Video: How To Jump with Juan Pablo Raba

Dec 13, 2022 at 13:27
by Marcelo Gutierrez  


We always see famous people simply as rockstars and barely know more about them, especially not that they are super into Mtb. That's the case of the Colombian actor, Juan Pablo Raba, well know in the entertainment industry after his stellar performance on Narcos, Wild District, and a bunch more series.


But let's focus on what we love, bikes. Here we have a great opportunity for you guys to learn from the opportunity that Marcelo Gutierrez had to coach Juan Pablo on his local trails in Santa Monica. they had a blast and also had a good crash. Marcelo certainly saw himself in trouble if this crash would have taken Juan Pablo out of the business for some time. Luckily even though it was a decent crash, nothing major happened and they managed to approach a hot topic: HOW TO JUMP, step by step.


Enjoy these videos while you will laugh as Juan Pablo struggles and then beat his own fears and manage to clear some decent size jumps. You will easily find yourself mirrored on these videos.


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 Saw mopeds - stopped watching.
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flag brewoz40 (Dec 30, 2022 at 7:36) (Below Threshold)
 Wow...your original!
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 @brewoz40: *you're...
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 Correction: Saw mopeds - stopped watching. Headed to comment section to virtue signal moped hate.
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 Different people like different things and that's okay.
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 As someone who has actually jumped a moped (Vespa Piaggio)... I will say if you do see someone jumping a moped... tune in. It's f---king wild!
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flag gnarlysipes (Dec 30, 2022 at 9:25) (Below Threshold)
 @jeffrocx: How ironic that your comment is getting downvotes from a community that skews woke… lol lol
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 Too bad for you. Living life that so close minded must be challenging...or perhaps not. Ignorance is bliss.
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 Like my daddy always said:

“Riding a fat girl is like riding a moped - it’s fun until your buddies see you”
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 "breathe, calm down, don't do it with balls only." hahaha, is this the new "Live. Laugh. Love."?
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 beathe, calm, balls
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 @j-t-g: I wonder if I replace my mom's Live. Laugh. Love. sign in her office with that if she'd notice.
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 Am I the only one whose jaw dropped when Jaun Pablo racked himself on that jump at the end?

I will say, it's so cool that a Hollywood actor is shredding trails!
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 "Tu és capaz" Boom! LOL
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 4:04 - Friday Fails teaser.
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 @BenLow2019: ...speaking of which, whahoppened to FF?
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 @RayDolor: I dunno. They are posted on YouTube though. Search Friday Fails and they pop right up.
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 ….brought to you by Leatt.
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 That trail is one of the best "flow trails" in LA. A true classic that has been around for decades.
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 Gracias Marcelo. Great to see how much fun you and Juan had. For your next video you should show him your winning race lines on the Garbo DHSmile .
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 Ha, funny observation. One of 'those things' that fits on a bumper sticker, but is complex in practice.
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 Me frene marica
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 Cojones Grandes!
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 I heard ya got to Stand Up to da jump
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 "That's a rough start"
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 eeb hate still at thing eh? who knew.
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 Six's Buddha
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Stop being a hateful homophobic douchebag.
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 Ooops that response went to the wrong person. Was meant for @tonybah
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 Ebikes suck
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 Ebikes = instantly stop watching.... also this must be the 10 millionth how to jump video on facetube.
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