Former General Manager of Giro Rob Wesson Joins Revved Industries as CEO

Aug 30, 2022 at 16:20
by Guerrilla Gravity  

PRESS RELEASE: Revved Industries

Experienced engineer, brand and business development leader to lead Revved Industries into next phase of growth as a North American OEM manufacturer

Revved Industries, the leading provider of Thermoplastic Carbon Technology to the bike industry, announced that Rob Wesson has been named President and Chief Executive Officer. Former CEO, Ken Friedman, has moved to the Board of Directors.

Wesson brings more than 20 years of engineering and senior management experience, most recently leading Giro Sport Design as Vice President and General Manager. Wesson was responsible for leading the Giro team in launching many new, innovative and groundbreaking products such as the Synthe, Air Attack, and Switchblade helmets along with Vivid goggle and Spherical helmet technologies. Additionally, Wesson helped guide Giro through an acquisition into a Public Company. Prior to Giro, Wesson held Senior Engineering roles with QBP’s proprietary brands and Toyota Motor Corporation.

“Rob is the right leader for Revved at this time” said Larry Thuet, Revved Industries’ Chairman of the Board. “Rob’s extensive engineering background, business development skills and bicycle industry experience will help Revved strengthen our OEM partnerships, develop strategic alliances and scale our manufacturing footprint here in North America and Europe.”

“I am extremely excited to be joining the Revved team,” said Rob. “I believe Revved is uniquely positioned to fundamentally change the bicycle industry through our development of thermoplastic materials and proprietary processes, near-shoring production to reduce lead times and de-risk the supply chain as well as improve the sustainability and circularity of carbon fiber.”

About Revved Industries

Revved Industries was established in 2018 in Denver, Colorado alongside Guerrilla Gravity Bicycles’ development of carbon frames. Our mission is to build the next generation of manufacturing technologies that provide partners with strategic supply chain solutions, while also advancing their product performance, quality and sustainability initiatives.

Please contact us at or visit us at and to learn more.


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 I suspect these may be the key lines

"Additionally, Wesson helped guide Giro through an acquisition into a Public Company".
We're going for an IPO ASAP

"near-shoring production to reduce lead times" "de-risk the supply chain" / "strategic supply chain solutions"
The China situation is turning into an unpredictable sh*t show, and one thing shareholders don't like is unpredictability. The numbers are swinging back in favour of manufacturing here, whoever gets a high quality North/South America based carbon manufacturing facility stood up quickly stands to make a lot of cash when the big US bike brands get cold feet about manufacturing in the far east.

"improve the sustainability and circularity of carbon fiber"
Consumers are starting to ask questions and recent events have shown that people will pay higher prices for bikes than we thought, so hopefully bike buyers are willing to put their money where their mouth is on the climate. The big boys need to fulfil their CSR promises, so they will be knocking on our door.

Fair play to them, absolutely nothing wrong with any of that, it's a good outcome for all of us if manufacturing is done in a way that allows more recycling, less transport miles and at a scale that allows good QA and lower costs. Good business it seems.
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 So many comments/criticism-
This is a company who has brought down the price for a North American carbon frame and is trying to share the technology to grow it’s business.

It’s just an update on their corporate structure and that they are trying to grow their business.
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 Important keywords for your Press Release Generator

Bring to the table

Good first draft Rob, though you missed a few. B+
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 You missed "innovate" and/or "innovative". Also "paradigm" and "outside the box". B-
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 @seraph: I think it needed some "synergies" too...

Or is that only a euphemism for redundancies?
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 Man I hate the way these sort of executive press releases are written. Also, what a weird change from what GG was to what they are now.
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 What's going with GG?
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 @Thirty3: Revved = GG. This press release reads like a corporate pat on the back, which is a far cry from their messaging a few years ago
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 Wait, a corporation is run by professionals with experience in business, but their advertising is targeted towards their consumers? Shocking. I thought all it took to build and grow a dominant manufacturing presence was "I like goin' fast."
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 @VtVolk: Their messaging has changed, you can't deny that. Their image is changing along with their brand. I am around this sort of messaging all day; I find it disingenuous and irritating so I posted a comment in a comments section. I'm happy for them and their successes but I'm also always leary of the cultural shifts within companies that ultimately elicit this type of messaging.
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 @whateverbr0: I hear you but I'm not sure which is worse, blatant (honest) business messaging from corporations, or bro-shred brand messaging from corporations. In some ways the latter makes me feel even grosser. I'm sure most of the folks who work at Revved/GG are super cool and ride hard, but at the end of the day, they're a corporation looking to turn a profit and their branding and messaging is carefully calibrated by professional advertising people to do just that
Edit: also, sorry for the sarcasm! That probably wasn't necessary.
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 @VtVolk: I get what you're saying as well, and I much prefer blatant/direct/honest messaging to innuendo or any message with a slant built in. Reading through the press release above, I saw verbiage that was selling this guy's strengths and accomplishments. I get it - they need to push a message and it feels pretty clear that that is meant for a different audience than GG's used to be - that is, they're alerting other companies of their change in leadership, rather than us consumers. And kudos to them - they're creating a product that is awesome in a lot of ways in an industry that I care deeply about. But I'm also a little sad that they aren't the punk rock garage company they used to be.
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 "Rob is the right leader for Revved at this time” said Larry Thuet with his trademark low-key shade, casually tossing a telling wink to the camera.
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 This is HARDCORE news bro! Rob looks like he totally sends it! (at the golf course).
Just messing ; ) I love my GG.
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 The bike pic looks staged. They gave him some clothes & a bike and said look natural, like you’re about to start or finish a ride…
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 @sportstuff: The arm crossing in front of the signage looks totally natural.
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 I think you are downplaying the gravity of the situation.
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 but is that sign Revved?!
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 @sportstuff: I took that pic, it was at the top of Apex on a shop group ride. He certainly rode that descent, no problem.
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 I visited the old GG HQ in '17 and they had only just begun to roll out their Revved frames at that point. They made some big claims (and still do) regarding the significantly increased frame strength, lower waste, faster turn around and lower end costs. I said to the guys showing me around that their technology could be licensed and if they had considered that? Naturally they said nothing. However, now we have several companies using their wheel design. I would think a number of smaller US companies (Evil, Yeti, Alchemy, etc) would benefit from having their frame construction in house. A bigger question that I have though is what kind of failure/warranty rate does GG have since moving to the Revved design? A three hundred percent increase in strength is a big number and yet I've never seen any reports on this.
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 Lots of inside info. I see where you are dropping hints at what is going on.
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 “… scale our manufacturing footprint here in North America and Europe.”
Expanding mfg to Europe, interesting…
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 Poland romania ukraine prob
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 This is fun. I went to forward this news to a friend I convinced to buy a GG, but he's more of a roadie, so I thought I would find the same info at BRAIN, which he'd more likely read. Not there yet, but I did learn that BRAIN is part of Outside. Brilliant. Maybe be more vocal about the Alan Crisp promotion and get the news on all sites Wink As for GG... Good luck. I have 2 of their bikes and love them. The original crew is awesome. Change is inevitable, so I'll wait to pass any judgment.
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 Come on guys, that sign above the door does not work there. You need style and quality at the entrance so move the clutter or move the sign or cover the clutter
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 No kidding. While they're at it, they should fix those holes in the wall above and besides the door, fix the doorbell / security camera situation, and give the wall a fresh lick of paint.
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 Prob had nothing to do with aquisition of Fox Racing by the mothership company that owns Giro...
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 "I Like Goin' Corporate!"
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 uhhh who?
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 Revved Industries are the parent company of Guerrilla Gravity. Also an OEM provider of Thermoplastic Carbon Technology to the bike industry.
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 @casey79: I don't think they're the parent company. I think it was a side company created when they figured out the Revved thermoplastic carbon usage for the cycling industry. They patented the use and created a second entity. If you go to Revved's website it states clearly that they're looking to start pushing into technology rights leasing to other OEMs.
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 Near-shoring and de-risking will be difficult with the zeb sagging 65-70%
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 @GuerrillaGravity So when can we order Revved wheels?
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 I know we said we'd be manufactured in house, but our share holders are thirsty so PSYCH! Near-shore we go lol.
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 i'd like to know who is using revved to make their stuff.
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 Congratulations Rob!
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