Hunt Wheels Announce All New XC Wide Alloy Wheelset

Jun 28, 2023 at 3:16
by HuntBikeWheels  

Press Release: HUNT Wheels

Key Performance Benefits:

• FEA-optimized front and rear-specific rim profiles (28mm internal front, 26mm internal rear) to achieve optimal front and rear wheel attributes
• Alloy material upgraded to 6069-T6 (69% greater Ultimate Tensile Strength compared to 6061-T6) to offer class-leading impact resistance
• 1693 gram system weight with increased width and strength over predecessor
• RapidEngage hub set with 6-Pawl 3X2 system offering 5° engagement angle

Tulsi Bakrania racing HUNT XC Wide (V3) at Rd 4 British Cycling National XC Series. Photo: Nick Bentley

The Purpose

Engineered, designed, and tested by the company’s UK-based in-house team, HUNT Wheels announced today the all-new HUNT XC Wide alloy wheelset. While the name has remained, the third iteration of the HUNT XC Wide was created from scratch to meet the changing needs of modern XC riders and racers and developed using cutting-edge FEA modelling techniques along with extensive input from elite cross-country athletes. FEA (Finite Element Analysis) capabilities allow HUNT design engineers to refine the rim extrusion profile in great detail, considering variables such as rim wall and bead thickness, profile radius, and spoke bed reinforcement to design a lightweight rim with the optimal amount of material in key areas to achieve the desired weight, ride quality and durability.

Over 6 weeks of FEA modelling at HUNT HQ in West Sussex went into the development of the new XC Wide.

FEA-Optimized Rim Profiles

After approximately 300 hours of FEA modelling per rim, the HUNT team has created unique front and rear-specific rim profiles to achieve the ideal performance attributes for each wheel’s specific role. The XC Wide wheelset boasts a 28mm front rim internal width and 26mm rear rim internal width, dimensions chosen to optimise performance with modern XC tyres ranging from 2.2 to 2.4 inches. The front rim was designed to offer compliance and a wide tire profile for increased traction under hard cornering, while the rear rim was designed to handle a larger share of the rider’s weight and all of the pedal acceleration forces while withstanding the increased punishment of rock strikes and impacts dealt to the rear of the bike.

The above graph records the amount of energy that is required to damage a range of alloy rims. The black bar records the energy needed to show the first signs of damage, while the grey graph records the amount of energy required for the rim to fail and no longer be rideable. The higher the number the the greater the amount of energy is needed to record damage.

Upgraded Alloy

To pack more performance into an already well-regarded HUNT product, the engineering team upgraded the selected alloy material to 6069-T6 alloy, offering a 25% increase in fatigue and impact strength over the 6066-T6 alloy construction of the previous model, and a 69% improvement over 6061-T6 alloys, as used in many other rims on the market. After an extensive engineering process, the wheelset has been thoroughly tested in the HUNT UK lab to verify class-leading impact resistance among the relevant competitor set. The new rims feature a work-hardened, shot-peened matte black finish that enhances strength for prolonged life and season-spanning reliability. Laser-etched graphics won’t peel, crack or fade over time.


Fast Engaging Hubs

At the heart of the XC Wide is the engineered RapidEngage freehub, with a 6-pawl, 3X2 alternating system engaging with a 36-tooth drive ring, providing a quick 5° engagement angle. HUNT's durable H_CERAMIK coating increases hardness and resists cassette gouging when subjected to hard pedal forces. With both boost and standard hub spacing options, the XC Wide is built to withstand season after season of cross-country trails with minimal maintenance. The hubs are easily customisable with optional end caps, providing compatibility with any current standard. The CNC machined 6-bolt disc mounting interface adds versatility to suit all your XC riding and racing needs. The XC Wide wheelset has been built with precision-sealed replaceable cartridge bearings, offering an easy-to-maintain solution without compromising longevity. Fitted with large-diameter ball bearings and dual full-contact rubber seals, these bearings are built to withstand the harshest conditions, ensuring maximum durability and reliability.

Just 1693g for the complete wheelset.

Handbuilt, Every Detail Considered

The wheels are hand laced with high-quality J-bend cold-drawn spokes. Both front and rear wheels use 28 Pillar Spokes made from Sandvik T302 (18/10) stainless steel. These are triple-butted (dimensions of 2.0mm-1.6mm-2.0mm, with patented Pillar Spoke Re-enforcement, increased diameter of 2.2mm at the spoke head) spokes, offering incredible longevity. Anodised alloy nipples help to reduce the overall weight even further while allowing for stress-free maintenance when needed.

The result is a lightweight yet modern width XC wheelset hitting the scales at just 1693 grams while providing all the strength and durability necessary for your next race, alpine adventure or long-distance epic. As with all HUNT wheels, the new XC Wide is backed by a 3-year warranty, 60-day ride & return policy, best-in-class rider support, and arrives pre-taped and with valves for easy out-of-the-box tubeless set-up.

Built for racing, training, and exploring.

HUNT XC Wide (V2) specifications

Rims: 28mm internal width at the front, 26mm internal width at the rear. Constructed from 6069 T6 alloy. Tubeless-ready with included rim tape and valves. Matt black work-hardened shot-peened finish with laser-etched graphics for superior durability.
Axles: Boost - 148x12mm (Rear) with 110x15mm (Front). 141x9mm (Rear) QR with 110x9mm (Front) QR adapters and Rock Shox Torque Caps available.
Spokes: J-bend cold drawn for ease of replacement. 28 spoke count for both front and rear. Pillar Spokes made from Sandvik T302 (18/10) stainless steel. Triple butted 2.0-1.6-2.0 (2.2 at the head for patented Pillar Spoke Re-enforcement). Black stainless treatment.
Nipples: Hard-anodised alloy for weight reduction and strength. Square body for external adjustment and hex head for easy internal adjustment/tensioning. Long 14mm thread for durability. 14 gauge.
Front Hub: Engineered with durable bearings and 7075-T6 series alloy axles for increased stiffness, performance, and durability.
Rear Hub: Extruded and CNC machined 6066-T6 heat-treated aluminium alloy hub body. Available in 148x12mm or 142x12mm spacing. Features H_CERAMIK freehub body reinforcement coating for excellent durability and protection against cassette sprocket damage. Boost QR skewers not supplied. 6 pawl, 3x2, with 36 tooth RapidEngage freehub with an engagement angle of just 5 degrees. Oversized 7075-T6 heat-treated aluminium axles.
Bearings: Sealed replaceable cartridge bearings with free-flowing, large-diameter ball bearings for durability and low rolling resistance.
Tyre Width: Suitable for tyres between 1.6in - 2.6in but optimized for tyres between 2.2in -2.4in.
Size: Available in 29in only.
Weight: 1693g.
Price: £379 | $479 | €499

The HUNT XC Wide wheelset is available and ready to ship to riders worldwide now at

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 It's good to see brands showing their development process but this seems a little strange to me. What is the load factor and how was the load applied in the FEA results shown?

I see a few locations with Von Mises stress of over 3.5 GPa but the yield strength of 6069-t6 is 345 MPa. This doesn't make sense. The wheel will have failed with 10x less loading than is shown.

Was the anisotropy of extruded aluminum considered when setting FEA parameters, or was it analyzed isotropically for ease of setup?
  • 12 0
 Not to mention simulating a discretely prestressed curved beam on an elastic foundation is very easy to get wrong. Apart from that, hook shape is quite convoluted, as it is the nipple/rim interphase. Which mesh size/config has been used here?

FEA is one of the best examples of rubbish in, rubbish out.
  • 17 0
 You're missing the point bud, FEA pretty.
  • 5 0
 What about the joint? Welded or pinned?
  • 2 0
 Probably the final design showed the lowest stress from DOE. They could reduced load condition (assuming static) to make # prettier.
  • 7 2
 Is this still the Pinkbike website? It feels like I'm in the wrong place. Science??
  • 3 1
 @bikes-cost-too-much-now: when bike companies start using terms like FEA, PFEMA and structural loads the Nerds come out of the woodwork. BTW, I’m an EngiNerd.
  • 6 0
 @rivercitycycles: the whole "look at us, we spent 6 weeks doing FEA!" was especially funny. 6 weeks is nothing.

Then again, I do med device, so my perspective is skewed, but still. 6 weeks is a month and a half of basic R&D, not anything special. Making me reconsider if I want to get their rims or not
  • 5 1
 @Vindiu: whoah, check out the big brain on brad!
  • 5 2
 @rivercitycycles: wanna know how someone is an engineer on pb? Don't worry, they'll tell ya
  • 3 2
 @Bro-LanDog: I hear you but we engineers get triggered by this type of marketing BS.
  • 3 0
 @Vindiu: oh i like you already
  • 1 0
 @intelligent-goldfish: fea one upmanship splendid
  • 1 0
 @Compositepro: amen, how else am I supposed to tell everyone that I don't have a life?

Look at it positively - I'm just being unique instead of going "bro I'd destroy these on my 150lb DH bike on my daily Whistler trip" Big Grin
  • 1 0
 @rivercitycycles: I hear you, am one myself lmao the meme is self fulfilling.
  • 1 1
 @intelligent-goldfish: many thanks to you and the engineer crew for asking questions I almost don't understand. We, not engineer, are lucky to have people like you in these comments. People saying the opposite are either dumb or jealous.
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 The main winding was of the normal lotus-o-delta type placed in panendermic semi-boloid slots of the stator, every seventh conductor being connected by a non-reversible tremie pipe to the differential girdle spring on the “up” end of the grammeters.
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 @hamplanet: red lights must be synchronised. Always.
  • 1 0
 @intelligent-goldfish: lol at least you have a sense of humour
  • 2 0
 Thank you for all your comments and feedback and interacting with the information we put out there. Between the engineering team and us there has been a miscommunication, and a legend from a different set-up was added to the FEA images. For this project we mostly use linear analysis to compare different geometries, to allow us to run lots of different geometries, and see which give us a performance gain. This twinned with our experience and warranty data has allowed us to produce a rim that will improve our riders experience on the XC wide. This is the first rim that we have developed in house and is a knowledge base we will continue to build on, and we have run some no liner sims and are in the process of validating these against our impact test data. Knowing full well we are not matching the levels of FEA carried out in industry, but it has proved a really useful tool to aid in our development of ever better wheels! We have been in touch with PB editors to see if we can get the FEA images amended. Thanks
  • 2 0
 @HuntBikeWheels: Thanks for the reply. I get it, miscommunications happen. It just seems strange to me to advertise how a product is FEA optimized, and then admit "we are not matching the levels of FEA carried out in industry"? You ~are~ the industry, being one of the better known wheel companies, so this means to me "we couldn't figure it out as well as DTSwiss could". Being the first rim designed in house, it's to be expected that there's some learning involved, and I won't fault you for that. It is just weird to advertise that as a major selling point when you haven't gotten it down to a science yet.
  • 6 1
 Give it to me straight pinkbike....I need a new wheelset. I'm a big guy, 250+ and I go through hubs like I go through pizza....will Hunt wheels survive my abuse?
  • 16 0
 We would suggest HUNT Enduro Wide V2 or maybe the soon to launch E All_Mountain (which Lachlan Blair is using for DH, but don't tell anyone)
  • 3 0
 I’m 220 and have two sets of hunt wheel. I have the xc race and the trail wides. I live in socal it’s dry and rocky they have served me very well. My trail wides have been to the bike park this year with zero issues.
  • 8 0
 The wheel we didn't tell you about Wink
  • 6 0
 I'm not saying hunt wheels are bad, I don't have any experience with them tbh but a dt350 or hope pro4 laced to something like a spank 359 or ex511 is something that's as proven as it's gonna get as far as reliability is concerned for us big fellas and is in the same price range.
  • 5 1
 Nope-get some DT wheels. With the enduro rated rims.
  • 3 0
 @Bro-LanDog: That's basically what I use now. Hope pro 4 / 471s. The DT rims are indestructible, but I've had to rebuild my hope pro 4s basically every year since I've laced them. The weather sealing is horrible, and I end up burning up, and exploding bearings left and right. I've basically purchased 6903 bearings in bulk because I have to replace them so frequently.

Lacing my own is an option, but these Hunts definitely seem like a better value, especially if they can take my abuse
  • 2 0
 @HuntBikeWheels: I will check em out! thanks for the suggestion....I hope your weather sealing is better than Hopes....I'm sick of replacing bearings in my freehub and shell!
  • 1 0
 I have an buddy who is 265+ and has been very happy with his Hunt Enduro Wide V2 wheelset. they've survived a hardtail and now a fully. I'd try them without question.
  • 1 0
 Why make the rear narrower? I always feel squirm in the rear more than the front even with a more narrow tire in the rear. I find my 28mm Id wheelset perfect for 2.2" XC tires (race kings), 2.4" and I'd want more like 30mm.
  • 4 0
 69% improvement... sign me up. Ronnie Mac would be proud.
  • 3 0
 So glad you used some programmer time to change the upvote and downvote buttons. Crucial infrastructure maintenance.
  • 1 0
 Very nice weight to price ratio, I built a similar specs wheelset at Actionsports (1630gr,28mm os rims,450€,Funworks ratchet hubs),had these been on the market at the time they would have been my choice.
  • 3 0
 Too much jargon under Purpose. Profit/winning would suffice.
  • 1 1
 For those interested, part of Hunt's brand identity is that they take strong stances on a number of cultural/social issues:
  • 1 0
 I’d go for that if 650b
  • 1 1
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