Industry Nine Expands 1/1 Carbon Collection

Mar 31, 2022 at 8:25
by Industry Nine  

PRESS RELEASE: Industry Nine

Simple. Speed. That pair of attributes are the guiding principles of Industry Nine’s latest wheel offering, the 1/1 Ultralite Carbon. Simplicity comes by way of our remarkably dependable 1/1 hubs, and the no-frills, unassuming approach shared by all 1/1 series wheels. The speed is courtesy of our Ultralite 250 carbon rim, laced with 24 conventional Sapim Sprint butted spokes. The end result is a sub-1500g, lifetime warranty-backed wheelset ready to start attacking big climbs and recording long miles. Rounding out the 1/1 Carbon Mountain series, the wheels are available to riders for $1,600 MSRP.

Purpose built to be at home on the start grid at World Cups, the all new 1/1 UL Carbon is a wheelset designed to turn everyday into Race Day, while playing fair with a privateer’s budget. The nimble 350g carbon rim hints at XC mountain bike ambitions, and offers confident handling and fatigue-combating compliance you’ll be thankful for as you’re racing daylight.



The 1/1 UL Carbon is available in two nearly identical packages - one focused on drop bar riding and the other built for modern XC mountain bikes. What’s the difference? Simply the hub spacing. Same carbon rims, same Sapim Sprint spokes, same 1/1 hubs providing positive engagement every four degrees.

The mountain bike specific, 24-hole, 1/1 hubset offered in Center Lock is an all-new Industry Nine offering intended for XC and marathon-oriented builds. The hubs will also be offered as a standalone hub option. To make set-up as easy as zipping on a plate or pinning a number, all i9 wheels come with tape and valves installed.

Visit or your local i9 dealer for more info.


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 How do these compare to the $1350 msrp which can be had for 15% off (sign up for newsletter)? Is it an apples to apples comparison?
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 Welp, they're gonna be louder. So are you a straight pipes kind of guy or walk softly & carry big stick kind of guy?
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flag scallywagg (Mar 31, 2022 at 16:26) (Below Threshold)
 Buy the i9's and you can sleep better at night knowing you didn't support the Amazon of cycling
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 I just bought WeAreOne Union 29" with I9 1/1 hubs for $1399. Not as light as above in the article but what a difference to AL wheels!
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 That’s a smoking deal
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 I have the Roval wheels, and while I’d prefer to give my business to i9, I’m not sure I’d do it for this wheelset. The Roval wheels have 29mm internal width, 28 spokes, quieter hubs that work really well, and they cost less. Weight is within 40 grams. I can also say the Roval wheels take a beating, and ride quality is excellent. Did I mention 28 spokes?
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 @basic-ti-hardtail: I got the same rovals. Ride quality is really nice. The blend of weight, width and ride quality for the price is insane.
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 Hand laid in Canada/built in USA vs. Chinese carbon and supporting Specialized, if that matters to you. Admittedly, both great wheels.
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 I run the Rovals (I get them at an ace price as they had an offer on). I have to say considering they're piloted by a fat bloke with poor line choice they've been ace.
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 I9 hubs go brrrrrrr
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 @Scrotsy13: 1/1 are not either of those things. Reynolds rim made in china, 1/1 hubs made in Taiwan, not built in-house.
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 @Eholm522: 1/1 hubs are built in house. Rims are Reynolds.

Source: I ship for i9.
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 About 3x more hub engagement.
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 @ceolmhar: word, I stand corrected!
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 @ceolmhar: My bad, thanks for the clarification. Are all I9 rims Reynolds? I was under the impression they had WAO make some.
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We use WR1 on our premium Hydra MTB wheels such as the GR315c, EN315c, EN355c, TR280c, UL280c

Reynolds provides us our carbon road rims and our carbon Hydra-S and 1/1 series.

A quick reference would be: if it uses steel spokes it's a Reynolds hoop, if it uses our aluminum spoke, it's a WR1.
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 @IndustryNineOfficial: Right on, thanks for the clarification!
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 @kusa: I was skeptical at first about carbon wheels but over time my unions seem to be paying for themselves as compared to buying a new aluminum wheel evey 8 to 10 months.
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 that's a good option!
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 Honest question: does anyone know what DT did that caused it to lose so much oe freehub spec? It seems like everyone whose name isn't Stan or Roval has switched to I9. Was it a strategic move toward their own wheels or did 350s suddenly get more expensive than US made 1/1s and 240s more expensive than Hydras?
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 Don't know about OE, but DT has not stayed on top of supply for retail market: I spent weeks scouring retailers in over four countries and still had to wait 6mos to get a set of 240s w/ specs I needed for my build.
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 Don’t really know. Seems like high engagement hubs are more popular. Hydra’s seem excessive to me but the 1/1 seems just about right.
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 They don't do pretty colors and loud hubs.
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 why the 24 spoke wheels tho ?!!
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 Less metal: Better margins. duh.
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 when you're riding EXCLUSIVELY cross country trails at low to moderate speeds, it's somewhat safe to reduce the amount of spokes in a wheel system. 24 is way too low for my liking but carbon is really strong in the CORRECT directions so i can understand their reasoning behind the low spoke count. i'll stick with 32h wheels for now but i've ridden 28h wheels on some seriously gnarly trails and bike parks with relatively little issue.
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 Its meant for XC
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 Who cares, lifetime warranty that thang
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 $1600 for a 1400 gram wheel set isn’t that bad
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 Personally I would save $1000 and go for these for the same weight,with DT 240 hubs and aluminum rims.

But that's me.
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 @nozes: Yes, but carbon rims make a night and day difference. Between rolling resistance and ride quality, if you've got the money, try a set out! You might just be pleasantly suprised!
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 @nozes: not even close in so many ways.
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 Pic looks like Hangover maybe?? If they'll warranty those after riding that trail, not bad!!
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 i9 has warrantied everything my stupida$$ has broken
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“Bike companies launch campaign to reduce plastic in industry “
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 Personally not as big of a fan of the 1/1 hub. A friend blew his up on a grinding climb, though its an isolated event, it made me question their price point vs. reliability. So from then on, i've only ran Hydra. But man, do I love my DT240's on my Roval's. The new EXP ratchet is badass, super simple to maintain now and super light. We will see how long the 54t lasts, but for now its been great! Definitely less engagement than my Hydra wheelsets, but also you can tell the DT's roll faster with less friction.
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 I've had 2 sets of hydras and all 4 wheels would leak water in really bad and the bearings would last 1/4 the time of my dt swiss and stans. The high engagement definitely has drag and the free hub didn't last long which cost twice as much to replace. Worst mtb product ive bought.
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 I’ve seen many Hydras come back skipping. I only run 350 for budget mostly but never had any failures. EXP is dumb and not better. It was more simple and easy to replace star ratchet before, now you need a tool and some serious force to replace.
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 As much as I like I9, this was a pretty lame April Fools article on their part. Only laughed like once. Come on guys!
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 I think you might be looking at the wrong April Fool's article.. this one might make you laugh twice:
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 @IndustryNineOfficial: I was just making a dumb joke there. Loved your guy's articles and all the others as well!
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 Rims made by WeAreOne?
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 These rims are made in conjunction with Reynolds using their MR5 construction. All of our alloy spoked mountain wheels are a collaboration with We Are One.
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 these or reynolds?
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 Reynold Black Label / Hydras for 2200$ would be my choice if I didnt buy NOBL's last year. Expensive but damn the Reynolds are sexy to me.

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