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Video: Billy Hoyes Stylishly Sends Jumps in 'Renegade'

Oct 31, 2021 at 9:37
by Gnartec  

Breaking away from the confines we find in the sport of mountain biking, rider Billy Hoyes and filmmaker Luke Appleby head out to Revolution Bike Park to create this unique visual aimed at showcasing how our sport should be, free and unique.

Truly filled with passion induced mayhem, we see Billy head for a shoot with Gnartec, only to break free from the scripted product shots and pressure on how “they" want him to ride, not how he wants to ride. This is deep in meaning, impactful and ready to get the blood flowing!

bigquotesThe creation of “Renegade" happened very organically, as the ethos of Gnartec and the outlook of Billy aligns so well. Gnartec is a brand that has come about from innovation, rider feedback, and thinking outside of the box. The products that we offer are totally unique, just like riders that we collaborate with, they all have something special, an interesting perspective and passion for mountain biking, with Billy being the perfect representation of that. It is clear to see the world of Mountain Biking has become very corporate and controlled, but the beauty and creativity of riding is found where riders are free from rules and constraints, and this is exactly the message both myself and Billy wanted to convey in this Film. Luke Appleby

Creating this video has brought blood, sweat and stoke to both Luke and Billy within the filming process. The first day of filming was set, Billy crashed and sprained his wrist 3 jumps into the 50to01 line at Revolution Bike Park. This put them a while ahead until they could continue filming this again, but they were determined to finish this project.

bigquotesThe meaning behind this film is the biggest thing for me, the views I have of mountain-biking and the importance of keeping the sport authentic seemed to mirror Lukes and that was sick. It's cool to promote a message like this in a video. It's a rad reminder to just make sure you don't get sucked into the corporate side of the industry and remain an individual. Riding bikes is about having fun and being free, we shouldn't forget this. Billy Hoyes


The time came to get back up the mountain and continue filming a couple months ahead after Billy had healed up.

bigquotesWe gathered a majority of the edit, until the final banger came, the 540 fakie on the Vision Line step up. If we could count the failures, crashes and attempts to get this single banger clip then we would be somewhat mathematical geniuses. Man, it was a slog. That 540 was a tough one to get planted, the fakie was the one we had to nail in and it was tedious but we got there in the end. It's a funny one when you cross over BMX tricks onto the big bike, the filming process changes from getting the right looking whip a few times to just hitting the one trick over and over until you get it. MTB filmers can sometimes expect things to go quicker with what they're used to filming, but Luke is a super sick guy to work with, he's patient and gets you fired up to get it! Billy Hoyes

This video was created with nothing but a two-man band. There was no production or film team involved. Just the rider himself and Luke, the owner of both Gnartec and Badger productions doing the camerawork to the editing. There's something special in what two people can do who have a big message to get across when hard work is put in.

bigquotesFrom a filming aspect the project has been a roller coaster, with Billy sustaining an injury right at the start of filming, the ever-changing weather conditions, added with some ambitious tricks that Billy wanted to achieve, the project was a huge challenge for the both of us. I say both of us, but I must thank Meg for coming along to help organise us, being our uplift and co-ordinator, as having those extra pair of eyes was so helpful, especially with the FPV drone work. Luke Appleby

bigquotesBilly was always super impressive, not only for his riding, but his huge commitment to the project, always pushing very hard to achieve the big tricks on two very demanding lines, I have never seen someone slam so hard and just get back up with a smile on his face, ready for another take, it has been an awesome experience and I am very grateful to be have had Billy onboard. Luke Appleby

There we have it! We hope this video inspires you to keep an authentic view of our ever-growing sport. This film is about rebellion, and that is what the heart of Mountain-Biking truly is. Ride Free!

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 I was the rider in this edit, the video production went way more than the riding due to it being the message we wanted to get across. It wasn't all about the riding, it was the fact we need to keep ourselves free in the sport. Big up everyone, thanks for the support!
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 This Film is to tell a story... With 1000's of Amazing Riding edits out there, we wanted to offer something different, touching on some points that are very close to our hearts. Mountain Biking has become BIG business, and Sponsored riders often have to ride differently to how they would like, and in this Film the rider just broke free and went back to riding for the love. Thank you for you support, big Love guys
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 Decent project and great riding, but kinda funny that the sponsor is explaining to us plebs about how you need to break through all the commercial BS and just showcase the riding, then presenting this very confusing edit with so much concept and so little uhm... riding.

What's the corporate equivalent of man-splaining?
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 @plyawn: TheMansplaining
  • 3 0
 @iamamodel: I appreciate this
  • 8 1
 @plyawn: Geez, they offered something fun and unique for our entertainment, they simply explained a bit about their ethos and motivation for making the edit. If you didn't get the point they made in the film, I have no hope for you
  • 2 3

I'm sorry you've lost hope for me. They're a company that sells gopro camera mounts, fork protection sleeves and hoodies; their message warning of the risks of big business and sponsorship presented through the medium of a guy riding jumps on his bike failed to resonate with me.
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 Mint film. The award for riding in the tightest of tightest pants and still pulling it off massive styles goes to Billy Hoyes.
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 HAHA love it
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 @norcove: Alright dude...

Firstly, you have an insane amount of spare time on your hands to post paragraphs on an edit that was simply meant for a light hearted reminder to not take everything so seriously. What are you so angry about in your own life that means you result in so passionately putting people down who just want to see a positive outcome? Go to a councillor, Pinkbike isn't an outlet for you to home come your emotions, nor does anyone take you the slightest bit seriously considering you cant even see your comments below it's threshold.

Secondly, I'm not promoting the youth to become lazy, in-fact it's a lazy way of thinking to just follow a crowd of people to chase things that you are told you want and not thinking for yourself, be it racing or 'silly lazy spins' on a bike, it goes both ways. I am actually just trying to get kids to realise that you don't need to become a pro or get sponsored to be happy and just enjoy the sport for what it is. It's just sad that there are people like you out there who are now claiming things are 'lazy'. Kids who see that who don't care about racing will now think 'I don't want to be lazy, but I don't like racing, but i need to do it else I'm 'Lazy'. Dude, just think about what you are saying?

Gasser is a way of giving kids an opportunity to feel like they are part of a family, a community of rad people who have a load of passion for the sport. It's a way of bringing kids together. We aren't big enough to give away free products to everyone so we give what we can but what we offer is a platform to come together.

Lastly, my jeans feelings are hurt. Leave them alone.

Peace x
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 And that, everybody, is how you deal with the haters. Keep on being you dude, trust the vision and the majority of nonbitter people will see it and share it too. \m/
  • 2 0
 @Cliverr: big up my G ❤️ Thanks for the love!
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 @gasserdiaries: dude was literally just chatting with Dwid n Amelia about this nonsense - the real ones know u a real one like, screw the noise Smile
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 Ermmmm... I cannot quite get my head round the fact that this was made by just 2 guys, like Seriously!!! I am blown away with this. The story was so interesting and original, its brilliant to see something completely new as opposed to the standard riding edit template. OUTSTANDING WORK
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 @norcove: being a sponsored rider isn't a privilege, you getbthere theough hard work. Whether you are racing or not is not the issue, if you can sell items then you are worthy of sponsorship. You have no idea the amount of hours that's put into even small projects like this, then all the hours they take to give quality content on their social media profiles, while maintaining a full time job. if it was that easy everyone would have edits on pinkbikes homepage.

As for the sponsorship you have no idea what the deals incorporate, you think he's getting paid, for all this? I know for a fact he has paid for his plenty of his own parts, we helped him out with forks and a few other bits, but they wasn't free.
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flag norcove (Nov 1, 2021 at 11:37) (Below Threshold)
 It’s not a privilege to be able to ride bikes and gain financially or through discount ,free parts etc?

So what your saying is anyone who can sell something’s worth sponsoring ? So if joe bloggs decides to sell a Freddo to Dave down the corner should Cadbury’s hook him up? Clearly not , although it would be nice for joe bloggs it’s not going to happen.

Your local bike shop sells some chain lube .. should they be sponsored? Clearly not .

Dave the rave sells illegal substances.. should the cartel sponsor him? Clearly not.

At the end of the day my personal opinion is these companies and businesses ( although there far superior and there marketing skills are next level ) for example get a lad with a few insta followers and some right tight jeans a bike to ride and get him to “ be the scene “ is a lot more cheaper than getting a privateer rider yet possibly the fastest in the world to a few world cups or maybe help with a personal trainer etc.

It’s easy advertising and it’s just putting pardon me if this is insulting “ talentless individuals with a following “ as role models for the younger generation .. it’s making this generation of youth lazy , why race/ compete when you can just do a few spins ?

This is the same rider whose “gasser” brand is promoting ambassadors to join him , we all know that’s a great business strategy but the only gains the the man on the books. It’s just blowing smoke up peoples twll tin, and showing this next generation that there’s no need for hard work.
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 You only have to follow billy on instagram to know his riding is true to his word. Unique style and talent with a sick edit to back it up. Good work man
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 there's probably good riding somewhere in there, but it's buried beneath a lot of tacky bullshit from the filmer and editor.
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 Insane dudes!!!! What a project!!
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 Take bike off the back of of the pick up truck - Check Bmx grips - Check Fabric seat- Check Revolution bike park - Check Black hoodie, Jeans, Full Face and Vans - Check. Nope, never seen that before... Sick riding though.
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 Awesome edit man. Siiiiiick! Smashed it.
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 Yes Billy! Smashing it
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 Nice riding Billy and cool edit! The Gnartec dudes explanation in the comments is spot on.
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 There was so much post production stuff done to that that it took away from the riding.
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 How exactly, the riding flowed and we got to see it in a whole host of awesome angles, should they have just pointed and use a hand held for the edit...
  • 1 3
 @Mike-Amos1994: I'm not disagreeing that the riding was quite impressive, but the radio audio used and that sort of stuff kinda just took away from the beauty of riding. I wish I could have a film crew and a drone to document my riding in the way they did (of course I don't think ill ever be good enough to do that) but the post-production just wasn't what I would personally want.
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 @rhannigan: We are on completely different pages, what I saw were really long flowing Riding clips beautifully done, (that drone pilot was impressive) as we got taken through the woods in a very unique way. I guess that's the beauty of us all being different, we have interesting perspectives.
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 Yeah, me too - my lack of steez, whips and flips is only because my sponsor told me to practice for 'product shots'. It also explains why I don't go so fast - gotta make sure the braaaparazzi get me nicely in frame.
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 Obviously my comment didn't come across as the self-deprecating humour it was intended to be. I shall have to make it more obvious in future.
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 HAHA I got it dude... That's my excuse also (and I'm sticking to it) Keep shredding and thanks for watching
  • 3 5
 I don’t understand how you couldn’t get more corporate a sponsored rider , introducing sponsors at the beginning , showing off products for the sponsors , you couldn’t get more scene or following the crowd than this edit Billy is literally as “scene” as you could get , there’s no originality these days , get back too 2008 when riding edits were riding and you had teenagers pulling out edits what made you want to ride and not once were the promoting sponsors and businesses , the only thing that was getting promoted was getting kids out to ride bikes .

Riding was good , drone work was decent but the whole message it was ment to be showing was bum
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 Hey man, thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. Thought some additional info would be of interest. This project was funded on a budget of zero, Billy and myself (videographer) made this happen from our own pockets, making several 8 hour round trip journeys to the filming destination so to get this edit complete.

Filming was struggle, as Billy broke his hand I broke a camera lens (£2000 gone) but we continued to revisit the filming location (8 hour round trip for us both) despite filming being called off due to adverse weather, injury, and a broken lens, we kept on pushing so to create something different from the norm, which has been made for nothing but the love of Mountain Biking and in hope to entertain you shredders out there.

I also own Gnartec, and if you check us out, we are a micro business that gives back to the community and creates products for the community. We have a suggestions page where riders can submit their ideas, and if we create a product based on that idea, that person gets that product free for life.

We did not actually get a single product shot in the film dude, Billy was using some Gnartec Fork Protectors, an Ultimate Chin Mount and a Do It All Action Cam mount (fitted to his downtube) and I actively didn't get any product shots, due to the very meaning behind the film.

Being a sponsored rider is more difficult than it's ever been, riders require many sponsors just to scrap by so they can do what they love, which is riding.

Us adding the Banshee and Renthal logo to the edit is a thank you from Billy to those brands who allow him to ride exactly as he likes, with no corporate pressure, and as for the Gnartec logo, I thought it wouldn't be too much to ask after the 6 months of literal blood, sweat, and tears that I have given to the project.

I fully understand how it could look like a big sponsored video, but that couldn't be further from reality, and I hope I have explained it well :-)

Keep shredding and again, thank you for your feedback

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flag norcove (Nov 1, 2021 at 9:09) (Below Threshold)
 You’ve literally just proved what I was saying word for word, most people go film edits on a zero budget plenty of people crash plenty of people break things , it’s riding a mountain bike , people actually do it just to progress and have a laugh, a 16 year old lad and his mates ain’t thinking about money when there making an edit there just doing it because it’s some fun .

Being a sponsored rider should be a privilege rather than a “hard life” and it isn’t just Billy it’s the masses who are claiming poverty from being a sponsored athlete .. all your doing is going and riding a bike , you ain’t racing , you ain’t fighting for championships , your just being an influencer , your replaceable , you should be doing it for free , Harry main did a very good explanation of his time as a “sponsored” athlete and possibly looking at the “gypsy tales “ on you tube could educate some people . Why should a rider be paid by these companies if all there doing is posting insta clips and edits claiming to “ not be the scene “ when it couldn’t be anymore scene , personally it would make more sense having the cast of geordie shore sponsored by a riding brand because they’d sell a lot more than these so called “ struggling athletes” .

It makes the real athletes in this sport and there family’s look like idiots putting thousands into racing to try be a top contender , to actually have something to show .probably why there ain’t as many factory riders and the real privateers have to go through hell just to be able to race on the weekend working a full time job. Perhaps this should be more directly said to those brands to support the riders who put the real effort and sacrifice in and sack all these influencers off .

I think the whole concept and write up should of been more thoroughly thought out I kind of get where it was coming from but to state how much loss you and Billy have had from this “project” just ain’t cool , none of those kids going out on weekends do it , it’s like wanting to make it look like it’s a tough life , if a kid can do it for nothing maybe funding it from his milk round , then I’m sure two adults can do it not an issue .

It’s videos like this what show why the riding industry is such a shamble and why true athletes ( not lads who can do a bar spin and a whip in some tight jeans because that’s not an athlete ) those ones going out to race and put there life on the line should be the ones claiming poverty . @Badger-Productions:
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 @norcove: WOW, there is a lot to say regarding your reply, but I won't... Have a good one
  • 7 1
 @norcove: You stated the film couldn't be more sponsored/corporate, the guy replied explaining the months of work and financial loss with no backing, you then proceed to roast him for claiming poverty... BIG TIME FACE PALM!
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 @Badger-Productions: Stay true my dude, you know, f*ck sponsors, turn what you love into a job and that's it. Done. More than once I turned my beloved hobby into a job and it changed for the worse. I'd never do it again. There is a balance and you can find it, spending enough time to do what you love and then spending some time with a work that gives you a feeling of purpose.
  • 2 5
 Absolutely amazing riding! I have to say though, the message is a bit confusing. Trying to be anti-corporate and still giving all the sponsors a good long shot at the start is slightly jarring. I thought the drone shot's were really skilfully done but maybe a little heavy on the editing and transitions. I'll keep making this point about Luke's edits, there are always amazing shots and some super inventive techniques but, an 80 second intro to the riding is too long for me.
  • 6 7
 So this was about the riding?? Guess the rider couldn't quite break free from the drones and editors over stepping him.

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