Video: WynTV, Finals - Leogang DH World Cup 2019

Jun 10, 2019 at 5:39
by GT Bicycles  

Wyn gets interviewed on Danny TV, and chats with the winners and grinners from the Leogang DH World Cup. Plus find out who the privateer of the week is!

Donate to Wyn's Privateer Award here.


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 The reaction at the end! When Wyn said he topping up last weeks privateer prize fund is priceless!! Top Work Wyn.
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 I teared up a cool! Massive props Wyn and everyone who contributed!
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 Wyn is uniting the whole comunity, what a great move
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 @Milko3D: ditto! Nina crushed it this week! she seems like such a fun, genuine person and to see her excitement and appreciation for what Wyn is doing is touching. I'm adding to the fund. Keep it going, privateers!
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 I've got a new crush
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 WYN AND BEN you the best
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 She was looking at Wyn like: Is he totaly drunk, or what? ...i guess, she didn't belive him at all!
And that phone-interview with Jo v.K. - KILLER!
Best episode i can remember - and consequently with that Stan's bottle!
Great job, @wynmasters - huge applause!
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 This is pretty impressive. By comparison, PulpMX did something similar in Supercross this season and raised about 32k USD over the course of the season to give to a top privateer at the end of the season. The difference was he was raffling off a Yamaha YZ450 to help with fund raising. For the bike community to have raised 12k Euros (last I checked - about 13.5k USD) in three days, is pretty damn impressive. Stoked for Wyn, stoked for the privateers, stoked to be a rider.
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 Totally awesome, not even Carl Marx could come up with such an idea for redistribution of goods...
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 Some highlights from the list of donors:

Andrew Neethling donated $69. Lad.

Bernard Kerr donated $169. Generous lad.

Brook MacDonald donated $300. Very generous dog.

Ben Cathro donated $10. Scottish.
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 @Linkpin: Cathro donated $10 more than you or I.
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 @Linkpin: Its not a competition! Every little helps. Also I feel if we were to do it as a percentage of yearly income mine would look MUCH more generous ????
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 Cathro already gave back to the Sport!! (Are Scots Tight? LOL)
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Some highlights from the list of donors:

Andrew Neethling donated $69. Lad.

Bernard Kerr donated $169. Generous lad.

Brook MacDonald donated $300. Very generous dog.

Ben Cathro donated $10. Spent the rest on bad hats.

Linkpin donated $0. c*nt on the internet

Session603 donated $0. Ignorant c*nt on the internet.

There. Fixed it for you.
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 @shredddr: deano was giving out cheques to privateers too I’m pretty sure
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 Will he ever run out of original mic props?
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 It absolutely melted my cold, black heart.
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 @CantQuitCartel: that's extra impressive for a Scotsman! He's a good dude.
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You’re absolutely right and I was only joking - I knew it was wrong but I just couldn’t resist! I donated the same amount as you and am in the same position - I’d love to give more but I’m not able to do so.

Also, you give a shit load more to DH than cash - the joy and insight you bring is priceless.
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 @ben-cathro: is right it’s not a competition if everyone puts in 5 or 10 it’s still going to keep growing, appreciate every single donation big or small there have been 408 donations so far so really appreciate that!
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 @ben-cathro: the coverage you give some of the privateers on your yt channel is worth more than any donation!
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 @wynmasters: Agreed.
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 @Session603: Yep, fair - I have been a c*nt this time. It wasn't intentional but I can see now how my post could be taken.

For the record, I think Ben provides amazing value to mountain biking and Wyn's fund is an incredible idea that has rightfully taken off and one I hope continues.

And everyone should give what they can, but only what they can.
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 @Linkpin: oh buddy, nothing but love to you and Cathro. No disrespect intended. I was just looking for a chance to poke at Ben about those awful hats he wears. I tried to convey my lack of seriousness by insulting myself more than you or Ben, but if it came off as anything remotely serious then I owe both of you an apology.
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 @Linkpin: it was good banter you wanker!
It would have been better if he just replied "f*ck off!" Instead of explaining.
That's the internet for you. Maybe in the future these threads will be live video feeds and then people won't get hurt so easily!
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Apparently we are. I don’t know why but we have that reputation
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 @Cammyd14: Billy Connolly said that his father saw a penny on the street once and as he reached down to grab it he was hit in the back of his head. The penny wasn't there after he woke up
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 Johannes Von Klebelsberg !!!! Jeans with his phone in his pocket on his race run !!!! Just loving this, what a sport, what a great crowd of like minded people, and big props to Wyn for instigating the privateer prize, onward to the EWS....
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 We need more Dany TV
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 Danny should do it at the World Cups that Wyn misses.
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 @dingus: I miss Adam Brayton in Val Di Sole and his story of throwing fossilized cow dunk...
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 Danny TV is my favorite show
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 Pooh bear TV *
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 Stoked the man in denim got the privateer award, took the call on his way to work, trooper!
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 Come on Santa Cruz, get Nina signed for next season! Thanks Wyn for another great edit, smiles all round
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 She is already on board w SC
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 Like RedRedRe said, she is already hooked up with Juliana/ Santa Cruz. She's on the team issue She10, which has the sickest paint job. Saw one for one of the local Juliana riders and it's rad! That being said, it would be sick if she got factory support/ pay cheques if she's not already.
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 Nina on YT... why not. That brand/team needs real winners. She is the one, for sure. Cheers Nina!!! Smile
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 I think Trace was trying to win the privateer award by slouching in a transit van like that!
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 Yeah, what up with that footwell spot?
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 @colincolin: I feel like she was doing a stretch.
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 I assumed she was too pissed to climb up any further to reach the seat. Top lass.
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 3:18 pleased to hear even the fastest guy in the world has "his side"
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 Flipping Awesome! And Ninna Hoffmann rocks on a bike!
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flag freeridejerk888 (Jun 10, 2019 at 11:01) (Below Threshold)
 Pretty sure she's got a sponsorship other wise her jersery wouldn't say Juliana
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 Well, if having a jersey with a logo on it is all it takes, then I'm sponsored by Troy Lee, Nike, Azonic and probably a couple more.
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flag freeridejerk888 (Jun 10, 2019 at 12:35) (Below Threshold)
 Way to change your comment too. But yeah you don't get logos screen printed on your jersey for nothing
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 Suck a shame shes not listed on the Fantasy team. Whats up with that?
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 @moutnbiker: yes she is Smile
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 Privateer Award is a great thing. Ninas face was the best part about the video. She legit didn't believe it. Great work Wyn
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 Even after last week she still didn't believe it! lol
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 So great that jeans won the award. All in good fun and Johannes actually made good money. Keep grinding jeans destroyer.
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 I hear he was wearing a pair of Levi 50:01
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 The best idea in a long time, giving back to the best sport in the world!!!!!! keep doing it Wyn, that says alot about the quality of people you and every one that gives are. Felicidades, saludos de Mexico.
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 Sock Puppet FTW! It should be doing the interviews!
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 Danny's had a few cans
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 In the North West of England pretty much everyone refers to him as Fanny Fart.
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 @murfio: eh??? he’s from the north east....
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 @aps62: No shit.
But over in the North West that's what we all call him.
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 @murfio: over in the North West you can count to 7 on one hand.
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 @fatduke: Only in Whitehaven
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 When a sport has absolutely no drama off of the playing field, and everyone wants the best for eachother, then you know that what goes on on the playing field would kill any normal person.
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 more danny tv!!!
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 Nina Hoffman on syndicate
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 "The zebra went down."
"Well, not the zebra"
"The zebra"
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 The zebra probably went down because he puts ice cubes in his beer...
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 Danny TV! Folmula UUUUUhhhh!
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 The Denim Destroyer gets privateer of the race!
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 @wynmasters you need to get those awkwardly big cardboard checks for the winning privateers Smile Cheers bro!
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 The kids these days have a lot worse influences that "bad" words. Also, should we ban exposure to drinking too? Red bull is pretty bad shit for kids too. No nanny state please!
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 Why the heck is Wyns GoFundMe saying he's located in Mauthausen?
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 Set it up from Leogang so no idea why
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 Is it just me, or does Danny sound like a mini Lemmy?
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 Lemmy was a Stokey wasn’t he? Not a million miles away but if you get 50 years of cigarettes and whisky into Danny Hart he might go the same way!
  • 1 0 comment attidude since a very long time! no hate, internet engineering and complaints. Cheers...Thx to Wyn and all the donators - great idea.
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 Sam Hill you legend!!!!
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 Go Wyn goo!!!????????
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 Was Loris drinking a shandy?
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 Anyone else think the "2nd place" privateer looks a little like a Minnaar minime
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 Best episode of WynTV ever.
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 This is Danny TV, betta than Wyn Tv - Epic intro.
did you case the jump? uffffffffffff lol
Great coverage
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 wyn is the best
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 Wyn TV rocks!!
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 Where´s Gollum? It´s seems only Smeagol came to Leogang..
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 Loving this privateer of the week. Genus Wyn
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 MATTEO !!!!
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 Fuckin with Pierron is hilarious!!! Jean Girard!!!!!
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