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Video: Wyn TV - NotARace Test Session 2021

Jun 4, 2021 at 10:28
by GT Bicycles  

After two big days of not racing, Wyn Masters cranks out some interviews to see how everyone's feeling ahead of the first World Cup of the year.

Filmed/Edited: Louis Citadelle

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 It's great to see Danny at full chill. I feel like he's reached the pinnacle of work/life balance. Can't wait for his next world cup win!
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flag likeittacky (Jun 4, 2021 at 23:41) (Below Threshold)
 " It's great to see Danny at full chill." what the hell exactly is that supposed to mean"??? The guy has always been one pretty easy going -no drama or hype person. Nothing new, he's just tending to and and enjoying his child.

Who are you. the PB-MTB- DH Physicist ?
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 Seeing Brook makes me happy. Not in a condescending thanks for turning up way- but in a genuine appreciation for seeing someone with a positive attitude who has worked their ass off through unreal struggles and has achieved, and continues to achieve, something amazing. I hate to define him based on that horrific crash- but just lots of gratitude for that man being that man and still racing. Way to be a stellar example Brook and hope the season is awesome.
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 Well put
Really would be a feel good story if there are a few podiums this season and he’s looking relaxed and in a good place mentally… going to be up there I’m sure!
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 Danny Pilgrim?
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 Haha. Thats a good one!
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 Where's Danny's teeth?
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 He lost them in a fist fight with Will Longden
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 And his pants?
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 @loamyhomie: Also lost in the fight with Will Longden.
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 Where's his daughter's diapers?
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 @mi-bike: See answers above
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 Best in the game! Thanks Wyn!
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 This is premium content.
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 WynTV and Friday Fails.
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 Loris really seemed STOKED on his new bike
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 "a ringing endorsement"
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 Not the vibe i got. I've heard others say the same that "its different and we'll see."

They wouldn't dare say any negative things about their sponsor product.
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 For some reason reminds me of Gwin on his first year with Trek. Humble and ready to dominate.
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 Have you noticed how Martin Maes looks familiar to Greg Minnaar? Same good mood, relax attitude, smily face, talking calmy and always empathic towards his fellows. A good guy for sure Wink
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 So relaxed that he seemed to have just woken up...? haha
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 So hyped for the WC season
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 Wyn the man! Totally love his interviewing style how he is so relaxed and consequently how relaxed his interviewees are!
Keep it coming Wyn!
Would love you to expand Wyn TV into Enduro, think there’s a clear career path there!
As ever love it !
Keep it coming
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 Wyn TV always delivers even when it's not a race. So excited for the World Cup season to start!!
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 I wish Martin Maes and Richie Rude had kept at full dh schedules.
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 Im buzzing for next week! But we definitely need a #notarace race series!
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 Come check out any mini enduro mashup race! Same vibes open tracks with timing from 10am-3pm
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 I love the WYN TV concept, go on WYN!
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 Martin sees he was behind Goldstone.....Yeah, I'm going to enduroSmile
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 This is top quality content. Wyn Masters has some talent on and off the bike!
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 That seems like a new 100% Aircraft helmet on Loris'es head?
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 Ahhh... Perfect build up for the first race
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 Loris has double fork o-rings to get twice the travel testing per run.
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 one thing I surely didn't miss about wyn TV: that damn opening song!!! jokes aside, glad to see you all back and about it. really stoked for the season to come!

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