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Geoff Gulevich Signs with Orbea

Jan 4, 2021 at 20:31
by Geoff Gulevich  
Photos: Chris Robanske

“Orbea is excited to welcome Geoff to the family for 2021 and beyond. We feel Gully complements our brand and will be an asset in continuing to show what Orbea mountain bikes can do outside of the tape. We can't wait to see what he gets into in the years to come."
-Parker DeGray, Orbea USA


I am extremely excited to announce my partnership with Orbea Bicycles. A brand that has deep roots in the cycling world and is making their presence known in the mountain bike community. With a remarkable showing in the Enduro World Series, Orbea has made it clear, they are a contender and are here to stay.



As soon as I hopped on my Rallon, I knew this was going to be great relationship. I fell in love with the beautiful asymmetrical designs, custom painting “MYO” program and the build kits that Orbea has to offer.

I can’t wait to showcase the entire Orbea mountain bike and electric mountain bike line, to work with my new teammates and create some incredible stories throughout our adventures.


Looking forward to an amazing season and I hope to see you on the trails!


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 That Pinkbike Academy guest appearance paid off!
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 He's like the Clay Aiken of bikes!
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 @racecase: Not quite sure how that can be a compliment...
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 @suspended-flesh: CA took 2nd on American Idol, but had a bigger contract than the winner.
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 @racecase: Thanks, man! Knowledge I can use.
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 @suspended-flesh: I wish I could un-learn that. I feel dumber now.
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 @kungfupanda: Me too - just trying to be polite
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 Now if only you could get Orbea bikes in Canada
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 @dirtbag-tyrel16: Velocity Cycles in Langley stocks them
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 @dirtbag-tyrel16: getting one may still be a challenge but yes, several shops carry the line.
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"The illiterate of the twenty-first century will not be those who cannot read or write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn,"
-Alvin Toffler
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 @dirtbag-tyrel16: Ye old Google- and 2nd result is Sport Chek - oh oh - kiss of death for a bike company in Canada- have fun getting it serviced in a shopping mall
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 @regdunlop: any other vapid words of wisdom?
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 @dirtbag-tyrel16: Blacks cycle in Comox B.C
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 @TheBearDen: Not where im from
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 Thats a damn good looking bike. Orbea going large.
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 Yeah..but this is about mtb-ing. That rallon is crap to ride.
I wanted to buy one a couple of years ago and after I test it..I smiled and give it back without placing an order. The frame looked nice but, when riding, that does not really matter.

And, in 2021, the Rallon is short(wb and reach), steep in the HA and slack in the STA, while the kinematics are strange to say the least; with an air shock feels not capable enough - in fact, less capable than my current 130mm bike - and with a coil is dead and inconsistent. If you look, for 2021, only the Rallon is the bike you can still place order on. The good bikes from Orbea, Oiz, Occam and the new electric Rise are sold-out.

When the Occam launched, I tested that as well and, for me, felt more capable than the Rallon. Longer WB for added stability, better pedaling platform, bigger reach much-much better position for pedaling...basically, a better bike for 98% of the time. And in the rest of 2%, the Rallon is a much weaker proposal then mostly every other enduro bike on the market.

So...IMO..**As soon as I hopped on my Rallon, I knew this was going to be great relationship. I fell in love with the beautiful asymmetrical designs, custom painting “MYO” program and the build kits that Orbea has to offer.** ...this is just PR and marketing BS!(and it should be treated as such!)
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flag eugenux (Jan 5, 2021 at 9:14) (Below Threshold)
 #idiocracy now!(I swear to G.O.D!)

You tell ppl from experience, explained them in simple terms and words, provide real word examples that can be checked by anyone and everyone and, instead of appreciate the truthfull input, they downvote you for trying to offer them real and knowledgeable insights. It is hillarious.

Remember this: only slow and narrow minds want confirmations, regardless of the truth.
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 @eugenux: that's just like, your opinion, man
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 @eugenux: it looks a little bit too much like a stumpy
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 @eugenux: I think some of the downvotes might be because Gully is a freeride legend and one of the best riders on the planet. Blasting his new sponsorship post with your opinion on the characteristics of the bike he is riding based on your one ride of it might not be the ideal response. Sorry you had a bad ride...sounds like others have enjoyed it more than you. Not the bike I ride but stoked to see Gully supported and look forward to watching him ride and continuing to be a stellar ambassador for the sport.
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 @eugenux: speak for yourself. My Rallon is amazing and I've had nothing but fantastic experiences in dealing with them.
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 @eugenux: You can't take it personally. I got into a discussion about updated geo on a frame that I own the previous and updated geo version and I stated how I prefer the older one for X, Y, Z reasons...I was told by someone I'm "wrong", all his friends like the new one better( he hadn't ridden either bikes), putting me down even though I have twice the years riding many many bikes, blah blah blah. It's like expressing why you like a brand of pizza better than another...some people simply don't think anyone should think differently from themself, and they can never be wrong.
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flag eugenux (Jan 5, 2021 at 9:57) (Below Threshold)
 @ratedgg13: I literally know 4 ppl who brought one *blind* and sold it soon afterwards(and they all had the R3). FFS, the Orbea representative in my country rides the Occam for enduro and bike-park. All of us are that stupid...or our mediocre skill-sets prevent us to realize the full potential of the Rallon?

In my opinion, the Rallon was(is?!) more of a trail bike with more travel than an enduro bike. In the same manner my reactor(build in RS style) seems more like an enduro bike with less travel than a trail bike.
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 @GlassGuy: Whoa there, you CAN be wrong with pizza
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flag eugenux (Jan 5, 2021 at 10:07) (Below Threshold)
 @snl1200: ..I've got nothing against the man himself and in this time and period where the brands think some youtubers with the skills of my dog are a better and more effective cost vs reach proposition, I am glad that real riders manage to secure contracts.
That does not change the hard facts. Please ppl, go and check the geo numbers on their page...then check riders opinions on how the damn bike rides; make sure those riders have had or own other bikes in the same category, in order to be able for them to make a baseline for the comparation.

And full reveal, I had 4 Orbeas untill now, the last one was through MyO program, I almost got the Occam but decided in the last second for the reactor(due to some financial constrains) and think about in getting the Rise this year, if I can or in the next. You can actually consider me a fan. I wanted to like the Rallon, I played with the setups...nothing..nada..zero. In my mediocre opinion, it is a weak and poorly designed bike.
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 @eugenux: Weird, its almost like not every bike suits every rider. I LOVE the crazy high anti squat, others like it a lot less less claiming that it has too much pedal kickback (I have literally never noticed this). I got to test ride ~30 bikes and settled on the Rallon because it suits my riding style perfectly and I use it for everything from xc (I literally rode it for an xc race just for fun) to enduro races and park days.

Yes, its not as 'hardcore' as some more enduro bikes that have been released in the years since the R4 was launched, but its also more versatile (in my opinion) and while its geo is now slightly dated, I don't see how that is holding it back in 99% of cases - in fact, modern bikes are so good, unless you're a pro, its the rider who limits the potential of what can be done.
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 @ratedgg13: true to that as well!
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 @eugenux: well, alot of ppl like the bike. also in tests the bike was always descriped as really good AND was one of the fastest bikes in some time tests. i havtnt ridden/tested the bike myself so cant proof anything of that. BUT i have a long low and slack bike and a more neutral geo. for me and my riding i dont want that long and slack geo anymore...
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flag eugenux (Jan 5, 2021 at 11:39) (Below Threshold)
 @Zany2410: maybe it is the terrain, not the bike. I'll get a Giga when it will be launched but probably will take out the reach extension head-set and other bits that I've put in place in order to make the Reactor more enduro-ish. Maybe even get it back to 140mm. A bike should suit the terrain you are riding.

Regarding the Rallon, I don't recall winning it any group test; also, general favorable reviews...well, if a brand pays you flight, hotel and riding in some exotic location for a couple of days, you're just not going to say that their newly launched bike is crap. That is why I only trust(..-ish) group-tests. There, a bike, any bike is placed directly against its competitors. If a bike is good, then it is good. If a bike is good-ish at a full-paid exotic volcano location bike launch...then..yeah...not that good of a bike. It is pretty though...now, as it was in 4 years ago when it was launched.
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 Is it bullying to downvote every post from someone solely to watch their reaction in their next post? Asking for a friend.
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 @drunknride: I agree, but I've had to come to the conclusion that anyone that doesn't agree with the pizza I like is simply lacking a refined pallet. So I don't argue with them , I just feel bad for them. (kidding of course! ha ha)
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 @eugenux: I'm curious, how tall are you for the XL not to be sufficient?
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 @eugenux: One thing is to offer your experience and opinion, another is to downplay that of others by saying that what Gulevich is saying is marketing bullshit. It might be, just like that of any other sponsored rider, but it might also be perfectly genuine, and many people do like the bike. Yours is just one opinion, and what you like might be crap for others (for the type of riding that is considered here).
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flag eugenux (Jan 5, 2021 at 13:26) (Below Threshold)
 @DavidGuerra: "asymetric designs, MyO and build kits"?...these are reasons to like a bike?, not how the actual bike rides?

As for sizing, the L sized Rallon is pretty similar/smaller-ish than my M sized trail bike. I should also say, but this is from memory and 3.5 years have past, my trail bike is more damp than the Rallon, which felt trail-ish at the moment of my ride abd later, like a heavier, shorter Occam.
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 @eugenux: I simply can't reconcile what you're saying against my own riding experiences. Plus reviewers like Enduro mag had nothing similar to say from their two reviews. I will acknowledge that the Rallon is a little short (I'm 178cm and ride an XL, but that's also personal preference) but otherwise I have zero issues with their geometry or design.
MyO is a great selling feature - custom paint job FOR FREE? AMAZING! Asymmetric? I mean the demo was first but the new stumpy is a copy of the asymmetric arm. Why? Because it's works to make a super solid frame that rides great.
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flag eugenux (Jan 5, 2021 at 13:37) (Below Threshold)
 @DavidGuerra: fwiw, I don't even think that he wrote that...as, from experience and professional experience, those are words from the fingertips of a hypster pr/marketing executive who knows absolutely shite about the products and the company he/she works for. Sure, he/she has read the brand manual and is acquainted with the general communication plan for the brand and for the brand's products but, not more.
I mean..they just signed a legend and the communication is about MyO and build kits?, should not ..in some way..be about effin riding? #askingforafriend
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 @GlassGuy: It's like people who want their steak done to not medium rare; they're entitled to their opinion, it's just the wrong opinion.
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flag eugenux (Jan 5, 2021 at 13:54) (Below Threshold)
 @ratedgg13: that is because you clearly upsized. I've done the same in the past on my GT Sanction, deciding to up-size from M to L, as having only 125mm of drop didn't bothered me, after years of riding with the seat in pedaling position or just a little bit lower. 1253mm of wb is decent enough for a L-sized person; like I have said, the L size, which runs from 170cm to 185cm has a reach of 450mm and a wheelbase of 1217mm, the size you should have been on the Rallon is rather small for an enduro bike. The Occam size L is much-much bigger.
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 @eugenux: hey man, I'm on your side. I dumped my Rallon after 1 year and snagged a 2020 Reign and am so much happier. The Rallon had poor traction no matter how I set it up and didn't feel nearly as composed. Also, yes it was maneuverable bc it had trail bike geo, but it really lost its composure at speed and in the chunk. So what I'm saying is, I upvoted you!
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 @ratedgg13: I'd say this largely theoretical effect of pedal kickback has a much less negative effect on suspension performance than dialing up the low-speed compression a few notches to try to make up for a sub-100% anti-squat!
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 @eugenux: One ride isnt really enough time to get a bike dialled in, especially when it comes to suspension. I personally loved my Rallon for the two seasons i owned it, and got some of my fastest times onboard it. That other bike site also had some good words to say about it, and they have been testing bikes for years!!!
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 @eugenux: So you're complaining about the sizing chart. Many of the most recent bikes have simply named their L's M's, their XL's L's and so on. The XL Rallon is nearly identical to the XL Capra, only with a slightly slacker head angle, a more vertical seat angle and slighly shorter chainstays (on the Rallon).
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 @Counsel: those are negprops. When being polled, one also doesn't vote. Pinkbike isn't a democracy, it's a Burkatracy. Tell your friend it's bullying
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 @DavidGuerra: no man, it is a combination of geo, sizing and most importantly how the bike rides. Like I have said, a new Rallon can't come soon enough.
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 @eugenux: aaand your opinion based on many years of riding, dozens of bikes and race wins?
You tested it couple years ago, so you did not test it with 160 mm rear travel ?
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 @spraggy: no, I did not test it with 160mm, true. You think 10mm extra travel and less reach will make a bike better?
As for race wins, what do you mean, if I don't have race wins I can't possibly figure out if a bike feels good or bad, right?
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 @eugenux: I think it's not quite correct to discuss bike in different modification. I don't know if it's better in particular case or not, I need to test it few days in mountains. I wrote about races .. and I mean riding skills, because I have a lot of ride buddies who has fundamental theoretical skill, but never cleared big gaps/drops and slow on technical sections. And I often hear from them about angles, reach etc.
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 @spraggy: man, for me is simple, if I feel I will go over the bars or need to move my fat ass behind the saddle, then the reach is too short. And big wheelbase is the way to go, at my skill lvl, when I want to go down the hill in a hurry.

No road gaps for me, sorry. I can clear a DH(non WC lvl, obviously) track on my trail bike at non-DH bike speeds(of course) and the biggest bike I've owned(and ride) had 160mm of travel, thus I wasn't inclined to even try them. It also does not help the fact that I discovered mtb-ing later in life and in the two times I've tried big jumps I ended at the hospital with two broken helmets and head concussion. As I have different priorities in life, I planned to no brake another full-face too soon(hopefully never again) and that means, baby-steps; but, you'll find me mid-pack at my local enduro race, having fun on my bike(and suffer a little on the transfers). I do love tech and natural trails/tracks but, not that keen on big jumps(for reasons stated above); having said that, I do know how to set-up a bike to feel good for me and for how I like to ride and that Rallon, no matter how I tried to set it up, did not work for me; it had too little composure in the rough and not enough damped suspension(it had the float x2, same version as the x2 I've had on my bike at that time); big wheels add roll-over ability and stability up to a point but can't make up for strange kinematics...strange for an enduro bike that is.
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 @eugenux: ok, thanks for the answer. It would be great to hear Damien Oton's opinion about this bike and compare with yours.
Also it's not so easy to get 2021 Rallon, I've pre-ordered it in november and it will arrive in may.
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 @spraggy: yeah, but for Occam, Oiz and Rise is 2022.

Professional athleets have different requirements than normal riders; so, what he rides and what he thinks about a bike, about any bike is relevant only to riders in close proximity to his lvl. I don't know about you but I'm nowhere near(I'm nowhear near the podium guys in my national enduro races) so, like I have said, what an elite ews lvl rider thinks about a bike is irrelevant. At that lvl, it is more about skill and less about 5-10mm of reach or 3 clicks towards close on the LSC.
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 @eugenux: Upvotes = Confirmations, so what were you looking for in the first place
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 @Counsel: It's only bullying if the receiving end cares..
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 @wildedge586: the thing is, I wasn't trying to get any confirmation of what I have experienced. I just wantet to signal the BS marketing/PR language, used to describe a bike. Incidentally, when you use 'frame color' and 'build kits' instead of how the actual bike rides, that's also a warning signal. I wanted to point that out. I got frustrated and got a little bit carried away when most of the ppl did not want to even consider and keept downvoting in order to make my comment dissapear. You know the feeling of "not guilty" but being accused nonetheless. You want to do a good to the community and in return, the community decide that the best approach is to piss on you.
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 @eugenux: after a quick scroll through this thread, ill bet you’re annoying AF in real life
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 @pargolf8: much love to you too!
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 @eugenux: well give it rest, nerd. Some of you need other hobbies
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 @eugenux: It now has a more progressive linkage. This is an absolutely bizarre statement you are making. 485mm is long. 64HA is slack. What are you on about. You need a 515mm reach and 1300mm wheelbase to ride at what you seem to suggest is a pretty beginner level? Time to get a hardtail.
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 @eugenux: at ANY level „ it is more about skill and less about 5-10mm of reach or 3 clicks towards close on the LSC.“
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 @AlanMck: Rallon's L sized bike is currently most of the other brands M sized bikes..with small exceptions; when you look at reach and wb, it is small for a bike with a size designated as an L. The "trail" bike, Occam, is bigger in every way it counts.
  • 1 4
 @sofamac: that's also true..but a beginner..even a medium skilled rider might get away easier on a bike that helps him.
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 @eugenux: So buy an XL, it hardly makes the bike redundant.
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 @eugenux: yes. actually it is way better, (I own R5 and have changed to rally on linkage with uptadet kinematics). It is not only extra 10mm of suspension, but also bigger progressivity.
Rallon is definitely not for everyone. But it is definitely NOT a bad bike. It has its positives (crazy good uphill performace for type of bike - imagine that some riders do epic alpine descents and have to pedal and hike a bike for 2000 vertical meters or more!) also it has its drawbacks on descents (slightly lower progressivity in graph of leverage ratio). Pedal kickback can easily be mended on descents - just shift in heaviest gear and it is gone! (and charge hard! Cool ) you cannot mend low antisquat though.

it is also definitely not a small bike. 485mm reach is definitely enough for me at 187cm height. Could do with up to 20mm more but it is definitely not holding me back..

long story made short - rallon aint bad bike but it might not be the bike for you. If it is unridable for you, then practice more Wink
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 @eugenux: Just had my first ride on my brand new Rallon. I'm quite happy with it. Love the frame rigidity, the geo and sizing are exactly what I want. I'm running 180mm at the front and 170 at the back, with an X2 from a Capra Pro Race. The only thing is the lack of progressivity, but for that I'll add volume spacers. And of course, pedalling it is a pleasure. Great match for a 34t chainring.
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 Who is this man? I've heard a rumor he is a professional pickleball player.
  • 1 1
 He's a no-namer who has spent a lot of time in the Rocky Mountains.
  • 2 0
 Some dude that likes to hang out at garage sales - maybe one soon with alot of focus bikes and marzocchi forks
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 Looks like there will be two teams in 2021: Orbea and Santa Cruz.
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 Time to go from riding the only Focus on the shore - to the only Orbea on the shore.
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 Best comment yet
  • 17 3
 Always loved the look of the Rallon. Cost was always out of reach. Then Specialized brought the 2021 Stump Jumper Evo Comp; SWAT Box, adjustable geometry, same 150mm travel like the older Rallon, same look, and more better (maybe), more affordable. Win-Win in my book.
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 Lost his focus, I reckon...
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 The Basque people simply put design and make superior quality products. And the Rallon is amazeballs. Zorionak.
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flag eugenux (Jan 5, 2021 at 9:03) (Below Threshold)
 Great bikes...but not the Rallon. The Rallon is crap. Even the importer in my country, at bikepark rides and/or enduro racing, utilise the Occam.

Rallon is 2016-17 geo...and the kinematics are bad.
I know ppl who brought one on blind, based on the extremly good riding qualities if the previous model...and then sold them in a couple of months, one of them in weeks even. I was tempted to buy it blind as well but, I waited until I tested one and that was a decision that saved me around 6k USD. The Rallon was a weak proposition in 2018. By today's standards, it is purely crap. My 130mm has better damping, kinematics, it is longer(both in reach and wb) and has better geometry. A 2020/21 real enduro bike would smoke the crappy bike a Rallon is. Too bad as its design is really nice; but a nice design does not replace bad handling characteristics. A new version of it can't come soon enough.
  • 34 4
 @eugenux: wow you are some special kind of whiner.
  • 8 0

What you fail to understand is that there are some riders who like shorter bikes, they like steeper head angles, they don’t want their trail bike to have the same geometry as their dh bike. The Rallon is not your cup of tea, but bikes would be lame if they were all made the same.
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 @ratedgg13: seriously
  • 1 0
 I knew I would find you in here's somewhere.
  • 1 0
 Hey @Ieelau ! I’m from the Basque Country, thanks for the kind words! How do you know about us and Euskera? I’m just curious hasha
  • 4 0
 @xabixubi: my wife and I travelled to the Basque Country with @Basquemtb. Of course, we loved the food, but the people and the trails were outstanding. Before and after our trip I did a bunch of reading about the Basque people. It was remarkable how tough they are and how unique they are too (loved to read about the surfing and unique things like the log splitting and cutting competitions).

Then I read more about Basque industry and was so impressed by how a small group of people could make such successful global companies like Caixa, Eroski. I work in technology and Basque technical R&D punches way above its weight.

To be fair my wife and I were enchanted by the whole of Spain. Travelling throughout Spain opened our eyes to its diversity and the pride and unique character of each of the different regions. Fascinating history - so rich, so diverse.
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 @leelau: word Lee! Hopefully see you out here again for more trails.
  • 6 0
 Atta be fella! Stoked for you!
  • 6 0
 Oh thank god. I was worried Gully would be working retail at Lowe’s
  • 4 1
 Rad! Always liked Geoff since the NWD days, plus he and i spell our first name the right way.
  • 5 2
 I'll be looking at Orbea bikes more closely! Geoff is a Boss
  • 4 0
 Great job Orbea!!
  • 4 1
 Compliments or complements?
  • 39 0
  • 2 1
 @DidNotSendIt: Ok then. Mustard
  • 2 0
 @DidNotSendIt: mmmmmm IKEA hotdogs
  • 3 0
 @giantwhip: oh please...over the Swedish meatballs?? GTFO...
  • 1 1
 @ReformedRoadie: hey now. No need for the aggressive language
  • 1 0
 That name has been around for so long now!!! Great to see he's still slaying it on the bike

What ever happened to Romaniuk ?
  • 3 0
 Congrats buddy.
  • 2 0
 Que guay está esa bicicleta tío coño jodeeer!
  • 2 0
 Orbea got a hold of a good one. Gully is rooted in rad.
  • 1 0
 That a boi!! Congratulations and good choice of a weapon. See you out there.
  • 2 0
 Congrats Gully! Rip it up bud!!
  • 2 0
 Orbea out of stock because they're giving everyone a bike.
  • 2 0
 Stoked to see this!
  • 7 6
 Glad to see a real drivetrain on that there bicycle.
  • 2 0
 dude has so much steaze
  • 1 0
 No more Marzocchi for Geoff?
  • 1 0
 Same diff now
  • 2 0
 are those vault hubs?
  • 1 0
 Love me some Highrollers in dry summer
  • 1 0
 daaaaaaamn Orbeas are sweet-looking bikes...
  • 2 0
 ayeee my man! nice
  • 2 0
 Yeah Gully!
  • 1 0
 man i wish i was sponsored
  • 1 0
 Gully rocks, and Orbea is an awesome brand.
  • 1 0
 Looks like a special bike
  • 1 0
 Congrats Gully. BFJCC alum represent!!!!
  • 5 6
 Nice to see him on a proper bike. Congrats. Looking forward to some non-e edits Gully!
  • 2 1
 Get em Gully
  • 1 0
 Going hunting?
  • 1 0
 nice looking bike.
  • 1 1
 Looks like a mullet
  • 5 7
 Orbea has some of the worst customer service. Nice bikes though
  • 2 1
 Preach. My cracked Rallon frame is lying on the floor waiting on a seatstay, alas, they are sending a chainstay by mistake...
  • 3 0
 @AlanMck: uff.. i don't envy you :S I hope you get the right parts soon.
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