Video: Wyn TV - EWS Petzen-Jamnica 2022

Jun 20, 2022 at 6:52
by GT Bicycles  

The 2nd round of the EWS in Petzen-Jamnica, Slovenia is a wrap. Wyn Masters checks in after the race to get a handle on the results. It's Wyn TV!

Film/Edit: Jules Bellot

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 It really made me happy to see Wyn giving the check to Matthew! So hopefully now he can make it to the stades after Europe. I was keen to donate for him but I couldn't find where. Next time then, if he won't get a sponsorship by then. well done Wyn and Matthew!
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 I DMd him and he said he was going to set up a GoFundMe to help him get to the states and that he'd post it on Insta when it was up so keep an eye out!
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 @dolface: good to know, thanks
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 @dolface: Awesome, I'll donate. He is going to need a bit more money to fly to Whistler and then fly to the east coast. Burke is only 150 miles from Montreal airport and Sugarloaf is a quick 130 miles.
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 @markkarlstrand: Saw that and kicked in earlier, thanks for he heads-up!
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 Great stuff as always! Unrelated question for PB, are we going to get Biden in the Friday fails this week?
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flag matadorCE (Jun 20, 2022 at 8:37) (Below Threshold)
 WTF is this even about?
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 @matadorCE: Haven't see the video yet but Biden got tangled up with some toe clips on a bike path.
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flag matadorCE (Jun 20, 2022 at 8:56) (Below Threshold)
 @blazersdad89: And this is the top comment so far? Seems like PB has taken in a quite a few 4chan/reddit trolls that "found" mountain biking within the last 2 years.
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 @matadorCE: I'd imagine a clip of the US president crashing his bike in a pretty silly way would be a content field day for PB, and at the very least a relevant addition to a column dedicated to bike crashes.
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 @kev-bike: suuuure
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 "are we going to get Biden in the Friday fails this week?"

Ride flats!
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 @matadorCE: Biden sent it too hard, said Kurva!, people said "YOU GOOD?!" before he hit the ground. Later he said his fork rebound was too fast.
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 No but is Crank Brothers going to release some “easy release cleats” called Bidens?
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 @suspended-flesh: "With the price of gas, even the President rides a bike"

"His tires were over inflated"

PB comment section would be amusing. And no matter your political stance, watching the President fall on what looked to be a bike from 1995 with toe clips is funny as hell.
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 An opportunity for some company to offer him mtb clipless pedals and shoes, or decent flat pedals.
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 Lmao those last guys were top notch
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 more privateers' van content!!!
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 Last 5 minutes was the most fun real stuff in a long time ,keep it real ,even that sneak peak ,it’s all like it really is in real life ,people just act too much in their life’s ,just drop that,great cover wyn ,and your brother shouybr getting more air time ,cause he is the anti athlete style(in a phew things),SAÚDE
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 Folding bed has folded indeed
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 Privateer village was amazing. That’s the true behind the scenes.
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 Its cool how Wyn exposes the privateer scene at races. Totally a different experience than the super "pampered" pro.
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 Sam Hill seems like the most boring person ever to talk to.
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 lol - not an easy guy to interview is he Big Grin
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 Nice to see Ella Connelly smiling and yarning away with a beer, happy as and taking the piss out of herself. chur!
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 Don't like the saddle in your face Jessie, how about this?
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 Good to see Napoleon Dynamite mixing it up.
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 He has definitely taken his bike off some sweet jumps.
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 Did anyone catch the comment Eddie Masters made about, "...90 days eviction notice..." ? Can anyone shine a light on what that is all about?
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 After lengthy analysis, I think he's being evicted within the next 90 days.
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 @watchtower: OMG I never would have figured that out without your help.
What I meant though, is whether he's referring to Bernard's place in the UK, or some other location, that they refer to as "The Zoo"...
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 @HappyBiker19: I believe he is referring to his house in Queenstown. Lots of riders, good times and chaos - just look up some of his vids.
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 Can Randy savage fill in for Wyn next round?
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 The privateer walk needs to be a regular thing.
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 Social distance microphone :-)
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 not when Wyn is sick
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 he looks tired
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