Video: Attempting Massive Lines with In The Hills Gang

Aug 1, 2022 at 19:29
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In The Hills Gang departs on the first segment of their summer Voyage, a two week road trip from Colorado to Nevada hitting spots in Utah and California on the way. Heavy carnage was left in the wake of the crew, many good times were had. Shoutout Cam Zink for the invite to CZ fest. Part 2 will be the Canadian Invasion in August with the video being released this Fall. Enjoy!


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 Buddy is so f*cked up from that crash at 7:45 he doesn't even realize he's about to spark up an empty rolling paper! I don't even know what to say about that hit. He's lucky to be alive and not seriously injured based on how hard he hit and the angle. That was absolutely insane.
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 I can't tell if it's real or not but I'm guessing the latter.
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 @bdreynolds7: I've since realized it was fake, so it's pretty funny lol. The doobie and crushed beer at the end make more sense now.
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 @warmerdamj: The mannequin flopping in half over the bike as the helmet and bandana flies off was hilarious. Getting pumped up before the drop were some good bender jaw drop vibes.
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 It's very clear these guys are all business and had no fun in the making of this film. All business, all the time, the way MTB should be.
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 Long live the core. Fuck outside mag. Fuck the UCI. Long live core mtb.
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 “Boys we got the check list to go biking?”
Big bikes - Check!
Bad ass attitude - Check!
Toyota trucks - Check!
BALLS - Double Check!!!!!!!!!!
Skills - We’ll make ‘em up as we go!

Don’t get me wrong I loved this video and these psychos, but that is punching a little above their pay grade, but god damn keep ‘em coming.
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 The kids will be alright!
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 Did I just watch NWD 2 remastered?
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 These ppl are the IV drip keeping mountain biking alive. Be the change you want to see. Fuck Outside, fuck adventure clones and race dicks.
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 7:45 WTF did I just watch? Who needs a fullface, right?
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 You watched a mannequin duct-taped to a mountain bike. It was really funny though
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 This is MTB. Getting rowdy and sessioning spots with your buds. The industry needs more of this.
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 That dude's Bender impression was flawless lol
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 Exactly my thoughts, I was waiting for him to say ‘life’s too short not to go big, gotta go big’
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 Heavy Kid Rock vibes in this one
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 Videos like these are what made pinkbike, pinkbike
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 Mike is a fucking legend for that one
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 Pretty dope!
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 ITGH a world apart.
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 we in the hills
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 What a bunch of fucking squares

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