Video: Reece Wallace Flies to Whistler For a Ride

Aug 23, 2021 at 20:55
by Industry Nine  

Industry Nine family member, Reece Wallace, flies his little plane from his hometown of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island to Whistler for a day of shredding bike park.

bigquotesPretty lucky to have my little Cessna living on the Island! With summer ferry traffic, getting to Whistler can take up to 10 hours and my plane is much quicker and more fuel efficient than my truck or the ferry. Great to catch some sendy laps with my buddy Daniel Ferri, but some body parts were a bit sore flying back through the turbulence, haha

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 Good luck for world champs!
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 No. Bad
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 Good to see that world champs prize money was well spent
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flag GotchaJimmy (Aug 24, 2021 at 9:30) (Below Threshold)
 No. Bad
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 when did reece wallace win a worlds?
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 @mtbtrekracer: we're all pretending Wilson and Wallace are reversed.
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 @jeffrocx: oh, i mustve missed this meme lol
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 Shame he isn't riding that sick gold bike they just built for him
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flag GotchaJimmy (Aug 24, 2021 at 9:30) (Below Threshold)
 No. Bad
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 @GotchaJimmy: Dumb. Fun
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flag GotchaJimmy (Aug 24, 2021 at 11:15) (Below Threshold)
 @Mugen: me too Smile
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 Saving it for the big events.
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 @Mugen: you've broken this poor man. Shame on you all.
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flag mtbtrekracer (Aug 24, 2021 at 16:44) (Below Threshold)
 reece WALLACE doesnt have a gold bike
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 @mtbtrekracer: how do you know? I didn't even know he had a plane. Would have come in handy in Les Gets.
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 @mtbtrekracer: That's the one with a horse and a blue face right? Freeeeeeedom
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 The Reece Wilson/Reece Wallace thing is funny and has become a bit of a meme on this site- I worry though if carrying it forward has any risk of taking away from recognizing how rad both of these two incredibly gifted, and sooooo different, riders are. Just a thought. As you were.
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 As long as he keeps winning World Champs, we gravy.
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 Totally agree. He’s just an all-around great guy, whether he’s flying his plane to exotic locations or winning World Champs!
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 @reecewallace: aye! epic time to chime in.
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 Came here just for comments, Not disappointed Smile
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 Don't forget Ben Wallace, eh.
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 Reece Wilson is the one from legally blonde right?
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 Hope you're able to defend your stripes!
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flag GotchaJimmy (Aug 24, 2021 at 9:29) (Below Threshold)
 No. Bad
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flag mtbtrekracer (Aug 24, 2021 at 16:44) (Below Threshold)
 ?? its wallace not wilson lol
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 Don't do this
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 Do what? Crush me?
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 @RICHARDSACK: they f*ckin went and did it. All over the place.
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 He should get sponsored by Sea Sucker bike rack, and mount his bike on the outside of his plane!
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 I'm guessing they would need to be FAA certified. Might bump the price up a bit.
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 @maxxx: nnaaahhh it’s pretty easy to get stuff certified by faa. Ask Boeing
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 @maxxx: Besides as world champ we all know he is super rich and can afford FAA certification.
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 daniel ferrarri is the loosest cunt alive
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 Damn, flying all the way from Scotland just to hit a couple of laps. Now that’s some dedication
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 No balls. Just d*ck.
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 those crabapple hits were ridiculous!
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 "Title Text Here"
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I’m sure that’s the name of the trail he was riding at that point.
Either that or the man is way more interested in being a good rider then being a good editor.
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 @Jordansemailaddress: the trail is called
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 iMovie is the best haha
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 This Dan ferri guy can fricken ride a bike!
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 That guy is absurd. What an absolute maniac on a bike, so damn loose and dialed.
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 @reecewallace: Efficiency from a pollution perspective is one way to look at it and I by no way dismiss that perspective. That being said, a round trip on the ferries is pushing $200 once you eat something and the drive to and from Whistler is likely near a tank of fuel so let's count that as another $75. Just curious if you can save yourself half a day of transiting and fly for an equivalent amount. Round numbers.
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 Costs me about $40 each way on gas, so roughly $80 round trip
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 @reecewallace: where do land?
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 @reecewallace: While your on route i could chip in for gas and get dropped off at Hornby Island. Alternatively, you could stop and ride. I've never ridden with a world champ before.
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 Don't get duty free on the ferry :-)
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 Oh man, let's get into the math on the fuel efficiency claim!

At first I thought "no way" but it seems a light aircraft is maybe closer to a truck than I imagined! But then I realized there's no air strip in Whistler, so you'd have to drive from Pemberton to Whistler and back. And sure ferries use a lot of fuel, but based on their capacity I think they're approaching vehicle efficiency...

DEFINITELY more fun and way more cool. Very jealous of those skills!
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 My plane is 100hp less than my truck, and just sips fuel when I lean the mixture and fly under gross weight. It also helps when I get a good tail wind.

That said, it probably has a similar fuel efficiency to driving & ferry on non peak season days, but this summer has been so busy in the Sea to Sky, that driving may mean hours of traffic, idling and waiting.

But you're right, I'd probably do it either way because it's so damn fun and six times faster!
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 @reecewallace: the next time I spend 3 hours in departure bay I'll look to the skies and think of you
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 @kilpatrick: The ferry takes reservations Wink
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 @tvan5: Only if you plan waaaaay in advance for peak times.

Better yet, ride a motorcycle, straight to the front of the boat. No reservation needed.
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 When a plane is more fuel efficient than a truck, I think it’s time to consider a different daily mode of transportation. I mean, the west coast is once again on fire so it would be great if we all did our bit for the planet. Sadly enough Canada is one of the worst students in the class in this regard. Rant over and I shall eagerly await the pro who brags how he drives his (insert fast electric car here) to the bike park.
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 @vp27: Dont forget we build very large dams such as site C to create that electricity. There is a cost to the environment for that as well(although in the very long run there should be a payback).

I believe that they are currently testing electric planes for back and forth from Vancouver to Nanaimo and Victoria. So that argument may be won soon.
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 @reecewallace: can i meet you in cassidy and catch a lift next time? ill pitch gas money
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 @vp27 You mean drives an electric Tacoma to the bike park.
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 and you dont want to know the cost of avgas and insurance! time saver at most
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 nice edit, loved the music choice
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 My seat smashed my dick the other day, and I also experienced the same a$$hole pain!! Kind of a relief that I'm not the only one!! At the time I was thinking WTF is wrong with me! Lol
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 The dude in front is rad.
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 Beyond the battle of the Reeces... or the energy efficiency of the chosen mode of travel, this is some absolute shredding! Love the debonair nature of the high speed 360's and back-flips. Beau travail, Canadian Reece!
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 @reecewallace did you need to do a re-weigh for weight and balance of your plane after removing the back seats?
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 Yup, I adjust the W&B accordingly every time I add/remove items from the plane
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 @reecewallace: jcup definitely works for transport
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 Can we get a flight and bike edit with you and Richard Cunningham?
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 Talking Heads and Reece Wallace is a good combo
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 Long way to travel for a few laps, worth it all the same…
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 not really, i live in the mainland and it takes me 3 hours to drive to whistler, reece's flight is probably max 20 mins in the air compared to driving, two hour ferry and two hour drive to whistler from the ferry.
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flag GotchaJimmy (Aug 24, 2021 at 9:29) (Below Threshold)
 You're on thin ice
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 @crysvb: it's about 1.5 on the ferry and 1.5 to drive. I used to do north van to whis easily under 2
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 @makripper: either way, still better than a remy edit LOL
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 @crysvb: lol true
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 More like: Rides to Whistler for a flight.
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 Man, I worry about what I'll do with my car if I get injured.
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 aren't his arms tired after flying?
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 Title Text Here!
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 That's super pimp. Also, I thought trying to fit my bike into the truck of a rental Camry was tight LOL
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 10 hours from nan to whis is a little stretch.
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 Nice wheel landing. The 170 is a fun machine for putzing around in.
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 Awesome edit. please post the return flight footy
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 This is one of the coolest videos ive ever seen lol
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 New meta arriverd to trails
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 sick af!!!
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 What a life
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 i want my own plane now.
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 insane edit
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 How's your dick @reecewallace? All good in the hood?
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 Music anyone?
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 Talking heads. This must be the place
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 The second one is ¨The KVB Always Then¨. Awesome edit and music!
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 err. error.1 nevermind its fixed
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