. Such a natural talent, and seemed to be a great human. Gutted to hear of his loss - news that was shared with me by my brother who's a fellow desert racer. I always hoped I have the chance to meet Carlin via my brother. I felt we three would have had a lot of laughs. Ride in Peace.
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 Such a sweet tribute to a beauty of a human. God speed CD! And thanks Derek for putting this together.
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 Full Send. Full Steeze. Talented AF. RIP in Peace
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 Great tribute! RIP Carlin
  • 4 0
 He was an mtb idol in my teenage days. What a sender!
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 Awesome Tribute, music was right. RIP dude, you inspired a shit ton of people.
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 Guys like him and Steve Smith made me feel like I could accomplish anything in the moment
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 His segment in NWD 6 is still one of my all time faves. He made serious hucks - even by today's standard - look easy. Great rider, and, by all accounts, a great guy, too.
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 Great tribute. I never met the man but his death seemed to hit home. Wonderful achievement by Carlin to have legend status in two different disciplines. God bless him.
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 Great tribute! Rad rider!
  • 3 0
 This is sad...what a legend.
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 RIP LEGEND. Forever in my heart!
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 There’s a gofundme set up to help support his mom Romie
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 Such an OG and inspiration for the freeride movement. We wouldn't be where we are at with you. Rally In Peace
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 Incredible rider.
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 mi mas sentido pésame a toda su familia, era un gran rider
  • 2 0
 R.I.P. BIG RIDER!!!! ????????????????
  • 2 0
 RIP Carlin, you be sorely missed.......Frown
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 RIP dude!????
  • 2 0
 Keep on riding Boy Rip
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 Wizard on 2 Wheels Ride in Peace brother
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  • 1 0
 Shred on brother!
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 Thanks for posting Derek

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