WynTV: Finals - Mont-Sainte-Anne DH World Champs 2019

Sep 3, 2019 at 11:34
by GT Bicycles  

After a weekend of bloody good racing, Señor Masters cracks a beer, gives out a bunch of pats on the back and asks Loic Bruni WTF?! And yep, there is a privateer of the week, too!


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 WYN!!! It's my 40th birthday next Saturday at Snowshoe, and ALL I WANT IS TO BE ON WYN TV!!!!!! You bring the racer's personalities out for the world to see. NO ONE else comes close. Thanks from all the WC race fans!!!
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 bring your wyning game
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 @SnowshoeRider4Life: Happy birthday "Bushman" @tbell1979
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 Finally!! Oh I couldn't wait for this episode. And it's a really long one, so thank you !

Wyn, I'm absolutely loving your interviews, they really are an essential part of the WC circus. And they've gotten better and better. I mean back in the days you were sometimes a bit nasty towards some people, but now it seems that you have grown, and all the riders seen to enjoy talking to you. It's a sweet mixture of meaningful information and taking a piss.
Thanks, and keep doing it.

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 Laurie's tire went flat after the 1st split, well that was a hell of a run.
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 Were they Tracey Hannah's pants?
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 Thanks Wyn for the great coverage. Look forward to it every Race and this episode did not disappoint. Best one this year!
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 I bet wyns the guy they all run after to swap jerseys.
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 Haha I bet you're right. Good job, Mexico!
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 @mexicanoportugal: bruh???????? ????
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 Loved the Mexico jersey, but actually the France`s one is more collector by now Smile
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 @Franzzz: already got a french one
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 @wynmasters: Lucky you are buddy Smile
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 Good job Wyn. Healing vibes to all riders that got injured at MSA
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 Had the chance to see Wyn in Ste-Anne! I just died when he was being herded by a group of kids and he got up on a random electric city bike to make them believe it was his until he found out it was locked out, he then lost all his credibility to their eyes.. luckily they are kids and they still believed he was from Mexico Such an entertainer! Keep it up!
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 Someone sponsor the trumpet guy damn he look fast in those goggles
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 You can be having the worst day and then hearing that WynTV intro and outro music makes it all OK.
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 awwww the proposal :')

was hoping to see him chat with troy. But overall everyone seems like they're in perfectly good spirits at world champs. Healing vibes to those injured!
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 Please all the details about the fixing of the bolivian rider’s bike
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 We need a pinkbike bike check on it. Pls!
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 Came here looking for that story, who's got the details?
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 @maxyedor: hardware store style bolt with nut ground down to fit in place
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 @wynmasters: Nice, what can't an angle grinder fix?

Thanks for highlighting all the lesser known shredders this season, the Privateer award, Jeansus, The Hoff, Yannick, solid stuff man!
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 Why aren’t there more upvotes here?
He took time to comment an answer to question many have and I'm the first one to upvote after 2 days of him posting... he brings us to much joy after reading about a new standard.
Wynn, you are at the top of the trifecta.
You interview and track walk like you are just taking shxt with your buddies. It’s great.
Cathro is light hearted, technical, and focused on bike control. We all wish his videos were longer. Imagine a full track walk breakdown. 3 hours long minimum.
Then we got Eliot on shroomsSmile
Love ya buddy
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 I was waiting for that. Warmed the cockles of me heart it did! Honestly, the camaraderie among racers in DH is so sweet.
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 Didn`t know that the french word ``camaraderie`` was used in english. NIce Smile
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 @Franzzz: shit, it's a French word? You know there's no French word for entrepreneur though right?
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 @BenPea: actually it`s not so surprising as one third of english vocabulary historically comes from french.
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 @Franzzz: pas faux
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 Jean Girard is sounding more like Ricky Bobby. "If you ain't first your last". 'Shake n Bake' Amaury, 'Shake n Bake'!
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 All rise for Dean Lucas, king of first split ! Big Grin
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 1000 euros! That's a lot of Loonies and Toonies.
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 Did he say Troy disappeared before drug tests
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 He said Troy got stage fright..... by which he's meaning that Troy hadn't yet been able to pass a satisfactory volume of urine for the sample, and as such would still have been with the drug testers
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 more trumpet guy, send him to snow shoe
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 Looking for replay. Anyone?
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 red bull tv
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 where have you been? Redbull didn't get streaming rights in the US, you either have to buy the $70 NBC sports cycling package, or use a VPN to go to a country that Redbull has the streaming rights in and watch the replay on Redbulls site. I used PIA VPN, $6.50 for a month, and VPN'd into the UK and watched on Redbull
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 NBC Sports Olympic channel Starting Thursday through Sunday. Random times in the early AM. At least that is what my DirecTV has scheduled.
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 @74tenomresc: or wait till the seven day limit expires and watch it on Redbull
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 @handynzl: Is this true? If so much appreciated
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 YAY! Stroke and Carrie are engaged (finally)! Smile
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 First ever proposal on Wyn TV?
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 Once again WYN RULES!!
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