Geo Announces Derailleur Guard

Sep 5, 2022 at 14:02
by sean colsen  
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Check out our all-new Derailleur Guard by GEO: We guarantee it is going to revolutionize how riders choose to protect their rear derailleur, hanger, drivetrain and frame.

As you know, a catastrophic derailleur failure leads to expensive replacement parts. Even worse, is walking your bike out on a daily ride, weekend get-away or a dream trip!

"Finish Your Ride with GEO" is our mantra and the derailleur guard is a perfect example of this. It is lightweight at only 46 grams, super-strong and installs in minutes.

Even better, it is Universal fit, which does not require any bike modifications or even disassembly to install.

It is 100% Made in USA and guaranteed for 1 year.

Lotsa pics, videos and more information at

Thanks for lookin' and remember, "Don't Get De-Railed on the Trail...."


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 2 new derailleurs this year so I'd prob consider anything now. I'm waiting for a Lal bikes frame that's not a Nikolai but this could help till then. Ugly tho!
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 You should take a serious look at it if you’ve gone through 2 derailleurs!
the last thing you see when your riding your bike is your derailleur and once installed, you forget all about it!
I’m GEO by the way.
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 Derailleurs are trash. Get a gearbox MTB.
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 This is a great solution to a problem that shouldn't exist. The new Shimano 51T derailleurs are made of glass.
I've gone through three 12sp ones. (XT, SLX, and Deore) and my friend has just gone through two Deore 11sp derailleurs (same exact design a the 12sp) I've run XT 11 speed, Deore 10 speed and MciroShift, all with hits to the derailleur and no problems.
If MicroShift would ditch their bad pawl deign on the clutch I'd go back to that in a heartbeat. Those derailleurs can take a freaking hit and won't break, the clutches just suck.
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 So you tell me to spend 25 bucks to not be able to show off my bling derailleur anymore? Need a transparent version and double the price!
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 Unfortunately a clear one is off the list and I’d rather protect my expensive derailleur and insure my next ride than care about how my Derailleur looks and it keeps that expensive Derailleur from getting jacked up!
Watch the video, that’s me and the GUARD takes a lot of damage and the derailleur looks perfect!
I’m GEO by the way
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 I was going through rear D's on my DH bike so frequently that I just switched to a single speed with a low profile chain tensioner. I'd love to go back to shifting though, and the GEO might be the way to go!
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 Recently broke a 2 month xtr derailleur on a gnarly enduro race.
I´m going to consider this.
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 Did 04/01 just happen on 10/12? Brought to you by the great conquistador Christopher Columbus?
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 Brown chicken brown cow!
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 Has anyone actually tried this?
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Check out geo handguards and the re edit on YouTube, Seth from Berm peak gives them a try.
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 I mean it isn't pretty but neither is a knackered derailleur.
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 Chaotic evil.
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 Universal fit? Does it fit a high chainstay bike like a Cannondale Prophet, Orange Five etc?
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 Universal is a broad term and these can be manufactured to fit high chain stay bikes if demand is high enough, but the current batch fits bikes with common chain stays.
What kind of bike do you ride?
I’m GEO by the way.
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 @GO-GO-GADGET: Thanks for your response. Back in the days when riding a regular aluminium hardtail I bent a fortune of hangers (and wasted more than a fortune when a bent-back hanger snapped on a ride and the derailleur damaged all drive-side spokes, the chain and obviously itself on its way to the crankset). Ever since I stuck with steel hardtails (of which the hangers can be safely bent back) or just not use the hanger at all. My main bike is a BTR Ranger steel hardtail. Very regular bike where your current protector should work. I've also got a Cannondale Prophet full suspension bike where, out of fear for bending another hanger, I've stuck with the axle mounted Saint rear mechs. The BTR hardtail has a Zee rear mech and I've never managed to break it. It's definitely taken a beating but it has just kept up fine so far. I've got to be honest though, I'm so much more confident on my hardtail than I am on my fully (because of the geometry) that I'm not sure whether it would be worth it replace the axle-mounted Saint mech for something more modern/vulnerable and then protect it with a protector you've still got to develop for this niche market. So yeah, don't do it for this fifteen year old bike. There may be an audience with more common bikes (like Orange Five, high pivot and DH bikes) who may be interested in your products, but I suppose they'll ask for it themselves.

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