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Video: Wyn TV from Finals at the Leogang DH World Cup 2022

Jun 12, 2022 at 11:32
by GT Bicycles  

The 2022 DH World Cup in Leogang is a wrap! Wyn hits the pits after a wet and wild finals to see who survived the carnage. Get ready for Wyn TV!

Film/Edit: Louis Citadelle

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 WynTV: The official race report
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 i went to a race for the first time and ed masters came up right next to me watching the XCO race while eating his lunch on his bike. such a chill guy
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 Bernoit is such a great Dude. Hope he can manage to win a race this season He deserves it so much. Always nice und humble. Louise Ferguson needs full factory as well as Jacob Dickson. Good to see so many great people in this sport
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 his win is coming, dude has been flying the past few races. It's only a matter of time!
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 I think we all wanted Benoit to win watching the race, even us Brits. Then we remembered Matt Walker deserved it just as much if not more.
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 Benny wah wah is my favourite frenchie. It's only a matter of time before he gets that first win i reckon.
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 @chakaping: I'd have been happy to see either of those guys win -- Angel and Dak too! All first timers and both not your usual dominant guy like Loic and Amaury. Also all seem like legit great dudes.
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 Happy Austria got a podium. BTW Reece would have done well at this race. Good to see Troy back and gwin competitive again. Also great to see dak in the hot seat and angel do so well. A refreshing podium! Great seeing the great rapport gwin and dak have!
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 I love your positivity
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 OMG, how cool is Louise Fergusson! Two runs and goes 4th! Stoked to see she got the privateer cheque.
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 Uninjured Angel will be a constant threat to podium and hopefully win eventually.
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 Definitely! I forgot how good he can be. Snoeshoe was definitely no fluke!
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 Dam I was hoping to hear from Minnaar about the wall ride gap!
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 dude wyn is hammered, too many stiegls
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 No. Just the right amount.
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 Most of them seems pretty toasted Smile
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 If I managed to get down that track in one piece I'd def be smashing back a few drinks too!
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 Where can I watch full race replay?
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 Redbull tv you can watch recaps.
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 @Ryan2949: ***cries in discovery / GMBN***
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 The entire races are out there but a PITA to find. I couldn't get you a link but click Live in the upper right of redbulltv.com then scroll down to Past Events, Leogang, cross your fingers. I saw Women's DH full replay but you'll need to poke around.
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 Just google redbull tv leogang 2022, and it'll get you there. I don't even try to navigate from redbull tv's homepage anymore, it's hopeless.
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 @suspended-flesh: not really, all you have to do is click on livestream schedule and you get all the races to watch.
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 @p0rtal00: OK Cool - I watch live but when I have tried to find replays I've had some trouble. PEBKAC.
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 @suspended-flesh: not so easy live for me with my time zone and then still have to show up for work clear eyed and bushy tailed the next day Frown
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 @p0rtal00: I don't work on weekends but I can understand that.
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 @kcy4130: this is true. Its getting harder to find anything. Also even when you find it there are countless bugs. When I find a race stop I have to click the specific race within 3 seconds or it boots me. What the hell?
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 Being English myself I think the English guys are the most boring to interview, the other guys seems so much more happy with life
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 It's because they live in England.
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 @JiminOz: just tired after all that winning.
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 @Uncled: Agreed, the Brits did really well.

But as a born and raised in the UK, I can say it's a depressing place.
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 No danny hart?

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