Video: Wyn TV - Snowshoe DH World Cup Trackwalk

Jul 27, 2022 at 15:29
by GT Bicycles  

Wyn Masters checks in from Snowshoe to see how the riders are feeling and how the track absorbs the rain!

Film/Edit: Ian Howes


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 Discovery can take Rob away from us but they can’t take Wyn.
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 Don't tempt them!!
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 @Paco77: Lol yeah seriously, bans media production via riders... Wouldn't even be surprised with how many things they are slated to change next year. Riders need to make that union asap and just put everything on the table. "we need this this and this or we don't ride"
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 I mean wasn't the rider run media at risk at one point even under red bull? I seem to recall this with the early Ben cathro episodes
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 @adrennan: yep it was iffy for a spell
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 @adrennan: there will be blood
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 @lepigpen: there’s also a responsibility for us fans to protest with our wallets if these discovery dorks wanna f*ck around and find out.
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 @adrennan: they couldn't use race or quali footage for a while. Not RBs fault though. UCI sold the rights to a number of broadcasters, for coverage on TV. Like Discovery (as far as I know Discovery weren't involved at all at this stage). Basically, some of those broadcasters wanted exclusive coverage of race and quali so that's why riders couldn't post it. Even though it was filmed with the riders own camera, on their helmet for their YouTube.

As far as I know that's what happened. I have a vague memory of Bernard Kerr talking about once on one of his WC videos.
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 @agrohardtail: BK wasn't overly happy about RB's stipulations around rider related content in an early article about Discovery taking over broadcasting rights, but he was even more concerned about the UCI selling all rights to team and rider footage to both RB and Discovery.
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 PB should do a follow up to the article I linked above as soon as any changes are confirmed. It'd be interesting to hear what those interviewed think once things are looking a bit clearer.
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 I'm a bit worried for Amaury. Seems like the kind of thing that Reece Wilson and Finn took time off to recover from.
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 Yeah he seemed really off. I was immediately worried when Wyn started talking to him. Hopefully it was just some jet lag and the crappy weather and hell perk up later this week. But mood changes like that can be important indicators of lingering concussion issues.
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 The crash was a big hit for sure. It's interesting the changing attitudes in the sport though now that we know the long-term effects of frequent concussions. There was a time when people regularly watched Sam Hill take shit-eatings 10x worse and cheered him on as he swung his leg around that Iron Horse to still finish up his run. It's a good thing nonetheless, I was glad the last time I ate it at a race and had sensible spectators around me telling me to stay down and sit it out for a bit.
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flag scott-townes (Jul 28, 2022 at 5:15) (Below Threshold)
 @pisgahgnar: They have medics who are specialized in brain injury related issues for a few years now. If it they thought it wouldn't be safe for him to ride, he wouldn't be riding. You guys are definitely blowing this out of proportion.
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 @scott-townes: Even medical staff with brain trauma specializations admit it is really hard to determine when an athlete has had too significant a concussion. I think ultimately it comes down to the riders to assess themselves, they should (maybe they do) receive concussion protocol training themselves.
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 @scott-townes: I think we've seen this Commencal team make a few questionable decisions over the past few seasons.
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 @pisgahgnar: That's quite the accusation.
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 @ryanandrewrogers: So people on PB watching a 30 second clip of a rider know more than medical professionals who personally talk to and check out the rider for signs of a concussion?

That sounds legit.
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 @scott-townes: It's not worth a discussion man. Your role on this site is always to be as argumentative as possible.
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 @scott-townes: Did you read what I wrote? I said racers should be educated on concussion protocol so they can make more informed decisions themselves.

PB commenters obviously cannot deduce brain trauma through video.

The medical professionals also have difficulty deducing concussion severity on the spot, evidenced by both Reece and Finn being cleared to race but deciding not to due to their concussion symptoms.
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flag scott-townes (Jul 28, 2022 at 9:03) (Below Threshold)
 @ryanandrewrogers: So someone with a suspected brain injury should assess themselves? Oh brilliant.
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 Are points awarded for trackwalk?
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 Perhaps they can use to decide the start order for timed training
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 Only for the winners.
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 Max Commencal just comes across as so sweet and adorable.
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 he must be protected at all costs
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 Except for making his riders race when they probably shouldn't, and seeming like a bit of a ball-buster generally... Bernie Eccleston vibes for me, but I don't know that much about him.
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 @Mayzei: He's not a team manager, I don't even think he has any agency over the riders on 100%, Dorval AM, Vee, or Schwalbe teams. Muc-Off & Les Orres might be a different story but even then I think he's primarily just at the races to monitor the success of his new prototypes and rigs.

Haven't heard anyone ever talk foul about the guy. Personally, I've been really happy to see the success of his brand, especially after what happened to his former company (Sunn).
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 @ryanandrewrogers: Good to know, thanks. I've probably judged him all wrong, but that's what the internet is for anyway Smile
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 Goldstone family vacation sounds pretty sweet
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 "They don't talk to me, they just show up"

Oh jeeze, I bet a lot of kids in Park City can relate... Frown
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 Nice job Wynn! Might be the best produced track walk yet. Good on ya mate!
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 The honesty of Loris is just so refreshing. Such a lad!
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 lol snowshoe in the wet = every time I've ever been there
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 Mudshoe then?
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 @danstonQ: I see what you did there
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 It's going to be Wild And Wonderful
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 Cant wait to watch a wet race, seeing the difference in speed and holding in the top guys is just insane. Dry races down bike parks in Andorra are great but this will be a different race.
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 Max Commencal with few words and just quit with " ok, thank you "...
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 Felt for Greg being asked to nail his political colours to the mast there. Wonder if Wyn knew what he was potentially unleashing?
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 Eventually, Steve Peat is just going to complete the transformation into Lemmy
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 Proper Snowshoe microphone is on the way for finals edition of WynTV!
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 Hahaha, Bruni at the end! Everyone looks so sunkissed against the foggy backdrop! Cant wait for the race!
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 Loris is right on about navigating that lower rock garden in the wet. Just be like the water and go with flow.
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 Hell yeah Chiang Mai!!!
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 Damn it I love World Cup Downhill!!!
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 This is gonna be such a sick race
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 Jase Bruni
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 This is why
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 It is the way. Also, Troy's tshirt is rather seizure-inducing.
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 Primus Sucks.
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