Video: Fabio Wibmer in 'Think Bold'

Jan 11, 2023 at 1:12
by Insta360  

For Fabio Wibmer, legendary MTB rider and official Team Insta360 Ambassador, every day sees him trying something new. Something previously unthinkable.

bigquotesThinking boldly has been a huge part of my career. Not doing what everyone else is doing.Fabio Wibmer


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 "Not doing what everyone else is doing." Oh com'on, Fabio! I rode that bridge in 2003, on a "regular" cross-country bike:

And since you're at it, just tell your brother I rode the Dockland building in Hamburg back in 2010:
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 No, no. No. No. Don’t do that.
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 Sick riding, but would have been even more impressive if you pulled off a 360 degree go pro shot in 2003
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 @deez-nucks: gopro existed 10 years later
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 Impressive! But you forgot your helmet Dr Jean Wink
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 Is this the ghost of Dr. Jean?

Seriously, how are you still alive?
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 @DrJean: Haha, that's classic. But not the first either. Some dude rode that same bridge in the mid nineties on a basic single speed commuter:
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 @mi-bike: i was hoping for that vid.
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 @themouse77: Definitely. Not to be missed.
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 That's what you get when you don't make proper bicycle lanes on these bridges. What is more dangerous? At least you don't have to deal with drunk texting car drivers up there.
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 Pah! I did that bridge without the aid of a bike or a sober brain you pussies!
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 Hmm... so this is kind of just more an advertisement for Insta360 then?
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 An ambassador level one.. unlike all the other non-ambassadors who're posting videos made with their free camera.
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 Pretty much but now I really want to see the end of that double backie attempt. Dude is landing straight to his head.
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 @scott-townes: He did land on his head, it’s in a clip on his youtube channel one of recent ones documenting the gta shoot.
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 But almost no part of the video is shot on the Insta360 ... ?
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 Still unsure what Insta360 is? If I have to Google to confirm then the ad isn't as successful as it could be.
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 Yup, same here. Especially as it appeared like some of the footage in the video was from earlier rides. So either that was not footage from that particular device or (and I don't mean this negatively) he's doing the same runs with the new camera as he has done in the past. If it was indeed old footage, this is a nice ad for GoPro too.
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 if you google it, the ad was especially effective.
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 @hIDesert: I duckduckgoed it.
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 @hIDesert: Alta vista it
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 @vinay: ask geeves
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 All of a sudden I feel compelled to buy a insta 360, came to watch riding
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 Yeah, only one of the shots was shot on a insta360
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 Since that is a commercial. I'm genuinely curious if all the different film makers that contributed foorty got paid.
Or does Fabio make them relinquish the rights to what they shoot to him so that he can use / profit off it?
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 Stupid sexy Fabio.
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 Fabio Wibmer leaves Canyon and joins Bold cycles!
Nice and supple way for a big anouncement Smile
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 Think Bold(ly) about crowdsourcing $ to buy Fabio a bathing suit and some aqua shoes for all those wet shots.
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 Fabio surely amazing, but it's weird to see akrigg got less viewers than him
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 this is an awesome video or commercial. This man has incredible talent. *****
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 2005 wants their action cam back
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 Amazing rider, awful camera. The footage always makes me nauseated.
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 Absolutely fantastic rider and great videos but that bridge ride makes me fear for his safety.
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