Industry Nine Updates 2021 Alloy Wheels

Apr 22, 2020 at 6:11
by Industry Nine  

PRESS RELEASE: Industry Nine

Expanding the 2021 lineup from downcountry to enduro, new Industry Nine alloy wheelsets are available now. The latest product offering includes a refresh of our Enduro 305 and an update to the ever-popular Ultralite rim. The evolved wheelset lineup keeps pace with trends in the industry with a focus on ride quality, reduced rate of pinch flats and optimal fitment for the latest tire offerings.

Our most popular wheelset is now reinvented to improve your ride experience while protecting you from pinch flats. The third generation Enduro 305 is engineered with a shallower rim profile designed to enhance radial compliance and traction allowing the rider to minimize trail chatter while holding any line, on any trail. Offered with a 30.5mm inner rim width, the EN305's are ideal for tires ranging from 2.3"-2.6."

2021 EN305
2021 EN305

The latest EN305 wheelset is built with a 45% wider bead wall that reduces the chance of pinch flats and impact damage. Built for maximum strength by way of a 32 hole spoke chassis, the EN305 offers increased stiffness for superior tracking through rough terrain. If your dream wheelset can keep pace for all day sufferfests while eager to push the limits for that bucket list trip to Whistler - the latest generation EN305 is the option for you.

EN305 Rim Profile

A wheelset built to break the tape on the XC course that can keep the enduro crowd in sight? You can have it all with the latest UL250 Mountain Wheelset. Adapting to today’s XC bike tire preferences, the Ultralite wheels are revamped with a wider 25mm inner rim width capable of seating tires ranging from 2.1”-2.4” with ease.

2021 UL250 Mountain
2021 UL250 Mountain

In line with similar rim updates to the EN305, the UL250 utilizes a shallower rim profile and thicker bead wall to reduce arm pump and lower the risk of pinch flats that can ruin an otherwise great ride. The UL250 is constructed with a 2:1 lacing pattern by way of 24 straight pull spokes offering the rider a more forgiving ride quality with increased compliance - ideal for lighter riders and cross-country epics.

Both the Ultralite 250 and Enduro 305 are engineered with i9’s proprietary straight pull aluminum spoke Hydra hub and spoke chassis. The Hydra hubs are constructed with 690 points of engagement offering an unparalleled ride experience to clean the most technical climbs, accelerate at a split second notice and enjoy near instantaneous pedal feedback. The UL250 wheels start at $1,325, whereas the EN305 is available starting at $1,355. For more information visit


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 "thicker bead wall to reduce arm pump"

Nice. The regular bead walls on my current rims have been killing my hands lately!
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 The thicker bead wall reduces pinch flats by dispersing any force between the rim and the tire sidewall over a larger area, the shallower rim profile reduces arm pump because a shallower profile means a more compliant rim circumference.
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 Arm pump: both the source and symptom of beading off.
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 @robw515: coffee in the morning can increase rim compliance, too.
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 @robw515: working out regularly can also reduce arm pump.
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 @Yetimike2019: Why tf would I work out when I can simply spend more money to make me a better rider...
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 Dick Pound approved.
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 Crap they changed their rim graphics again.
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 Yeah.. theyre giving those wheels at least 4 more horse power with different graphics.
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 @chillrider199: That is stonks power, even to an E-MTB!
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 @chillrider199: 4 more horsepower?!?!?!?!?!?!
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 Good... I intsnely study the graphics so that I know when to praise or scoff at riders at the trailhead based on what model year of I9 wheels they're running. "Are those 2019's??!! Hahaha... loser." ***falls over clipped in****
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 Can i run 25 mm rims on enduro /park bike? I do not see any much of the benefit with 30 in terms of increase wight/ performance benefits, i still run 2,3 minions which are great on 25-26 rims
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 Loic bruni ran 25mm internal width ex471 as opposed to the 30mm ex511 if that's any indicator
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 @ibishreddin: From the top of my head: so does Danny Hart and so was Aaron Gwin when he was on DT Swiss.
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 @ibishreddin: And after a quick check, MSA 2019: Troy Brosnan, Mark Wallace, Sam Blenkinsop also on 471. Tahnee Seagrave on 511.
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 you'll only get some benefit of the wider rims if you pair them with wider tires too - put 2.5"/2.4" WT minions on your 30mm rims. 2.3" minions are best paired with 25mm rims
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 He probably knows that a lot of pro downhillers ride with 25-27mm rims but I think he wants to know for this I9 rim….???

I was asking myself the same question 2 years ago as I didn't like the 305 vs 245 with DHF 2.5....a bit more traction on flat but lost a lot in cornering!! The trail 270 was looking good but I9, like everyone else, always says this rim=xc/trail, this rim=enduro so is it only a recommendation based on width or also on strength?
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 @Timo82: yes, exactly ! all narrow rims nowadays approved for the XC usage, I do not want to upgrade to 30mm rims so fo me sweet spot 26mm rims that approved for jumps over 4' etc!

Also I do not care much about pro downhiller, it is matter of tire width and desired weight of the rim;

So the question is is the width only differentiator for those rims?
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 @nickmalysh: The answer is NO... you can't endurobro on no 25 I.W. rim. They are un-ridable... seriously your going to be JRA and the whole wheel is going to explode like the intro to Friday Fails...

Unless you mean just for the back wheel and then your good as long as your bike never leaves the ground... no jumps, no jibs, no hops, no nuthin...

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 @stiingya: Well, you do know that xc/trail wheels aren't supposed to do 4' jumps, right? If they don't want us to do jumps over like 12 inches then maybe it is not safe to go with 4 or 5'?

Legit question, stupid answer.
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 @Timo82: I was just joking around... Smile I believe EX471's are only made 25IW and those rims can do just about anything... (maybe not rampage? But never say never... ) Heck, 25IW was considered a wide rim for quite a while?

Wheel width like everything else is personal choice. I'd rather not go below a 29IW. But I'm also a bigger taller person and so I think it makes sense for wheel width and tire size to be somewhat proportional.

But to answer your question, NO I wouldn't think anything labeled "Ultra Lite" would actually be intended for Enduro! Smile

I think these new wheels are pretty sweet, but I just went with some 32IW's, gonna try it 32IW front and 30IW back, then 32IW front and back and never know, maybe I'll try 35IW front and 32iw back? Currently on 30IW F/B and 30IW F and 40IW back on a hardtail. Fun to experiment!!
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 @stiingya: i would say it is not about specific rim width, it is about tyre rim / combinations
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 @stiingya: Yeah I know... I found it pretty funny until the ''seriously'' at the end which kind of make it more rude than funny but it's okay, I forgive you! lol

My friend went with 30 and now is at like 35 and really liking it! He says the more wider, the more better but not sure about it! lol I like the traction but cornering...... :S
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 @Timo82: Seriously? Cause that was funny... (in my head at least) Smile jkn

When I first started looking at new wheels I was totally going to go 35. But then I started reading that people got more rim damage cause the tire doesn't "mushroom" over the rim as much and the rim is more exposed. And originally I was going to get carbon so that was a big concern. But I could never make up my mind on what to buy or how much to spend; and new carbon wheels were coming from I9/Nox and others so I waited to see! But then Pandemic so I decided not to spend too much and 32IW seems pretty "safe".

BUT, gotta admit I kind of wish I'd have done the front 35IW now... Smile (I can never make up my mind!)
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 @f00bar: Can I get away with squeezing a 2.4 WT minion on an 25mm 471?
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 @johntaylorphotos: Maxxis WT tires are meant for 30+ mm rims - if you run them at lower pressure on 25mm rims, you will chew the tires if you corner hard - you might even unbead them, leak the sealant and lose air
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 Missing important info like rim weights...
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 The UL250's tip the scales at 1450g for the 27.5" wheelset and 1520g for the 29" offering. The EN305's weigh in at 1780g for the 27.5" option and 1850g for the 29" wheels.
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 @IndustryNineOfficial: agreed, rim weights would be nice
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 Rim, not wheel
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 @thegoodflow: UL250 27.5" rim is 370g and 400g for the 29" option. EN305 is 480g for 27.5" and 510g for 29".
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 @thegoodflow: That seems lighter than spank rims? (somewhere it was put out there that Spank makes their rims??)
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 Anyone got any feedback on how those aluminium spokes compare to traditional steel ones (other than being bigger and easier to anodize)? In particular, how do they cope with a stick through the spokes? Lots of them on the trails round here at the moment, and I can't see my LBS having these in stock. And god forbid I had to have non matching colour spokes!
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 Identical stiffness to a Sapim Race steel spoke.
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 I've broken one industry nine spoke in the 10 years i've been riding them. That was the first generation spoke that wasn't butted to as large a diameter on the threaded ends. I've had some large sticks get caught in the wheels that have bent the spokes enough that i eventually needed to replace them so they would hold tension. When i was on j-bends I would break spokes every 3-6 months. I probably got better as a wheel builder in that time, but haven't had any problems with steel spokes on road bikes. I think the aluminum spokes hold up better than traditional spokes since the failure point for a steel spoke is almost always at the bend or the nipple. YMMV
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 @JohanG: Actually no, they're pretty close in tensile strength but the i-9 spoke is much stiffer.
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 I really like how they’ve marketing’d the marketing on the marketing.
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 Lol completely right
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 Steel alloy, aluminum alloy , magnesium alloy maybe titanium? Alloy is not a type of metal it refers to a mix of metals.
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 Sure are pretty, but ill take my Spline One's over these all day long.But veeery pwetty.
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 i didnt see the percentage of reduced noise which translates to a higher percentage of sane dentists
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 Are these still junk pinned rims? I love I9 hubs and have 3 sets, but the pinned rims are junk!!!
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 30.5 aluminum rim with 28 aluminum spoke count @ 1700+ grams; PLEASE, I9 I!
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 What’s the cheapest, high quality wheel build that would be as good as these wheels?
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 Stan's Hoops with Hope Pro 4 hubs
  • 10 2
 The Industry Nine 305s.
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 Depends on what you consider "as good." Most cheaper wheelsets will give up something. POE, weight, stiffness, durability, (made in USA?). Pick what you care less about, and then look to make sacrifices from there. If you don't care about place of manufacture or POE, then you can build something "just as good" (for you) cheaper. If you don't care so much about weight or stiffness, then you can go even cheaper while considering it "just as good." The trick is looking at what really matters to you for the build.

Stans rims and Hope hubs are the ubiquitous build mentioned in every single wheel article. They're "just as good" for some people. Not as good for other people. Up to you to make that distinction for yourself.
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 Check out our S Series (steel spoke) wheelsets for a more affordable option. The 1/1 S wheels are $750 while the Hydra S option is $970. There is a trail and enduro option for both.
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 @Shred-BC: I went directly from the Stan's/Hope combo to I9 Enduro 305s. Stan's/Hope is good, don't get me wrong. This is not a knock on them at all, but the I9s are better. The 305s are just another level in terms of stiffness, weight, POE, etc., and just roll much more smoothly.
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 My dream wheels are as follows:

Spank rims: $100ish each so $200ish total
Onyx Vesper rear hub: $450ish
Literally any front hub: $100ish

So you are sitting in the neighborhood of 750$, let’s say 100$ each for spokes, nipples, and having them laced up.

950$ for the most baller alloy wheels I can think of.

Or spend 400$ on a set of spank wheels that they are blowing out to make room for their new line of wheels.
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 @Shred-BC: Damn good call.
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 @jaredmh: had a Flow rim crack at a spoke late last year, at the 2yr mark, which is the length of their warranty. Luckily, they repleced the rim, but I decided then that I would not run them anymore.
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 WTB KOM i30 rims, Newmen Hubs, Sapim spokes
  • 1 1
 Carbon-ti hubs, berd spokes, Newmen rims.
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 @Shred-BC: Can someone explain the pinkbike love for Hope hubs? I've only seen a few hubs shred bearings, break axles, hub bodies, and blow up pawls more consistently: DT Swiss onyx or equivalent, early Bontrager OEM hubs (poor novatech implementation), and anything from Mavic. I also used to be a Stan's diehard--but that changed when I got the Arch Mk III. More expensive than previous versions, crappier fit and finish, softer, poor quality control that left bits of aluminum to rattle around in my 1200 dollar wheels that i'd just *love* to spend the time to completely rebuild. I realized that the other rims I was running performed better with modern tires. When stan's rims first came out it was the only way to go tubeless because UST and "tubeless" tires rode like garbage until about 2015. My opinion is that times have changed for but these products haven't, but i'd like to hear why this is still the recommendation.
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 Are the Backcountry plus sized wheels seeing any updates?
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 No plans for any changes to the Backcountry alloy rims at the moment. the Carbon EN355 (formerly the BC360) is an entirely new wheelset in 2020 that was released in March in conjunction with We Are One. That wheelset would be the ticket for any tires ranging from 2.6"-3.0". Hope that helps!
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 Lookin' sweet!
  • 2 1
 Who makes their rims ?
  • 2 2
 I heard it’s Spank
  • 2 2
 Fuck my life I just ordered 305s a week ago
  • 8 1
 And you will still have sick wheels on your bike. Unfuck your life.
  • 2 2
 @SK3728: it was sarcasm my guy. but your comment has made me realize how ungrateful i am. what is your address? i'll send you the wheels instead now.
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 @TannerValhouli: Wonderful, I'm a short drive away from i9 so if you could just halt the shipping I'll pick them up myself. Much appreciated, my guy.
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 just bought a prior set of 305's and have a few rides on them also... oh well they are still super rad, cant always be on the bleeding edge
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 I do hate that spoke-threading-in-hub design. Wouldn't want to go anywhere without a bag full of spares.
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 Friends have one or two spokes break and the wheel still stay true. Finish the ride, get them to the shop to replace those spokes and ready for a ride again.
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