Video: Irénée Menjou's Progression from Privateer to Pro

Feb 9, 2022 at 1:55
by French Connexion Racing  

Words: Sunn French Connexion by Alpe d'Huez

After a stunning season in 2021 Irénée is stepping up from the Privateer rank to join the Sunn French Connexion by Alpe d'Huez! This down to earth rider will join EWS veteran Theo Galy and Nans Arnaud for the season 2022 and beyond. Right after signing with him we pay him a visit on his home town near Lourdes in the "haute Pyrénée" and this place is indeed one of the best place to enjoy mountain activity and train for the EWS. Irénée is always on the move and when he is not on his bike you may found him skiing or riding motorbikes or god know doing crazy things in the mountains. He is a pure product of the Pyrenees, and this year, the final of the EWS is also on the Pyrenees. We truly believe that sooner of later, he will become a serious contender for podiums.

Always on the moves hard to catch up with him



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Irenaeus was a Greek bishop noted ... for ... combating heresy and defining orthodoxy.

(was just wondering about the name Wink )
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 I don't think it has anything to do with that greek bishop.
Irénée is just a french pyrenean name from.... the Pyrénées (astonishing, isn't it? Wink
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 ngl Irenaeus was spitting facts when he discussed how free will is not the ability to sin, as its a corrupted will that sins, which shows that adam and eve's free will was corrupted by the serpent's temptation in the Garden. But that raises the question, why did God allow the tempter (the serpent) in the Garden in the first place?

sorry im bored in my theo class
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 Good to see more and more privateers getting upgraded to pros, and improving the sport
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 "Du coup" à chaque fois traduit par "suddenly" (d'un coup) dans les sous-titres, ça pique...

Mais tout de même impatient de voir la reprise de la saison avec cette belle team !
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 Buy a van and do all the races #vanlife
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 19 kg de bonheur... Wink

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