Wyn TV: Finals - Mont-Sainte-Anne World Cup 2018

Aug 12, 2018 at 7:31
by GT Bicycles  


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 Now officially a fan of Amaury after that (drunk?) speech with Loic. Congrats!
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 is loris vergier leaving the syndicate ?
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 @plplplplplplplplplplplp: what gives you that impression?
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 @Kapricorn: Rob said something about rumours on stream yesterday
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 @plplplplplplplplplplplp: Maybe for commencal speaking all the time he spends in Andorra. But I'd have a hard time believing anybody else.
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 @plplplplplplplplplplplp: I’d imagine at the very least that his contract will be up
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 One of the Wyn TV interviews. Interviews with Amaury and Loic was epic
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 Bloody frenchies, screwed minnars run.
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 Greg should know that only the Frenchies get away with a French line!
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flag Werratte (Aug 12, 2018 at 21:30) (Below Threshold)
 @Woododo: ...aaargh! Stop talking about “french lines“, please!
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 Frenchies conspiracy to prepare SuperBruni's comeback Wink
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 Someone give Monika a frame! GT?
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 Kind of embarrassing for the bicycle industry that a consistent top 5 rider has to worry about such things...
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 @jmrmuc: Perhaps? Do we actually know if she tried to get sponsored/join a team and was rejected? Or has she been wanting to be doing the privateer thing? Kinda hard to see it as a failure of the bicycle industry at this point...
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 she'll have full support next season for sure. will be awesome with factory support giving her attention and support to see if she can start pushing for top spots. hard work gets rewarded!
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 GT? Ouch! What did she ever do to you?
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flag WAKIdesigns (Aug 12, 2018 at 11:59) (Below Threshold)
 That’s nothing new, how about Tracey Hannah and her unpaid credit card before she joined UR. There’s enough bollocks with men getting paid in DH. I can bet not a single mountain biker save Gwin and Nino, earns the sponsor given salary of husband of my sister in law who is a pro roadie. Not even Minnaar. If guys like Greg do, it’s because of their side projects, but I doubt all of his sponsors combined pay him more than Spec Bora pays my bro.
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 @nuttypoolog: I just pointed out GT, since the video is on GTs YouTube channel. As she said, any frame will do.
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 @nuttypoolog: new Fury is legit...
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 @ka-brap: she was sponsored by giant and is now without a bike sponsor,
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 I think Monika is not on the radar of the"industry" because she does not have tons of social media followers and she is not from an english or german (reb bull) speaking country.
Otherwise she would be pumped up pretty well. Same with Eleonora Farina.
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 @RedRedRe: this will end soon. Athletes need to look for new ways of handling their social media than just having an insta, twitter and FB accounts. At least the upcoming athletes. I've seen some profiles from people who don't can't even bunnyhop, but they are better at hashtaging and diarrhea posting their pitiful rides than worlds best riders. Then if Greg Minnaar posts a pic of him on the motorbike, quite many lads are loosing their shit over fantasy of what Greg can do on a bike. If Monika posts such pic, few girls will get a bit insipired and a few dudes will get horny - oooh a girl on a motorbike! But if some lad from the end of the mens elite WC qualifying stack (which is f*cking impressive level of riding) posts a pic of himself on a moto, n.o.b.o.d.y. will care. Theeen, an upcoming rider may spend days to film 5 seconds of some sick move on a bike that can be worth posting on insta. Greg will just go to a track with a few corners and ask smoene to film him going at full tilt using Nokia from 2005 and IT.WILL. look mindblowing. I mean check out Sam Hills insta. So many average shots, he is nowhere close to be good at Social Media. He doesn't need to. Monika? Vali Holl? No mastery in social media can help them. Then look at Seth's bike hacks, what on Earth is this?! And how much following it gets. Now contrast it with Ben Cathro - holy cow that is amaz... except nobody outside of gravity geeks gives a shit. Ali Clarkson? Now we are talking. Social media is tough and there is no recipe. there just isn't, the only people who tell you that they know how to get popular, are pseudo experts who boost their ratings by speaking up like experts. Nobody knows how to become popular, in any discipline of life. You do your best at something and then it just happens or doesn't happen to you.
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 @RedRedRe: Newsflash, red bull sponsors around the globe: www.redbull.com/no-no/athletes (7 athletes in Slovenia alone).
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 @WAKIdesigns: "You do your best at something and then it just happens or doesn't happen to you." ...wat?
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 Amaury still bleeding through the gauze on his stomach - what a beast.
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 Love it but no Danny? That is always a fun exchange
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 No Tahnee either.
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 @Verbl-Kint: i reckon they are both pissed. Tahnee tried with that whole "i'm tired" story, but really, she's just gutted she didn't cut into Rachel's lead as she had hoped for. Danny didn't look exactly pleased with himself either.
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 Amaury is like the French Ratboy, what a dude! Except his English is probably easier for Americans to understand.
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 Good vibe on this one, great work Wyn
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 I think we should have a ''french language special edition'' of WynTV at La Bresse with amaury or loic or loris behind the mic.
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 Loic flexin
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 Wyn you are ace mate ! I have not stop smiling and laughing from the start till the end! You are the cherry on top to DH Worldcup races ! Keep it up!!!
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 Wyn TV is the best!
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 Good burnout action, but I wanted to see Wyn wheelie that quad.
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 Well deserved win for Rachel! And it would be the same at Valnord if she didn´t crash... Tahnee is riding good but if Rachel doesn´t crash, we all know how it ends
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 Rachel is incredible!!!! What a run!
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 They're pretty even on some tracks but yeah, on a track like MSA Rach is still dominant.
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 @src248: I would say it's more Rachel rode super aggressive all out at MSA versus the last few races where she looked a bit more conservative... It was awesome seeing her go full gas, and I don't think anyone can touch her when she rides like that... 5 second margin.
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 Not crashing is part of the race. Anyone can push super hard and stay off the brakes and ride off the track.
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 @gramboh: i think coming back from her injury has taken some time to get back to this. I hope this jogged her memory enough to remind her how dominant she is. She's truly in her own class.
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 Good thing Bernard Kerr got a loaner bike from Vali.
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 Que cabron!!!!
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 Is Bruni channeling his inner Lopes?
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 I’ll watch the parking lot.
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 Glad to see Loris is the kind of guy who shakes hands
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 Monika = Young Talent. You know what to do YT Smile
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 Max Commencal missed the opportunity to say "because we have the best bikes!" lol
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 Even he knows better
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 @mollow: i know, but could've made the interview hilarious for them both xD
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 Amaury rhaaaaaaatatatatatatatat.
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 Drinks flowing in the Commencal camp then, hahahahaha.
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 Gee's call out was brutal.
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 But good on Eddie for getting 3rd at Whistler!
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 I fear for Rachel's heart
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 she was certainly wild eyed at the start hut!
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 So does anyone know where loris might be going next season seeing as warner mentioned there were rumours going round the pits about where he will be next season?
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 Why they say there won't be qualification points in La Bresse ?
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 The rules have changed for this season. No qualification points will be awarded. 250 total points goes to first place instead of 200 for the final round.
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 Becase its the final world cup and so it's all or nothing. Usually they offer up to 50 points in qualis and 200 in finals but it all goes into the final, so 0 for qualis and 250 for final.
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 well done! great interviews!!
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