Video: Yoann Barelli & Reece Wallace Ride the Coast Gravity Park

Jun 23, 2021 at 10:07
by Industry Nine  

Do we need say more?

With Reece being a pilot, what better way to make some memories with pal, Yoann. Picking Yo up from his home, the two of them take to the skies in the plane, cruising to Coast Gravity Park and having some laughs along the way. They try new things together, learn from one another and most of all, have fun.

Two distinct styles, one park. Reece & Yoann take what they like from the park and showing one another around their favourite lines.




Yoann cannot help himself, mans gots to yell

Boom. Classic Reece style.

With each of them having their own take on how to ride the park, it doesn't hurt to take a lap down an old classic every now and again to put a smile on your face

Left or right?


bigquotesYoann is a freak... He'll do some race run where he gaps some 50 foot rock to rock...Reece

We all know that sound

Coast Gravity Park, nothing like it. Sculpted berms, big jumps


Same same, but different, but same

Behind the scenes kill-zone from rear wheel shrapnel

Words & Video: Liam Wallace
Photos: Damon Berryman
Coast Gravity Park

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 Long trip for that small plane, Scotland to the Sunshine coast, nice job Reece!
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flag jomacba (Jun 24, 2021 at 9:42) (Below Threshold)
 Wrong Reece. Reece Wallace is a Canadian homeboy, and super legit dude.
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 @jomacba: new here?
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flag jomacba (Jun 24, 2021 at 9:46) (Below Threshold)
 @weezyb: Ahh, I didn't see the "small plane" Just read Scotland... my bad...
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 So cool to see Yoann riding with the 2020 world champ!
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flag jomacba (Jun 24, 2021 at 9:40) (Below Threshold)
 Reece Wallace is Candian. Your thinking of Reece Wilson.
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 @jomacba: not sure if this is bait or not at this point
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 @jomacba: damn he’s from Candia, New Hampshire?!
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 Dear Canada, I've been good and have my covid shots. Let me in so I can ride the bike park please?

Your friend,


Ps. Xoxo
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 no Smile
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 FFS how right you are. at this point i'm ready to marry a Canadian.
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 Missed last summer. Open Up! I want in too! I got pinche Pesos to spend pendejos!
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 This vid had a good mix of goofiness, non-actual-riding and solid riding. I suppose it's not easy trying to get that balance right.
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 CGP is awful, mainlanders won’t like it.
-Sunshine Coast resident
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 Kinda like what we islanders say to them..... Vancouver Island sux.... Tell your friends.
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 The Sunshine Coast is on the mainland dawg
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 CGP looks like the perfect mix of scary fast and insanely fun. Reece looks like the perfect mix between Demetri Martin and Andy Samberg. I long for all of these things.
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 that was fantastic! thanks guys, such a good vibes!
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 Good vibes video that left me smiling. Good job! Also, more than solid music choice.
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 Song choice on point
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 Can't believe I haven't been back this year, Coast rocks. And man do these guys rip.
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 Love that Giant!
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 Perfect music choice, set a great vibe for the vid.
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 yoann may rock the rocks but needs to up his sideways game a little
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 Rode there yesterday, what a great place and vibe.
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 would do alot of things to get a flight to coast gravity right now
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 What a great intro and awesome video!
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 Def need more Reece vids! Such steezy style
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 Now that was awesome to watch!
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 How does that fit in with Barelli´s environmental nature etc thing?
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 Reece has come a long way from Home Food Inn and Bonsai dirt jumps.
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 Now I want some Bubblicious bubble gum
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 well, that was lovely! s2
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 That I9 wheelset that Reece is running is amazing!
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 Yoann sneezed so hard the chin guard stood no chance
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 @danielomeara holy sh*t you’re right!!
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 That was absolutely fantastic!
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 Steezy sons of b!tche$
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 I think this is my favorite edit of 2021 so far.
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 \m/ f' yeah!
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